Cool Ranch

Overheard at the Taylorsville Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve:

"Man grab da Cool Ranch! Ya know it ain't Christmas wit' out Cool Ranch!"


I am a mess, my daddy said it's so. Actually Aunt Elaine did too... on an unrelated note...

No it did not get caught in fredricks teeth! It got caught in the door at work. I don't even know how I managed to do what I did but it got caught and then I got mad and attempted to yank it out in a furry. By attempting to remove it in said furry I just twisted it all up and did some very temporary damage to the rest of my hand. Man I am a mess. Anway I wanted to cry but didn't want to spend money on the doctor. So I made myself feel better by going shoe shopping. I found two fabulous pairs of shoes and THEN looked after my mangled* hand.

*Friendship quiz time, let's see how well you know me!

When Annie says mangled what actually happened was:
A: She broke her finger in two to three places
B: It was a minor injury she forgot about an hour later
C: We don't know because she never went to the doctor
D: It was semi-serious but the stupid bandage got in the way while cooking and sewing so she took it off and doesn't care.

Happy birthday to me!

A couple of birthday posts that shouldn't be missed out on. Just in case you don't follow either of these fabulously hilarious ladies blogs.
Miss Lolly:
The boozer that I love
Happy Birthday to me!
Miss Linds:
Annie Hall

I just realized is that in this post Linds takes credit for teaching me to flirt.
Linds~ You are the greatest teacher of all time! I am not even kidding. I think at this point I may need some help dialing it back a little. I may have taken the concept and ran with it. I have actually been asked to give flirting lessons. I should give them your number. I could never hope to compare to the master. 


Now I'm a drunk

I was at dinner the other night with a friend and he ordered a glass of wine. The waiter asks if he wants a bottle or just a glass. My friend tells him just one glass. The waiter then looks at me and says, "Yeah it would appear she has had enough for the evening."

Sad day. I just like to laugh and it comes especially easy to me when I am with this friend. I am so glad we got together and even more excited that we are planning on making it a regular thing.


When did I become this girl, and how do I fix it?

I have been in a very bad mood the past few days. In the past two weeks I have not had one day without something huge, heartbreaking, or incredibly stressful happening to me. I am trying to deal with it all the best that I can but there is too much for it all to get the attention it needs. I honestly don't know if I will make it through the rest of the week

This morning I broke down:
Me: I need you to tell me you love me
Zac: I do, I really do... What's up?
Me: I am very stressed. You don't want the list.
Zac: I do
Me: What can I eat when I have an ulcer?
Zac: You are pretty cute
Me: I'm not! I am tired, whiny, grumpy, and hungry. I haven't eaten in days.
Zac: But you are still cute.
Me: And you love me remember?
Zac: Yes
Me: I am the only woman in your life right?
Zac: Well...
Me: You know I am a jealous woman... P.S. Who is that woman who keeps saying she loves you on facebook? I don't like her. Make her stop.
Zac: Remember when you used to freak out when certain people would hang out in my office for too long?
Me: Yeah I didn't like that either.
Zac: You are pretty cute
Me: No I am tired, whiny, grumpy, hungry, and the crazy jealous girl. Good thing we have worked past all that huh?

I know I forced it out of you this morning but thanks for understanding that sometimes I just need to be reminded that I am someone worth loving. It is also nice to talk to you knowing that you have seen me at my very very worst. In fact the very very worst of me has been directed at you and I can still force you to tell me you love me. I don't know what I'd do without it. You are one of the reasons I know Heavenly Father loves me.


Bitter and Venting

I love country music. I do. I love the new AND the old. I am not one bit ashamed that I have Johnny cash, Willie Nelson, George Jones, etc on my I-Pod. I love them all. I love the twang and it... well it loves me.

I grew up on country music. Katy and I would dance around the house to these songs all day long and they are a part of who I am. I am obsessed with it. It isn't just something I like or kind of prefer. I LOVE it, it is a huge part of who I am. That being said...

I can appreciate many types of music. I have a wide variety on my I-Pod. I have old rock, hard rock, classical, pop, punk, indie, local, hip-hop, even a couple of rap songs (thank you linds). I try to be open minded and when I have other people in my car I go out of my way to play music they will like.

What I don't understand is why people feel like it is okay to make fun of it? To ask me to turn it off? To call me a redneck or a hillbilly for listening to it? To sing along in a thick hick accent and think that it is funny? You may hate country but did it ever occur to you that I may hate what you are playing? Because I hate "music" that to me is just someone screaming to a drum beat, and I hate music where you can't understand what the heck they are even saying, and I hate music where the artist's voice is so airy and light that I feel like they are whispering. I, like everyone else, like music that speaks to me, music that stirs something inside of me, music that makes my heart feel better, music that pricks at fond memories, music that I can sing along to. For me that is country music.

I have been called closed minded many times for listening to country. But maybe just maybe you are closed minded for not being open to it. I love that it is a genre where we aren't afraid to talk about God, where we aren't afraid to be patriotic, where we sing about real things. Yeah we may sing about our dog, but I have one that was part of our family. That is real to me. And we may sing about our trucks, but boy do I feel closer to my mom when I am driving her jeep through the pasture. And yes we sing about break ups but isn't that the time in your life when you need validation the most?

Why is it that if I dislike your music as much as you do mine that it is still always yours that is playing? Anyway I think I am done venting now. I just hate that it seems socially acceptable to put down something I love so much. For those that are interested I have posted a playlist here on my blog. You have to hit play because I won't force my music on you. But give it a listen, they are my favorite songs, you may find something that you can tolerate.

P.S. Can I tell you how much extra I love my friend drew for playing some country on the way to lava? It was the first time someone has done that for me in ages and it meant a TON to me. 

In the clear, dang it

My hand is not broken..

You'd think I'd be happier about it right? Wrong! Listen to this:

Doctor: You'll be happy to hear I don't see a break on your x-ray. Probably just a bruised bone or a hairline crack I can't see on an x-ray.

Me: That's not fair. Do you know how many times a doctor has said that to me?

Doc: I'm not sure I follow...

Me: Look if I leave here with a story about a bruised bone I have all the pain and get none of the sympathy. Do you think you could wrap it up to go so I could get a little sympathy?

Doc: You tell them that a bruised bone hurts worse than a break.

Me: No one will believe me.

Doc: Do you want me to write you a note?

I am tired of having these conversations with doctors. Remember when I broke my finger the day of... or wait the day before mom's funeral? The doctor told me it was probably just a chip fracture, nothing he could do. Or the time I jumped off a cliff and landed on the cliff? The doctor said they were probably just hairline fractures, nothing they could do. Maybe the problem is that I feel like a failure. Everyone else can really break bones and I have never been completely succesful. Darn my mom for making me drink all that milk growing up.


Wanted: Tall, Blonde Surfer Who Plays the Guitar

I tell my guy friends all the time about "the list" I made when I was a beehive. I was a list of all the qualities I wanted in my husband. I laugh about it now because I realize how ridiculous it was. I remember that the list included the things from the title or this post. When I was home this last week I looked for my list. I didn't find the original beehive list but I did find a revised one. This list was only made a few years later so I was still in my yearly young womens years.

*Can see right through me
*Temple worthy LDS
*Wants lots of kids
*Enjoys the simple things
*Can laugh AT me and get away with it
*Has a steady income
*Tolerates country music
*Makes me want to be better
*Makes me laugh
*Loves his mommy
*Smiles a lot
*Loves his Heavenly Father
*Honors his priesthood
*Loves the scriptures
*Spoils me
*Is NOT perfect
*Will watch the sunsent with me
*Wears yummy sweaters
*Makes me feel good about myself

I was impressed. I have added a few things to this list over the years but it hasn't changed much. Where is he? Maybe he is out surfing somewhere, playing his guitar... Ha Ha Ha


I am STILL freaking out.

Last night we were sitting around the kitchen just laughing and enjoying the whole family being together when I heard my cat crying at the back door. I was so excited! I have had this cat for half of my life and he is the cuddliest cuddler ever so I ran to the door to pick him up and squeeze him.

Seconds before I scooped him up I noticed the unfurry tail and FREAKED because what I had almost scooped up was an oppusum eating my kitty's food. I screamed like I have never screamed before, I am still feeling a little queasy when I think about it. YUCK YUCK YUCK!


Chinese last night

 Last night my 17 year old brother said "what is crab rangoon?" I was thinking, goodness who is raising these children? So we remedied the situation immediately.

There are three things I loved about this experience:

First, I was leaving and had the bag of food in one hand and was holding Simon in the other. A guy got up from his table and opened both doors for me. I heart good men so much, and I love how often they present themselves in Nebraska.

Second, all of the kids found something that they loved that they had never tried before. Simon loved the fried rice. Logan (who promised he would hate all of it) ate most of the Sesame chicken and said it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Madison loved the chicken with "that really yummy red sauce." And Jarom loved the lo mein, so much so that they have been eating and fighting over the leftovers since they woke up.

Third, I had a particularly interesting fortune. Jarom and I discussed it for some time this morning and near the end he said "yeah that's a pretty good fortune but I wouldn't go taping it to the bottom of my patriarchal blessing!"


I know you didn't mean it!

Today Jarom, my 17 year old brother, came home for lunch and when he was leaving he went to give Madison a hug and his elbow hit her weird or something and she got hurt. He said he was sorry and left but didn't try a second hug since she was really mad at him and crying way more than was necessary.

Typically when someone leaves Madison sits on the couch and waves out the window yelling "I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND I STILL DO!" Cute right? Today she yelled at Jarom "I know you didn't mean it! Jarom I know you didn't mean it! Jarom I love you and I know you didn't mean it!"

It broke my heart, but at the same time I wanted to be more like her. Typically when I am hurt I just want to be mad and hurt, in an odd way it sort of makes me feel better that way.  It typically takes more than a few seconds to realize they didn't mean it.

Every Dinosaur Poops

Last night we were at Wal-Mart checking out and the checker asked Madison if she was paying for the groceries.
Madison: No I didn't bring my potty money.
Checker: Oh you have potty money huh? That must mean you are getting to be a big girl.
Madison: Yeah... Every dinosaur poops.
Checker: Oh really, I didn't know that.
Me: Oh yeah it is a video we watch frequently at our home.
Checker: Well that's one I'm not familiar with
Madison: Every dinosaur poops! For every critter of every species, the food we don't use turns into feces. Call it a stool or call it scat, everyone does it, and that is that. EVERY DINOSAUR POOPS!
Checker: Well that was a great song young lady.
Madison: Yep!
Me: Well there is a story you can tell everyone when you get home. I could sing you the whole song if you feel like you need a few more lines.
(she just laughed.)


Top 5 favorite musicals

My friend Emilie blogged about her top 5 favorite muscials this morning. I was in the middle of disagreeing with her in a comment when I thought, I hsould just blog about it myself.


We watched this movie every Sunday morning for almost a year in college. We would all sit in the front room and get ready for church and sing along. Let's be honest who hasn't wanted to climb to the tip top of a mountain and sing at the top of your lungs? Oh and marry an attractive man who loves you for exactly who you are.


This is one of me and my dad's favorites.  Just look at those sleeves and I love the line from this scene when he says "the thing is if I found a girl I liked enough to marry I'd care too much about her to wish a guy like me off on." You'll be humming "our state fair is the best state fair" for days after!


Because who doesn't want to live with 7 guys in a cabin in the mountains? Okay but really I love how politically incorrect this movie is. You couldn't make a movie today where a guy sings "bless her beautiful hide... I don't know your name but I'm stakin' my claim!"


I know most of you have never seen this one. Go out and get a copy right now! It has Fred McCmurray in it so you know it will be good. And you can't beat song lyrics like "I believe in the bible, I believe in Uncle sam, I believe a man's who been bitten has the right to demand that his wife should share the agony he bears." Or that he keeps alligators in his conservatory, or that they sing a song about whether Philadelphia or NewYork is better, or how he runs a boxing bible class where they sing about "Strengthening the dwelling of the Lord."


This is my all time favorite musical! First of all it has Audrey in it. She is beautiful and classy and I can't get enough of her. Second who doesn't love the horse race scene, or the scene where she sings "I could have danced all night" because who hasn't felt that way before? Then you have Henry singing "why can't a woman be more like a man?" and Eliza singing "If you're on fire show me!" Yes please! Then you have the debate of what man she really loves and I love how totally lost he is without her... "I've grown accustom to her face"
 breaks my heart every time.

What are your favorites?


Travel Update

The day started out well. We were checking in and the guy asked us if we wanted to sit together and we both said in unison " unless you want to put an attractive single man between us." Ha Ha the guy loved it and he assigned us seats with a seat in between saying that he would fill it if he saw anyone suitable. We had the one empty seat in the plane on our row and we enjoyed the extra space.

Panda Express in Denver is a tradition we never pass up. Unless our layover is really short and our flight was delayed and we have 15 minutes between gates and the gates are on opposite sides of the airport. Thank goodness that was not the case this time.

You wish you could fly on a plane like this. This is us on the back row. You can see the four other passengers and the pilots/stewardesses. You can feel every little change in altitude in this beast. So scary!

Home sweet home coming into view. I know it doesn't look like much but I love this place!

This is my super adorable welcoming party. She dressed herself for this occasion and is wearing her special occasion coat and her cooking shoes. She is also wearing a new "necklace" just for the occasion.

We have been having a blast the past few days and I will update soon with some fun stories.


I am doing everything but packing right now

I have been so stressed today that I almost threw up. On my way home from work I was trying to decide how to get everything done when Wade called. Now let me preface this with the fact that if I was on a beach in Hawaii I would certainly not be worrying about any of my friends back home. But he, the amazing friend that he is, called me just to see how I was doing, and if I was ready for my trip yet. We talked some about Hawaii but mostly we talked about me and everything going on in my life. Guess what? He had amazing insights on all of my most pressing issues. Really good insights, infact I felt almost all better by the time I got home.

Once I was home I took my bike out for an 8 mile ride, not too far as I had so much to do, came home, had a fantastic birthday dinner, took a very long bubble bath and have still not packed at all. But I feel better.

Anyway, I fly out of here in 11 hours and hopefully a few of those will be spent sleeping. Stay tuned for frequent updates on my adventures in Nebraska, the greatest place on earth. There will be many Halls together in one place that is ALWAYS a good time.

Dang it.

I had a VERY long day at work today. We weren't even busy. It was just... I won't go into it. I hopped in my car at the end of the day and thought to myself  "Now I can call Wade and go do something."

Wrong! Wade is on his way to Hawaii. Am I upset that he is on his way to a tropical paradise without me? No! I don't care if he was on his way to Siberia I am just upset that he isn't here now.

Another thought... I haven't seen him in a few days anyway. My life has been crazy busy and so has his. So why is it that he hasn't even been gone 12 hours yet and I am missing him like crazy?


Dr. Laura fixed my life

First of all when did I become the girl who listens to Dr. Laura? I use to HATE it when my dad would listen in the car. I would accuse him of doing it on purpose to make me car sick.

Anyway I have had a concern for awhile now that certain friendships of mine are unequal. I hate that I am ALWAYS the one to initiate contact. I am always the one who invites, who texts, who calls. It just makes me feel like I am forcing people to be friends with me and they are too nice to say just say "back off woman." I get to the point where I think to myself I will just stop all contact and see if they even notice.

Then the other day someone called into Dr. Laura complaining about a similar problem. Here was her advice: Some people are way more social than others, and some people have a lot more time in their day. When you invite do they always show up? When you call are they happy to hear from you and make time to talk? When you text do they respond?

Okay Dr. Laura. I am more social than most, and I have a lot of free time at work, and the answer to those three questions is yes, in regard to most of the above mentioned friends. So over the past week or so I have kept reminding myself of this revalation. It isn't that they aren't investing as much, it is that they invest in their own way. I am going to try to take note more of the ways they invest.

A sweet but rejected offer

Madison, my three year old sister, who is very concerned about my single status, told me that I could have her boyfriend, max. She says she is done with him.

It is always sad when star couples split, but I suppose he just didn't make her want to sing her la la song anymore. 

Madison thanks a ton princess, but he is a little young for me, and I don't want your sloppy seconds.


New boyfriends... I'm not even kidding

Katy and I were on our way somewhere this morning and we had to stop for a Diet Coke.

Me: Dude! I have two paycheck in my car I still need to deposit.
Katy: Do you need to do that today?
Me: No I have to wait and deposit them at the branch where my bank boyfriend works.
Clerk (who is actually attractive): Did I hear you say bank boyfriend?
Me: Yeah a girl has to have a boyfriend at all her little stops during the day.
Katy: I even have a Ririe boyfriend. (Small town with a bad reputation)
Clerk: Well do you need a gas station boyfriend?
Katy: Done and Done
Me: Wow a Diet Coke and a new boyfriend... Could this day get any better?

We then went across the street to visit a friend at the bike shop and he told us the blue corvette parked in front of the gas station belongs to my gas station boyfriend. Yes Please!

Text conversation that followed:

Chaun: You should hear the stuff my co-workers are saying
Us: What are they saying?
Chaun: They asked who you two were, if I had made out with either of you, why not, and they instructed me how to. 


This man knows me so well

About a week ago:

Me: I am so glad you called.
Zac: Charge your phone.
Me: Ha it isn't dead this time!
Zac: Are you sure? I know you better than that, you better check.
(phones beeps)
Me: Dang it!

I reflected on this conversation this morning when I got into my car and my cell phone, work phone, I-Pod, and GPS were all 100% dead. I hate it when he is right! But I couldn't even call and tell him because my phone was dead.

Wal-Mart.... Always an adventure.

Lolly and I were standing at the return desk at Wal-Mart tonight, there is one guy in front of us:

Me: This is taking way too long what in the world is this guy returning?!
Lolly: Uh.... It actually appears to be an open package of underwear and a jar of frosting.
Me: I'm not touching that one.


Shopping in Park City

Wade, and I are checking out:

Salesman: Would you like to try one of these colognes today, they are on sale for 9.99.

Wade: Annie what do you think of this one?

Me: I think if you wear this cologne our friendship may turn into a relationship... against your will.

Salesman: All that for only 9.99! That is a steal!


Text Conversation This Morning

Zac: How's your knee this morning?
Me: Better but still really bad.
Zac: Have you gone to the doctor?
Me: Nope
Zac: Why not?
Me: That costs dollars.
Zac: Don't you have some of those?
Me: Yeah but the more I have the less I want to spend them.
Zac: Have you told your dad about it?
Me: Nope
Zac: You should
Zac: Uh uh listen I can see that face from here.
Zac: I hear that little gasp giggle because you can't believe that I know you are doing it, and I know what you are thinking.
Zac: :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Me: I love you so much right now.
Zac: Lol You do?
Me: Yes, 18! How do you know me so well and still love me?
Zac: How could I not?????? Go to the doctor.

P.S. My stupid knee is still killing me and was all day but I felt instantly better knowing I have a friend that knows me this well and still loves me. Zac, When I say 18 I mean it, but we both know I am not going to the doctor.


Today at church

Annoying 21 year old girl with boyfriend and too much PDA: "It was when I stopped looking for a husband that The Lord blessed me with one. You have to stop looking for one and he will provide you with one."

Tristan: "She needs to shut her big fat mouth and let someone who knows what they are talking about say something."

Me: Listen we may not get married. But the solution isn't to stop looking, or give up, or become bitter. We need to learn to like ourselves. We need to become what we want to find. We need to live by my motto of "Stop thinking of the man of your dreams and become the woman of his." Because it is when you learn who you are, that you will find a man who adds to who you are. You don't need a man to make you who you are, you need to find her before you find him. Learn who you are and learn to really love that woman, then a man will also learn to love that woman. Oh and if in this life you don't find him you will have at least found the woman God wants you to be and knowing that you are the woman He wants you to be you can stop worrying about what should be and be what you have the potential to be. That woman married or not will bless the lives of many.


My Bank Boyfriend Matthew

You know how guys that work at banks are always the hottest men ever? Well I was looking for a Wells Fargo a few weeks ago and my gps lead me to one that I swore was abandoned. We went through the drive through to deposit my check and I started flirting with the teller.

Now like I said earlier, male tellers are typically so hot I have to figure out how to start breathing before I can tell them what I am there for. This guy, while attractive, is more nerdy mormon boy hot, than anything else. Anyway somehow by the end of the transaction I was completely turned around in the seat of the car talking and flirting with him through the drive through. We talked about our plans for the weekend etc and I promised to come back real soon.

I went back two nights ago. I pulled up and saw that is was Matthew, my bank boyfriend. So I said in the most sultry voice I could manage "Well hello Matthew, I just need to... make a deposit." He smiled at me while I went to put the check in the space tube thingy. Anyway he could see that I was struggling to get it in the tube so he, in a sultry voice, says "You know if you are struggling with that you can always pull over here closer to me and put your check in this." Meaning the little pop out drawer or whatever it is.

I tell him I have it all worked out and that my deposit AND secret love note are on the way to him as we speak. I then turn to my roommates and not knowing that he was still listening in say "Look at that tie he is wearing, I just want to rip it off of him!" Opps! By the look on his face he had heard every word. Don't worry though the flirting didn't end there.

I can't wait to go back and make another deposit. Stay tuned for more updates.


Wow this could be a long post...

The other day I was, I won't say dared, let's say challenged to not flirt with a certain man all night. ALL NIGHT I was not allowed to flirt with him in any way. Boy that was challenging. Worse than when the same group of people dared me to be silent for 10 minutes, also challenging.

The thing is that I realized I am VERY flirty. I found that I couldn't look at him, I couldn't talk to him, and my body movement became very... limited. Dude! I was boring. They sure enjoyed watching me try so hard not to flirt. In the end it was a horrible disaster and I gave up.

P.S. The very man I was challenged not to flirt with is the very man who still owes me my "reward" from the no talking challenge. I need to get him to pay up!


a new leaf

So I was reading through my old blogs tonight and realized I use to be really funny. Hmmm. Recently I seem to be more reflective. I am going back to funny. Because the funniest things happen to me all the time. I just need to remember to share them here. I promise to do better, so check back soon.


Things I learned from my sister Madison

I learned a lot from Miss Maddy in our phone conversation this evening. I can't wait to spend over a week with this kid next month!

Halloween day is the firty first and that is the day you wear a big pink dress and you get to be a princess, fairy, and ballerina all at once!

I have to wear more lipstick and eye junk

You can't be a pirate until the treasure chest is full

You can be princess without a dress

Boys can play with butterflies

Sparkly shoes make your legs looks sexy


I <3 General Conference!

I can't tell you how much I loved Elder Bednar's talk today! He spoke about becoming more diligent and concerned at home. It made me so grateful for my parents!

He said we need to express love and show it. That it needs to be sincere and frequent and that if we say it and then do not demonstrate it in the home it is hypocrisy. Just yesterday, after my dad called me for no reason, I told my roommates how grateful I am that I have a dad that not only loves me but really seems to like me too. I could think of a million examples of this. I have blogged about a few of them before: "Dad tucked us in at night and told us stories, he played airplane, and crocodile. He gathers us together for family scripture and prayer. He helped us make pancakes on saturday morning while we watched ninja turtles, and he actually watched with us. He took us on walks and just let us tell him all about our little world."

My mom also consistently showed us that she loved us. She use to drop little notes off for me at school and have someone bring them to me in class. She made sure that I always felt beautiful even in my awkward years, she read to us every night, she remembered all of our favorite things and kept them on hand, she always came to Utah to bring me home after a semester so I didn't have to drive across wyoming alone, when we were sick she would pamper us more than any kid deserves.

Elder Bednar also talked about consistency. I LOVED when he talked about FHE at his house being chaos. Because FHE, family scripture, and prayer were typically chaos in our home too. But it ALWAYS happened. I may have occasionally been the one that was upset that a sibling was touching me or looking at me and I may not have always had the best attitude but looking back, Elder Bednar is right, it meant the world to me. I was also thinking that when mom took over the nights dad was gone it showed us, not only her testimony of the importance of these things, but her support and love for my dad.

I am grateful that while listening to this talk I could think of how all these things were apart of my family. My parents didn't just say things, they showed us that: 1. They have a testimony of the Gospel 2. They love their Savior 3. They love each other 4. They love us. I also thought of my married friends and how much I admire those who are implementing these things in their families.

I want more than anything to create this same environment for my kids... when I have them!

Brooks and Dunn, my story

With the very sad news that Brooks and Dunn are breaking up I decided it was finally time to tell my Brooks and Dunn story. I am not sure I wanted to put this out there, even though it is a good story, because I really like to casually bring it up in conversation. I'll say something such as "like the time I snuck onto Brooks and Dunn's Jet..." Then I wait for the reaction.

So when I was going to USU, a company in town sponsored a Brooks and Dunn concert. Almost everyone in town got free tickets to this show and I had a lot of friends who had access to tickets. Unfortunately I couldn't get work off. So all my friends who hate country took off for the concert and I went to work.

Anyway I was working at a restaurant and these two attractive men came in. They were dressed in the same suit with the same tie and so I asked them about it. They said they were pilots and they had just flown in and would fly right back out in a few hours. I asked why and they said that they had flown Brooks and Dunn in for the concert. So I did quite a bit more flirting and got an invitation to come out to the airport and see the jet they fly.

So we closed the place down early and took off for the airport. It was the Logan, UT airport so there was no security. It is mainly used for crop dusters etc. So we walked right out onto the tarmac and onto the jet. It was really really cool. Like I am not even kidding you the toilet was gold. It was like a mini house on a plain. It had everything you could imagine. Like a sky RV only a thousand times classier.So we are hanging out on the plain and the pilot gets the call that the encore is finished and the artists are on their way back. So we slowly exit the plain and stand in front of it while we wait for them to show up. Oddly enough they weren't even upset that we had been hanging out on there plane. Kix didn't say much and got on the plane, ronnie hung out with us for a bit.

What kills me is Ronnie asked if he could do anything for us. I am sure meaning autograph, and my friend was like no we just came to see the plane.

Year five and all is well.

It shocks me that it is that time of year again... September already, Five years already. I miss her what else can I say? Maybe I should be over this by now, but I'm not.

I just miss her.

Don't lie to yourself, you wish your mom was as freaking awesome as mine is.

I miss it when she would flirt with guys in the home depot.

I miss how she would make friends with the checker at whatever store we were at.

I miss having someone to watch John Wayne movies with me.

I miss how irritating it was that she wanted to talk to me EVERY DAY.

I miss having someone who knew exactly when to make me laugh, when to let me cry, and most of the time... when to tease me unmercifully.

I miss having someone who was better at picking out my crushes than I was.

I miss how she likes to sing the wrong words to songs at the top of her lungs.

I miss having someone who remembers all of my favorite things perfectly, and keeps them on hand.

I miss her sneaking Katy and I into her closet Christmas afternoon to give us all the things she bought us that she had to hide from dad because it wasn't in the Christmas budget.

I miss driving across Wyoming with her and blaring Chris Ledoux on the radio.

I miss plotting with her on how to surprise dad for his birthday.

I miss family home evenings with Anky anger, and farmer brown.

I miss skipping school and going shopping for no reason.

I miss having someone to call at one in the morning, knowing she'll be awake.

I miss going to Delaware for Mexican on Wednesdays because you didn't want to cook dinner if dad wasn't going to be there to enjoy it.

I miss having someone to call when I am sick or hurting.

I miss having someone to call when my heart is hurting.

I miss having someone pry into my love life.

I miss her sassiness.

I miss having someone I can tell EVERYTHING to, completely free of judgment.

I miss her naughtiness.

I miss cheating at Scrabble with her.

I miss hearing her version of how her and dad met.

I am a lucky girl. I really haven't been asked to endure that much. My mom just lost her body. So many people have suffered so much more. My mom found the best guy in the world, one who would be the greatest daddy ever and married him in the temple. I know my parents love each other and I know they are my parents forever. I know she has a testimony and I know she is still my mom. I know she loves me forever. I know she is still very much involved in my life. I know that death didn't change any of these things. Like I said I am a lucky girl. I not only have the best mom in this world, I have one of the best moms who is already in the next.


My favorite things... lately

My friend Em listed her latest favorite things and asked us to do the same.

My favorite things lately:

HUSKER FOOTBALL! I get so sick of BYU this and U of U that. Husker football is a religion in Nebraska and I while I have been a believer for a few years now, this year, I am truly converted!

Fish Tacos: You will realize what a disease this has become when I tell you that I know the special is fish tacos Tuesday and Saturday at Cafe Rio and they always have a salmon taco on the menu, Bajio's special is wednesday, and Rumbi grill has my favorite but they are never the special. Oh and I just found a place by my office that has $1.25 fish taco Tuesdays! I am in love!

Tofu noodles. The texture is not the same but I almost like it better when making Asian food. The best part is no carbs and the whole bag is only 40 calories. fry up some veggies, a little chicken, add a little soy sauce or some kind of Thai peanut goodness and you are set my friend. You can get them at Target in the produce section or at health food stores. My favorite is Whole Foods (because they let me sample all the expensive cheeses).

I found this tasty morsel at one of my other favorite stores, World Market. They sell food from all ethnicity's so I can grab my favorite curry, some rice paper candy, and actually German gummy bears in one trip. Anyway I am distracted. This is the pumpkin pie syrup. it makes the best steamer I have ever had in my life!

Okay I have always loved Hobby Lobby but there is finally one in Utah. They snuck in while I was in Idaho and my whole life has now improved. I spend time in here like my mom did in Home Depot. I say I'll be 5 minutes and three hours later...

Reading in the hammock swing. The weather has been perfect for being outside wrapped up in a blanket with a pumpkin pie steamer. We have a hammock too but I don't love it as much as the Hammock swing.


Thanks Heavenly Father

I am a C.S. Lewis fan. I know EVERYONE is, but with good reason. I was contemplating this one today as I drove to Park City...

“There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, "Thy will be done," and those to whom God says, "All right, then, have it your way”

In high school I asked Heavenly Father for a certain young man who played the guitar,
Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me my youth instead.

I was positive that if one certain young man knew who I really was he would fall madly in love with me.
Heavenly Father thank you for teaching me to love myself more than that young man ever could.

I met someone who made me laugh, I was sure I had it right this time.
Heavenly Father thanks for letting me see that laughter was only the surface of that man.

I was willing to sacrifice everything that made me happy to make one young man happy forever,
He sacrificed much more to be happy right now.
Heavenly Father thank you for getting me out when you did.

In the words of a song:
Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers Remember when you're talking to the man upstairs That just because he doesn't answer doesn't mean he don't care Some of gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
~Unanswered Prayers, Garth Brooks

Heavenly Father, I understand that I know so very little, but sometimes this human thing gets in the way and I think I have things figured out, and I ask for a certain man. I am grateful my best interests are being looked after even when I obviously don't know what the heck they are. So in the future when I make such a request again and then get very frustrated that you aren't giving me what I want, know that I really do know that this is all for the best and I am more than willing to wait for... well, the best. I never want you to get to the point where you say, have it your way, but I am positive I will keep asking.

While I am waiting I promise to continue living by my motto: "Stop thinking of the man of your dreams and become the woman of his."

Oh and when he says his prayers tonight and asks for that one girl, you know the one, and he tells you he is sure she is "the one". Please tell him no.


What are the chances?

I almost killed my best friend Thursday. It is true. Let me tell you the story.

I was coming home from work in Union Park and my sister wanted me to stop at ten thousand villages for her. I was driving down the street not paying much attention and I almost hit a pedestrian. I don't mean like I kinda almost hit him. I mean I SLAMMED on my brakes, tires squealing, stalled my car, inches from taking him out. That's the kind of almost hit him I am talking about.

Funny thing is that I looked up and while trying to make my heart start beating again I thought to myself... That looks like Wade. Just then Wade calls me:
"I seriously almost just got hit by a car"
"Um that was me"
"No way"
"What the heck are you doing?"
"Going to Ten Thousand Villages."
"Can I come?"
"Yeah what are you doing?
"Getting art supplies."
"I want to come."

So we spent the rest of the afternoon shopping together. Then I dropped him back off at his car:

"Well see you this weekend, thanks for letting me keep my knees."
"Yeah good thing I don't have money for that many balloons."

The joys of Lowes

Why this call was transferred to my desk I don't know. Maybe someone thought they would take advantage of the fact that I am only working there a few more days...

"This is Annie."
"Listen I just moved here from caliiiiiifornia. It is awful down there did you know that? You can trust anyone. Anyway I was having guests over so I went to Lowe's and bought a new commode. Well that man showed up at my door with this thing in pieces, I mean it was smashed, I swear to you that it was, so he had to go get me another. Then he comes back with this other commode that was... well it was meant for male equipment. Honey, they are built different than us and this toilet was meant for them. It was... long, if I can say that. Well I hated it and I told them to take it right back. I swear to you they have charged me for both toilets! Well then they came out and measured and said they would have to order me one in special. Well I had a normal one before and what is he telling me that I have to special order one, they don't have one My size!? Well honey I swear to you they charged me for the third one."
"Ummm Hmm"
"Honey then I went back and I bought two air conditioners. I turned them on and they smelled so bad. Honey I returned them. And they charged me for both of them!" I apologize for the language you are forcing me to use but I swear I returned all this stuff and it is all on my credit card. Well I haven't paid it in some months now because I don't think I have any of those items anymore so when they call I hang up on 'em."
"Well that makes sense."
"Honey I am just so frustrated. I don't know who to call or what to do."
"Well have you talked to a manager in the California store where you purchased it?"
"No who should I ask for?"
"The store manager, or another idea is when they call you, you might take that opportunity to ask for a manager. You need someone who can look at the store invoices and inventory. I can't from Idaho figure out what happened in that store. If you want to call the credit center hit 0# three times and you will get a person. But my recommendation is to save this story for someone good. Ask immediately for a supervisor then ask them for a manager that has the power to fix your problem."
"Well you have a blessed day."


Odd... but not Bark

I find it odd that it was so hard to leave Logan when everything I was leaving had already left me. I find it even more odd that almost exactly two years later I am leaving Idaho. I am heading back to Utah (something I swore I would never do) and leaving so many good friends behind, and yet this time it seems so much easier.


My move to Utah!

I thought I would just post about it so I don't have to tell the story that many more times.

For a few months now something hasn't felt right and I knew I needed a change. But what change? New job maybe? The problem was that none of the changes I could think of seemed right. I prayed and prayed about it and just always felt the same. Change but no idea what.

Have you ever gone back to somewhere you used to live and it just felt empty, not like home anymore? I felt like that last weekend in Logan. I had some of the best years of my life there and met most of the people I call my BFFs. But this weekend it was just reconfirmed to me that it wasn't home.

It was when I was driving back to Idaho that I started to realize that feeling was the same one I was having about Idaho. Lolly then sent me a text saying I could move in with her if I ever needed to. It was weird because we hadn't talked about it before, and I didn't have any idea what I would do for a job but it just clicked. That was where I needed to be. She later told me she had the feeling to send me the text and didn't know why but she couldn't shake the feeling that she needed to.

So I went home and started making plans to move. I knew it was what Heavenly Father wanted for me and I knew it would work out. I asked everyone I knew in Utah to ask around at work for me. I have one job I want really bad and it is a miracle that I talked them into leaving the job open long enough for me to apply. One of my Bffs here offered to split the cost of a moving van with me and I accepted. Having no job yet but knowing this was what I was suppose to do. Today Ken (My step-mom's dad) called and told me that they could find work for me. I only need to call him when I arrive.

I just couldn't have asked for things to work out more perfectly and I am excited to see even more miracles as this plan unfolds.


An Ode to a Rose

Rose is my first responder.

When my mom died I called her before I called anyone else. She was there is what felt like seconds on a day where seconds typically felt like hours. Not only was she there but she was willing to do anything to help. She drove me down to my grandparents house so I could tell them in person. I am not sure she will ever know how much she meant to me that day.

She went with me to the emergency room on that fatal ward Ski night. She made me laugh when I was in tons and tons of pain and understood that I didn't want the hot ski instructor to find out I was hurt. She also found very attractive men to carry me to the car.

The year I lived in a big house alone in Logan she always seemed to know exactly what days I was feeling the loneliest, and she would show up out of the blue to take me on a walk or a trip to Formosa.

When I made the hardest decision of my life and decided to leave Logan she and her sister where the only ones who showed up to help me move. I had just had surgery on my foot and wasn't much help. The two of them loaded my entire moving truck. Even now thinking about how selfless they were on such a super hot day I was to cry a little.

There was one night I will never forget in my back yard with some friend when we were reading out of my "IF" book. We laughed so hard we almost died. Last week before church we had another good laugh when we drove up to my mom's grave and stopped along the way to steal wildflowers to put on her grave. I love that Rose was able to know my mom at least a little. She knows at least enough to know there will be no sappiness there.

My grandpa died this week. He is 100 years old and he is with his wife and my mom and my uncle Wayne. I know they are so happy now and living it up but it was still a sad day for me. Some of my mom's family can be a little difficult to deal with. In the middle of the proceedings I get a text from her that was simple inside joke but it made me smile and I knew that no matter what, it was going to be a good day.

I find that often I am not as grateful for my friends as I should be. I do however, recognize that friends like Rose are truly gifts from a loving Heavenly Father.


Happy Celebrate America Day!

I hope your day is filled with fireworks, hot dogs, good family and friends, and amazing watermelon!


Convo at work

Me: So I went on a walk last night after looking up all the sex offenders in my neighborhood and I was scared to death.

Stacie: Why in the world would you look that stuff up?

Me: So I am not the next girl that is almost kidnapped at the Target by a known violent sexual predator.

Stacie: Oh yeah he was the guy they arrested in your church building last year huh?

Me: See you look these things up so you know "who are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood. Oh who are the people in your neighborhood, they're the people that you meet when you're walking down the street, they're the people that you meet each day..." And hope you recognize before they force themselves into your car!

Thank You Sesame Street!


Happy Pappy's Day!

Today in Sunday School we talked about how to prepare to go to the temple for the first time. The teacher mentioned that maybe there isn't too much special to do if you have been living the right way anyway. I then had this thought. I too was born of goodly parents, parents who have been preparing me for things like this my entire life.

I have been thinking a lot about my daddy today. He tucked us in every night and would tell us a story. The cinnamon toast story was my favorite. I remember him playing games like airplane, and crocodile with us. I remember him getting us to clean up the house by playing the "blown to smithereens" game. My siblings and I couldn't wait for him to come home every night. I loved sunday "daddy interviews" when he would take each of us individually out for a walk. I loved that time with him, and always felt like he was taking forever with Katy and it would never be my turn!

I was grumbly most of the time that he called us upstairs for scriptures and prayers. I remember specifically not always having a good attitude about FHE. But they always happened anyway and not only do I remember specific lessons but I now have a pattern to follow with my own family.

I have posted before about my dad and music, and how he can fix anything, and finally about how he is my BFF!

Who ever I marry has some big shoes to fill. Because I have the best dad in the whole world.


Bad Bad Day

Sometimes we have bad days. When I have a bad day I always feel like that bad day is the worst one yet. So when I came home today after a way crappy day I actually typed bad day into my blog search and read up on my past bad days. They didn't seem so bad anymore. It seems that my bad days are caused by three things:

1. Financial crisis
2. Missing my mom
3. Mean boys

We'll get to what happened today in a minute, but while I was driving home from Pocatello today contemplating my bad day I recalled what I think was the second worst day of my life:

My thesis was due that day for my Infant class. I had typed up an amazing paper on developmentally appropriate toys or fatherhood involvement. I don't remember which one it was. Anyway, it was perfect. Of course with something this important I made sure I saved it to more than one disk and to my USB drive. I also made sure I headed up to campus a half hour early so I could get on an empty shuttle bus and get to the TSC computer lab with tons of extra time to print my paper. I had all the bases covered.

So I get on the empty shuttle, I make it to the computer lab before it fills up, but the computer won't open my file. No worries I try the other disk, I get the same error message, same with the USB drive. Oh well I have some time, if I hurry I can get back home and figure something out. Maybe turn it in at the end of class. So I get back on the shuttle, get to my car and head home. But wait that is when my car overheats. So I am stuck on the side of the road and I am still thinking, this might be okay I just need to call someone to come get me and we'll worry about my car later. So I pull out my phone. No service!

Later that night I was in charge of a huge activity and was the only one who knew what we were doing. But I got stuck at work because my ride never showed up and my phone still didn't work so I had a church full of people with no direction. I finally make it home and my home teachers randomly stop by and ask if they can do anything to help and I tell them my story. No problem they will look at my roommates computer and see what they can do. Okay but guess what they find? It is FULL of porn. At the exact moment they are discovering it and I am swearing it isn't my laptop my roommate comes home. She FREAKS out that I had found that stuff on her computer!

Anyway that story has a happy ending because I was allowed to turn in my thesis, my car was fixed, and my phone started working again, and my roommate forgave me. I am hoping today's story has a happy ending. I won't go into the same amount of detail but let's say that it began with number one, or as the bank calls it a small banking error, and included both two and three by the end of the day. I am still shaking from number three as it included a man who has physically attacked me before.

I know that I will be just fine financially, banking error or no, I still want my stupid money back! So tomorrow, which will be a fresh day with no mistakes in it, I will blog about everything that went right today. Because I made certain to take note of them today so that I didn't feel overwhelmed.


100 things about me... (revised)!

1. I claim both New Jersey and Nebraska as home. I loved getting to see all the historical sites back east but I LOVE the small town atmosphere that is Nebraska.
2. I prefer off brand Doritos to the real ones.
3. I have a dog, her name is Mudge, short for Kersmudgen.
4. When I was younger my horse's name was Go Annie Go!
5. My car is named Sanchez.
6. Growing up we met for church in a warehouse in an industrial park in New Jersey.
7.I am a daddy's girl, partially because my mom doesn't currently have a body.
8.I have lived in 5 states.
9.I went to Utah State University.
10. I am the oldest of 7 kids.
11. I love British television.
12. I love Maverick Ice cream!
13. My step-mom is 6 years older than me.
14. I am a knitting maniac!
15. I am 26 single, LDS, and did not serve a mission.
16. I desperately wanted to serve a mission.
17. My favorite restaurant is Formosa. It is a little shady Chinese place in Logan.
18. My favorite Sushi roll is the crunchy Mexican roll.
19. I went to culinary school, kinda.
20. I love quilting.
21. I have a pair of pants that always made me look hot but they had to be retired. I miss them.
22. My favorite game is boxers or briefs.
23. I think hot showers are the greatest invention of our time.
24. I don't go anywhere without my IPOD.
25. I get really embarrassed for other people when I feel that they aren't sufficiently embarrassed for themselves.
26. I love Yoga but can't take Katy to class anymore, she laughs too much.
27. I judge book's by their cover. They have to have good illustrations right?
28. I still miss my mommy everyday.
29. I am a climber but don't have the gear so have to go with people who do.
30. I started cycling to help me deal with loosing mom. I'm addicted now.
31. There is nothing I hate more than scraping my windows in the morning.
32. My BFF is a boy, we don't date, and we think that is normal.
33. I like to fake play my hot pink guitar.
34. I rock at Mario Kart and suck at EVERY other video game.
35. My favorite movies are Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, and Count of Monte Cristo.
36. I love country music.
37. My favorite band is the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
38. Going to their concert was the last thing I ever did with my mom.
39. My mom's death was on the front page of the paper and delivered to basically every home in town hours before I knew she was gone.
40. When I grow up I want to be a mommy.
41. In the mean time I want to be a... Still attempting to figure it out.
42. My top secret desire is to be a storm chaser, don't tell my dad.
43. I seriously can't wait for my bro to come home from his mission, but he has banned me from telling him that, ever!
44. I like being a girl and LOVE men who respect women.
45. I was ADDICTED to Adrenaline Rushes, but I gave up caffeine.
46. If I didn't have to work I would travel everyday.
47. I have been to most Church history sites. Nauvoo, Palmyra, Kirtland, SLC, Winter Quarters.
48. I love silence and never find it awkward, especially in testimony meeting.
49. I like McDonald's Breakfast, Sonic drinks, Burger King Fries, and Wendy's salads.
50. I like to wear skirts and flip flops in the summer.
51. I miss the carefree days of living at home and having no bills.
52. I am a Sunday school teacher.
53. I handle all the government and corporate accounts at Lowe's
54. I am interning with a hospice, I have yet to have a pleasant client.
55. I haven't had a real crush on anyone in almost two years.
56. I love to go to the park and swing.
57. I love road trips!
58. My family calls me Reese. It feels weird if they use my real name.
59. I do not think adult acne is a funny joke.
60. I secretly love a few dirty rap songs.
61. I DO NOT like chocolate.
62. I like gummy candy especially, sour ones.
63. My favorite flower is the Lilac because it smells the best.
64. I find facebook quite entertaining.
65. I love driving "the star wars" at work, and I'm awesome at it.
66. I love antiques.
67. I nickname everyone.
68. Corn beef and cabbage is my favorite thing to have for dinner.
69. I own 67 cookbooks.
70. If you cut me I would bleed soy sauce.
71. I wish I lived closer to family.
72. I have 77 first cousins.
73. I like to make people laugh, even if it is at me instead of with me.
74. I wish I'd have known my grandparents better.
75. I was struck by lighting.
76. I look forward to doing my taxes, getting money back is nice, but the fun part is filling them out.
77. To Kill A Mockingbird is my all time favorite book. With the All Creatures Great and Small series a close second.
78. I read cookbooks for fun.
79. I love photography and wish I had time to take a class so I could become awesome at it!
80. I am basically tone deaf. No I mean it I can't sing a note on key.
81. I hate first dates because I don't have a favorite color and I don't really care to know yours.
82. I prefer the New Testament to the Book of Mormon, don't judge me.
83. My favorite Hymn is Lord I would Follow Thee, and there is a very special reason why.
84. I am AWFUL at writing my missionaries.
85. I am so laid back it is scary sometimes. I get that from my daddy.
86. Both of my parents are freckled so there was basically no way to escape it.
87. My very first BFF was Celeste Hyatt. We picked on Ashley Applegate together. We didn't like her cause she never let us change the clothes on her Barbies.
88. I was born in Ogden, UT, while my Daddy was in school.
89. I am strangely attracted to older men.
90. I STILL have not mailed Zac his Christmas present.
91. I think there is beauty in everything God created. Including southern Wyoming.
92. I am so excited for the Keith Urban concert in September I can barely stand it!
93. I wish I could afford to drive a truck, I think that would be hot.
94. I swear I've seen a Ghost.
95. I would do ANYTHING for a real cheesesteak or a Hoagie.
96. I'm a little embarrassed about how many of these 100 are about food.
97. I am falling asleep right now, sitting at the table at my BFFs house.
98. I love going to the shore but Hate shore traffic.
99. I constantly wish I was a better person, but don't we all?
100. I know my Heavenly Father loves me, even when he puts me on friendship timeout.


Crazy Lowes Lady update

We went to the crazy Lowe's lady's house with a police escort to pick up all her items and return them. The crazy Lowe's lady was placed in a mental institution later that day. SAD DAY! Her daughter said there was a lot of yelling, tears, and biting.


The crazy Lowes man

So today, an hour after I am suppose to be home, I am still at work trying to fix an error in the excess of six thousand dollars. I had just finished sending my last email to general accounting at the only computer that doesn't make a high pitched hum, the one located in Customer Service, when this older man comes storming up...

Let me first explain one or two things about credit that he didn't understand. When I issue you a credit card and you make charges on it you have to pay them off. There is a due date and all transactions that happen between due dates will be on your statement.

He wanted and demanded a cash refund for the payment he made last month on his credit card. He claims that because he paid in cash and it didn't show up on his statement that I owed him the money. When I told him it didn't show up on that months statement because the payment was late and that I couldn't refund to him a payment he made on his credit card he got REALLY mad. I told him that even if I did refund his payment he would then be two months late on his payments. He is pacing back and forth and yelling when I then polity hand him his statement and say well it looks like your payment for the past due amount posted and the remaining balance on your statement will be due on the 16th. Other than that your account is current and up to date.

He asked if I was keeping his money because Lowe's didn't have enough money. He asked if I had any sense at all. He told the lady behind him in line that he had been waiting an hour to get this taken care of.(I spent less than 10 with him.) He told me he didn't have time to hassle with me because he left his infant granddaughter in the car. He told me I needed to refund the money because it wasn't his money it was his daughters. He told me his wife was going to freak out and never shop again. He told me HE would never shop with us again.

I said thank you.


The Crazy Lowes Lady (because I promised wade I would)

So this lady comes into Lowes the other day and applies for a credit card which we denied.

She proceeded to the back of the store and ask for an entire appliance package. She wanted the most expensive washer and dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher. She wanted them all stainless steel and all the small appliances we could find to match. She also told Todd that she wanted a rug that was brown and red with a floral pattern but that she didn't want to pick it out so he needed to go find her one. Oh and she picked up a lawnmower for her mom. The biggest John deere we had.

So she gets up to the register and she has a total of over 15,000 dollars. She asks to put it on her Lowes card and we tell her it was denied. During this whole thing she tries to put it on her Lowes card at least three different times. While at the register she offered to pay one of the ladies a 100 dollars for the flowers her husband had delivered. When she continued to offer more and the other kept refusing she asked for a phone book and called a florist to have 10 bouquets delivered to her home. She said she was hungry and offered to buy lunch for everyone in the store which we also refused. So she made our operator call and order her a pizza to be delivered to her house. She offered to pay 1,000 to someone in the line for their dog. Who also refused and her counter offer was she could have whatever amount she wanted for the dog.

She also asked my manager what her last name was and when she said it was Mendoza she said hers was Hernandez and said Como Estas (pronounced phonetically). Her name was something like johnson and she was a blonde with blue eyes but she thought she was Hernandez apparently. She also turned to a latino couple in line and said "I am Hernandez como estas!" Oh and she offered my manager 50 dollars a night to cook her mexican food.

Let's get to the good part... She tries to run all this on her debit card. Debit cards have limits put on them by the bank. Typically your daily limit isn't over 2,000. So her transaction was denied. So she leaves and we start putting her stuff back on the shelf. She calls. She is on her way back in with cash. She comes in and tosses the cash at the cashier. She is a few thousand short. So she says she'll go get it from her car. She has given her keys to an employee so he can start loading her up and he offers her keys back to her and she says "thats okay I left the window down." She comes back in with another stack of cash and tells the cashier to take whatever she needs out of it.

The delivery guys load up her stuff later that afternoon to take out to her place. They are there setting up all of her appliances and she starts flirting with the Latino delivery guy while the other is unloading everything. Then she starts kissing him and he freaks out and heads out to the truck to call the store. When he walks back in she points a gun at him and says if he ever cheats on him she will shoot him. Then the other delivery guy tries to do something and she puts the gun right on his head and threatens to pull the trigger is he interferes. She then Kisses the latino guy a few more times and they manage to sneak out by pretending she is kidding.

later her kids come into the store and apologize. Apparently she did all this to punish them because they wouldn't take her camping.


The TP dilemma

I am perplexed by toilet paper. With anything else I buy there is that handy dandy per oz price at the bottom to compare. However, with TP I am totally lost. This one is cheapest but how many feet am I getting, and how many ply? Then they have those super rolls that are suppose to be as much TP as two rolls. I am pretty sure I don't believe it and is it the same absorbency of two rolls or the same length? And if It is just more absorbent does that really count? Because it doesn't matter how absorbent it is I am never going to use just a couple of squares. How much extra am I willing to pay for the TP with Aloe?

Anyway tonight I once again found myself lost in the TP aisle confused and staring. What got my attention was a package of Cottonelle that said "Our strongest toilet paper ever." Now I will spring for soft but in what situation do you find yourself where the strength of the TP really comes into play?


My Stick Horse

Tired... Do you ever feel like that? When you feel drained emotionally, physically, even financially. I feel vulnerable admitting it but I have felt that way lately. Exhausted, and the only thing you can do is to keep saying your prayers and hope that Heavenly Father will help you fix things in the way only he can.

Oddly enough my help came in the form of this story from my Wade's blog:

The Stick Horse
One evening when my four-year old sister and I were out walking with Father, Ellen asked him to carry her home. She was just too tired to walk, she said. When he told her that he was tired, too, she began to cry. With out a word, Father took out his knife and cut a small limb from a tree. Handing it to Ellen, he said, “Here’s a fine horse for you to ride.” Ellen hopped astride the stick, and off she galloped- beating us home by a block.

Father laughed. “That’s the way you will find life, he told me. “Sometime you will be so tired mentally or physically that you’ll think you can’t go on. Then you’ll find a stick horse in a form of a friend, a song, a poem, a flower, a baby’s smile- and over the tired spot you’ll gallop.”

Now I am telling my three children that there is a stick horse to carry them over every tired spot in life if they will but look around for it.

--Mrs. T. Edward Brown Posted in the Reader’s Digest- May, 1946

I have a few "stick horses" that without, I would probably have worn myself out long ago.

*The gospel is the one constant I have. It will always be the thing that makes everything all better. No matter what else happens in my life it will be there.

*Going to the park and swinging. I don't care how sad or down or tired I am that one things make the world something I can face again.

*Singing a primary song. The simple lyrics and truths in those songs make me feel like an idiot for ever feeling that life should be anything different than I imagined it would be in primary.

*When my dog knows I am feeling down and curls up in my lap all night long. There are only three men I have ever let see me cry and he is not only one of them, but the best for drying tears.

*A friend who genuinely cares. I have a million of them whom I love dearly but two jump to mind tonight:
~Wade because he is always there to take my call, listen, and make me laugh all the days. We talk frequently about friendships that feels imbalanced and I want to thank him for keeping ours "balanced."
~Snubs I feel like we are crisis friends. We only call each other when life is out of sorts. Thanks for being patient and sorting it out for me. You are perfect at taking what I am saying and figuring out what I am really saying. You know the me I try to keep hidden and you still love me.


I have no words...

This girl may be THE girl who gives the rest of us ladies a bad name.

One of my BFFs told me this story:
There was this girl he was friends with and took on TWO dates. TWO dates remember that. Anyway she moved far away, to "get over him." But before she left she stopped by to give him a going away present. It was a journal she kept all about him. The back pages contained a list of his "Stats." You know birthday, name of family members, favorite flavor of ice cream, etc. The front pages where all about how she felt about him and how she was falling in love with him.


Grocery shopping

I have a lot of... Umm... Odd things that I do. I am not going to lie. One that causes me a lot of stress is grocery shopping. Okay that is kind of a lie. I actually love grocery shopping but I have this weird thing. I can't let anyone I know see my buying prepackaged food. If I for some reason buy like a box of macaroni and cheese or something I have to hide it under a big thing of grapes or carrots or something in my cart. Even when I put my groceries up on the belt I make sure they stay hidden.

Today I ran to Winco for a few things. I had a beautiful bell pepper, a watermelon, some romaine lettuce, tomatoes that smelled amazing (always make sure your tomatoes smell amazing), some vegetarian corndogs (also amazing), and some chicken. I made the mistake of going while I was hungry and I walked past those cardboard pizzas. Man those things are soo good. They are, themselves, my entire daily caloric intake but I couldn't help myself. I put one in the cart... under the lettuce.

I might have been fine until I ended up in the check out lane with the little old lady on her first day. I wrote a check. I know who still does that? But I did, and she hit cash. At Lowe's no one cares, the cashier just shoves it in her drawer and hopes they have the money. But she went into a panic. It was right then that I saw that she had placed my cardboard indiscretion on top of everything where just anyone could see it. She turns her light to flashing and with pizza in hand starts waving her supervisor over. I wanted to crawl out of there on my hands and knees like I was getting shot at.

Moral of the story: If I ever have a husband he better not like cardboard pizzas. Or if he does he is buying them himself. No wait then people will think that not only do I feed him cardboard but I make him go out and buy it. Darn it.


Bark Odds

So today I was having a text "discussion" with my BFF and so I was super distracted when Katy texted me about making an appointment for us to see the Bishop. I thought I texted her this message: Carl hasn't called me. Did he call you?

Carl is the Executive Secretary and he was suppose to call us back with a time for our appointment. Due to my distraction I didn't change any of the words to the correct ones while texting. so I sent her this message: Bark odds called me. Die if call you.

She claims she got a sick feeling in her stomach and wondered if I had really sent the message. So when I got her following message asking who the heck Bark odds was I was so confused because I didn't know anyone by that name. When I went back and read the text I couldn't stop laughing. I am actually still laughing.

Some things are worth fighting for

I wrote this back in November and came across it tonight in my drafts:

I have a hard time making good friends. The problem is mine. I have simply had so much loss in my life that I have put up a wall. If I don't let you in then you can't leave me. I have been much better since moving to Idaho Falls. But from the time Shane died until my move I did not make any new friends except Zac, and Snubs. I frequently ask Zac how the heck he snuck in when I had my fortress so protected. He is honest with me and told me that it wasn't easy, and often he felt like I was trying hard to push him away. While that may have been the impression I was giving off, the way I felt was simply that I desperately needed a friend. Fortunately for me he persevered. I often ask myself what the heck he saw in me that made him fight so hard for my friendship. I will tell you that to this day I do not think I deserve a friend like him.

Zac, I know the time has come to fight for our friendship again. I ask you to please keep fighting, we will win this one!


I am a knitter

That's right and I am proud of it!

Awhile ago I was at a church activity and I saw this girl standing up in the middle of the room knitting. My fist thought should have been "goodness a fellow knitter, awesome!" But instead I thought that she was the craziest girl I had ever seen. I mean honestly who brings their knitting to an activity and whips it out in the middle of the room? Especially at a single function where the main purpose of being there is to remove yourself from the singles scene. I just don't see a guy walking in and saying to his buddies "Hold all the phones guys who is that!? I have been looking for a girl who can make her own socks. Do you think she saw me? Do you think I Should I go talk to her?"

Here is the problem...

It is literally hard for me to put my knitting down from time to time. I have been guilty of taking my knitting to a friends house while he watches football. I also have special needles with lights in the tips so that I can knit while we watch movies. I had one of those moments recently where I said to myself oh crap that is totally me. So if there are any men out there looking for a woman who can whip you up some socks while we watch a movie you just let me know.

PS. Here is a little glimpse into the future!


Earth Day

I have been in charge of Earth Day at work. Not because I necessarily am super green or granola but because I have this voice I use on the phone that just makes people want to give me things. So we reserved a booth in the Tautphaus park hockey shelter for the community earth day celebration.

It has been a fun project because me and the store manager don't worry too much about.. well anything, but his wife and my co-worker who were assigned to work on this with me VERY much do. Anyway I had a bunch of vendors donate tons of product to give away. All organic or recycled, or energy saving, or water conserving.

Here is the good part. My store manager has an emergency conference call today so I am sent alone in his truck to reserve our table and take the literal truck load out to the park. I have no idea where I am going so I get to the park and I find that it is a little like a miniature central park. It has a zoo, hockey rink, carousel, playground, etc, etc, etc. I have no idea where or what building the hockey shelter is so I am driving all over this place, down these winding basically one way paths, making a lot of U-turns. The park is filled with people getting ready for Earth day watching me drive all over the park, and looking at me strangely. I thought maybe it was all the U-turns until I realized I was driving through a bunch of save the earthers in this EXACT truck...

Needless to say I was LOVING the look on the organizers faces when I drove into the hockey shelter with some nice black smoke billowing out of it. Just as an example of how serious they are about saving the planet... she found out I had samples to give out and she got all bent out of shape because in her own words "We would just like to reduce waste."

I got everything set up and jumped in my truck and yelled out the open door at her, because the window doesn't roll down, "You are loving this truck huh? It is way more fun than a Prius!"


The stupid white girl

I hate being the stupid white girl. But I find myself in that situation frequently...

There was the infamous time Katy and I were lost in Chester, PA with no gas and no knowledge of how to get more. Thanks to growing up in Jersey for that little adventure. There was also the time that my friend Michelle and I decided to go exploring while her parents were doing a session in the DC temple. We had a very similar experience in, once again, a neighborhood white people should not have been in.

So now I live in Idaho and have filled many a tank of gas... I shouldn't have those same kind of experiences.... You would think.

Enter this conference weekend. I was staying with a friend in Utah and took off right after the last conference session Sunday. I stopped to fill up at the first gas station I found off the freeway. I decided while I was at it I would check my oil level, a little low. The gas station I was at did not carry oil though. Strange. So I walked out and shut my hood and drove off to find another. I am oil in hand when I walk back to my car and can see oil all over the front of my white car. CRAP! I didn't put the oil cap back on!

Perfect! I am an idiot but I haven't gone far. I'll go look for it. Well if you don't get lost backtracking it might have been a good plan... I found two oil caps but neither of them were mine. At this point there is oil poring out from under my hood and I am in tears and I am completely lost in an area of Salt Lake that feels scary. I google text where the nearest autozone is and buy a new cap. I found it easily enough but I am still in a bad area of town and I am still sobbing. So I walk in there, still crying, obviously out of place, and ask the guy for an oil fill cap. I am very grateful that they didn't laugh at me.

I called Wade during all this and told him I had a story to tell him but that when I cried he couldn't laugh. He didn't make any promises, I told him anyway. He interrupts the story and says wait when did this happen? And I respond right now it is happening! He asks me where I am and I tell him. In his most comforting voice he says "wow that is a REALLY bad neighborhood."

I hate being the stupid white girl...