List for Bishop

Bishop heard me talking about what makes a man sexy the other day and I promised him a list of 13 things as well as a copy of Katy's 13, which are very similar (we are sisters).

So here they are in no particular order:

1. There is nothing hotter than a man that's hot on the Gospel. A man that goes to his meetings, does his home teaching, volunteers every time its our ward's turn to take the sacrament to the hospital. HOT! This is a man who is already my hero and will be his sons first hero.

2. When he drives your car. HOT! You feel safe enough to hand the keys over and you get to take your place as the shotgun rider. It makes you feel like he's in control, your safe, and you are symbolicly taking the place you want in his life as companion, helpful navigator, and caretaker of everyone in the back seat.

3. As far as clothing goes I have been a sucker for the grey pin stripe since high school. YES PLEASE! I also have a hard time resisting a man in a big soft sweater. It just screams I need you to rest your head right here. Okay! I am also a sucker for a man in periwinkle blue. Okay I'm getting goosebumps. That light blue color will stop me in my tracks. Moving on...

4. I like my men a little chubby. Not obese, I want to live a long and healthy life with him. However, I want to feel safe and protected by a man. I want to feel cute and feminine. I just don't feel that way with skinny boys.

5. I love gender roles! Ask me to sew on a button, and you can open the pickle jar. Sometimes you need a man around the house and it's so hot when he is there to be just that.

6. I love a man's hands. These are the hands that will bless my babies and rock them to sleep. There is nothing in particular I love or dislike about their appearance, I just look at them and know. You don't need a manicure or anything in fact, rough hands can be very hot.

7. My favorite thing in the world is having my hair touched. When they brush it off your face, or tuck a stray wisp behind your ear, or really anything. Part of it is that it shows a tender side to them, but really if their hands are in contact with my hair in anyway I am done for.

8. When they remember your details. If I've told a guy 9 times that I hate chocolate and then he buys me a box, that's sweet but not hot. Now when he shows up with a diet coke and a bag of spicy Cheetos he is now the hottest man alive.

9. When he says your name. The difference between. "I really appreciate that" and "Annie, I really appreciate that" is huge! Saying my name means. what you are saying is about me only, it means you want my attention, it means I am what is on your mind. I want you to be comfortable saying that name everyday, and to enjoy saying it as much as I enjoy hearing it. An added element for me is using my nickname. My family never uses my real name and so when you use my nickname it feels like you see me, at least a little, through their eyes.

10. When they love and show respect for their moms. It shows the respect they have for the calling of being a mom. You feel safe in knowing they will love, respect, and support you in your own calling as such. It is also a good gauge of how they feel about women in general and a good sign of how I can expect to be treated.

10. When they make me laugh. I make people laugh all the time. There are a lot of fun guys out there but it is rare to find one who will make me laugh. It means that in the future when we have hard times that he will be able to make me laugh. That when we are old we won't just sit around doing the crossword and reading The Ensign. I want to still be able to make each other laugh.

12. When he can say I'm sorry. listen I find that for me I have to say it ALL THE TIME. The ability to be wrong is huge and a rare quality among, well really anyone. It shows me pride can be swallowed.

13. I LOVE it when they have a bed head. When their hair is a little tosseled, yes please! Lolly just reminded me that I love curly hair. This is very true. Curly hair makes me weak in the knees. Why do boys with curly hair always try to hide it? This is sad for me.


Yes Please!

I'm walking into the office just now and there is a big jumbo pickup truck parked out front. I stopped to admire it for a second and out of the front door comes too of the hottest. men I have ever seen. They both have dark curly hair, beautiful eyes, and rippling muscles made obvious by the fact that they were bother carrying a very large table.

Just when I thought they couldn't get hotter the one says "hold up that's my mom calling." So with one arm he tosses the table into the truck and redirects his attention to his phone call. Hot!


My not so baby anymore siblings came to visit!

Getting ready for our Pink Princess Tea Party

 Simon enjoying the Tea Party

We were looking at "cas" or cars. The kid has a Boston accent. I love that the cat is joining us!

Eating all of Drew's Chili Verde (don't worry Drew I'll make you some more)

But look at how much he loves it, and Drew.

Trying on my favorite hat and having a fashion show

Playing Hide and Seek with Drew and teaching him how to count to 5.

Lolly teaching them how to play soft with the cat. They were in love with the cat!

We had the fabulous tea party pictured above, we spent a couple of nights at Chuck E Cheese that the kids loved! We had a date night, just me and them, we went out for Chinese! We played lots of trucks, read lots of stories, did tons of coloring, cooked up lots of good food, played hide and seek, and learned to count to 5! Lolly and Drew received a lesson in how to play Pirate Princesses, as well as a detailed anatomy lesson. (You are welcome) It was the best week I've had in forever. I wish they lived closer!

I am so grateful to my not so wicked step mom for bringing by babies out to see me. We also really enjoyed visiting with her. I love how much they loved my cat, my roommate and BFF Lolly, and honorary roommate and BFF Drew! Although apparently he is now Madison's boyfriend. I am also gratful to Lolly and Drew for taking the time to get to know some of the most important people in my life.



Cheryl: I am so bored, there is just nothing going on in the office today. Of course I forgot to bring a book.

Me: Cheryl, I have a text book in my car you could borrow. It's all about interpersonal communication. It's fascinating!

Cheryl: No thanks I have communication down.

Me: You don't think you could improve your communication with your husband? Or learn to help him communicate better with you? I'm telling you Cheryl it will change your life!

Cheryl: Nah! He's perfected his communication: "What's for breakfast?" "What are you packing for my lunch?" "When will you be home to make dinner?" "Are there any leftovers?" "Do we have any chips?" "Where's the remote?"

Me: Cheryl! I'm going to go get you that book right now before I lose all hope in marriage.


My Wagon Train

Friend: Did I wake you up? Me: No, sorry.
Friend: I was hoping we could have some pillow talk
Me: Well I figured a few things out this morning....
Friend: Tell me all about it.
Me: I really like how I look. I like me. But boys don't. Which leaves me feeling like I need to be something I'm not or something I don't even like in order to snag me a man.
Friend: That is ridiculous. You know we should be married and having babies right now.
Me: Yeah I know and we would be great. Why is it that men always want the skinny "handle with care girls?"
Friend: I have dated those girls, it never works out well. Yuck!
Me: You know when we all walk back to Missouri that you are going to want me in your wagon train. Because we will come in first, singing, laughing, and well fed...with healthy oxen. Why do men go for the girl they will have to carry most of the way there?
Friend: The breakable ones...
Me: It's true. Anyway I am depressed today. If I hear one more of those hcg diet ads I am going to call it, I swear I am.
Friend: Will you be in my wagon train? 
Me: Listen if I join your wagon train it will be the third time I have defected this year! And I can hear that you are at the gym so have a good workout.
Friend: Yeah I am still sore from yesterday I did tons of lifting and lots of cardio, I am starting to really get the body I want.
Me: Don't talk to me anymore.
Friend: Love you
Me: Love you 18


Drew, the love of my life (or at least the week), honorary man of the house, and he smells good too.

I am writing this blog from my phone while Drew, the above mentioned, is falling asleep on my couch wrapped up in my pink Husker blanket with my satin pillow. Very hot. Be jealous.

Why else should you be jealous? Do you have a bff that does dishes? Cleans the fish tank? Fixes your watch? Makes dinner? Makes you laugh til you pee a little? Comes to your baby sister's pink princess tea party? Stops at the store just to pick up a ranch packet for you? Sweeps? Pretends not to notice when you have like 5 acnes right in the middle of your face?

Drew said it's about time I blogged about him, and he's correct. We have so many good times. Look forward to many adventures with Drew appearing here, I know I am.

Thanks Drew, for helping to clean and organize "the clubhouse," I hope to someday be a member. Thanks for cleaning the fish tank before Simon drank out of it. Thanks for fixing my watch etc etc. Thanks for cutting up the pickles for our deviled eggs, it made all the difference. You make a great man of the house.


Snubs and I are coming up on our 4 year anniversary. I met him at a mutal friends place. We were watching Titanic and I was bored out of my mind so I was talking and goofing off. Apparently he was enjoying the movie and wanting to strangle me.

So obviously we became fast friends right away. Okay actually no. I said some version of these words to our mutual friend many times first. "Why isn't that fool asking me out? I am totally in his league!"

We have a set every other Thursday night date. The night the waiter thought I was drunk, yeah that was Snubs and I. The other night we were out and this girl was apologizing for something she said "man I need to stop or I'll ruin your guys' relationship." It felt good to look up at him and have us both say "not a chance." You see our friendship has been through the ringer, and I feel, that it had only become stronger.

Since I met this man I have: broken his bed, hit on his dad, spilled half my dinner down my shirt, made him saw a knife out of my dishwasher, kill a mouse, and dispose of a perished pet. I have been curled up in a ball sobbing into his couch cushions, we've had the occasional disagreement, and I am sure no matter how hard he's tried that there are still one or two strands of my hair on the passenger seat of his car (he hates that which means, as any good friend would, that I pull it out and leave it there on purpose).

Snubs taught me that it's okay to be vulnerable. He taught me that it is okay to be a woman even if boys won't always understand me. He taught me that it's okay to ask for help.

And I think that maybe I can still order for him in any Logan restaurant. Snubs, thanks for 4 great years, here's to a million more. Can't wait for our hot date tomorrow, and love, if your salad doesn't have at least 12 croutons you know I'll give you some of mine.


Substitute Mommies

I don't care how old you are. You need a mommy. I will take no argument on that point. I find myself ALL the time thinking that I'll just call mom because she will know. This past week when I was on deaths doorstep with a killer strain of flu I desperately needed her. In her absence I have a multitude of substitute mommies.

My sister and I have had to become more than sisters. We have had to learn to take care of each other. I have bosses that have become much more than bosses. Receptionists in my office that have taken care of way more than office problems. Friends that have been nurturing and more understanding than necessary. Woman in my wards who have gone out of their way to take care of me. Etc. Etc.

It is amazing how many people have stepped in to help take care of me. I am constantly amazed at how blessed I am, It is also amazing to me how with all of these amazing women in my life It doesn't even begin to fill the gaping whole a missing mother leaves.

However, I am very grateful for the amazing women in my life that make that whole feel a little less gaping.


10 Things I heart to do

(tagged by Rachelle)

My list is very similar to Miss Katy's
1. Traveling~ Anytime I don't have to be at work I want to be traveling. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, and tasting new food. I don't care what kind of traveling it is. Flying to places far away or going on a last minute road trip, Katy and I have the best times on road trips. Sometime the journey is the best part of the trip, you never know what adventures may come up. I love this world my Heavenly Father has created for me and I intend to enjoy as much of it as I can afford.

2. Art~ I am combining my love of photography as well as my love of sketching and painting. I love to capture beauty on paper in any form. I appreciate all the money my dad put into lessons. Thanks Dad!

3. Cooking~ Nothing makes me feel better than making something delicious for someone I love.

4. Barnes and Noble or the Library ~ I, like Katy, love to spend hours at the book store with a Starbucks and browse the books. I can't decide if I prefer the pumpkin pie steamer, the classic hot cocoa, or the caramel apple spice.

5. Bike Rides~ I am addicted to my bike. Just me, the wind, nature, and long talks with my Heavenly Father.

6. Music~ I have blogged about this before. I love music! Music touches me in a way nothing else can. It fixes most of the problems in my life. There is nothing like having your favorite song come on the radio and turning it up as loud as it goes and singing along. I also love how songs have memories attached to them. As you turn on a certain song and sing along you can totally relive that summer or that road trip or whatever memory has become attached to it.

7. Cleaning~ Sound odd? I blame Lindsay for this. I use to hate being woken up on Saturday to her singing "Saturday is a Special Day" with cleaning supplies in her hand.  However, turning on some great music and cleaning can be very therapeutic, and coming home to a clean house is the most amazing feeling. 

8. Walks~ I love walking and talking. Enjoying the company and conversation of a good friend and just enjoying the world Heavenly Father has made for us.

9. Theme Parks~ Katy and I are both addicts. Why is being scared to death so much stinking fun?

10. Nothing~ I like doing absolutely nothing with the people I love most. To me that is a sign of real friendship. When you can be together and do nothing and have a great time.


Night out with Wade!

This is how I know a friend is a keeper. This is a card I found while wasting time waiting for Wade to get off work. Once he did, we went out to a Hibachi Grill. It was my first time and I was fascinated. I love anything that is on fire. HA! I extra loved that both Wade and I caught the food in our mouth but the guy next to us kept letting it bounce off his glasses.  I laughed out loud each time. Wade seriously can't take me anywhere!

Afterward he went with me to Jo-Ann Fabric to pick up some batting. (I hope that is how you spell batting.)

This is one hot boy don't you think? A man in a fabric store, being a man... The best of both worlds!

Then to the store to do a little shopping... I did NOT buy these boots. You are wondering how I could leave such a prize behind, I know. But the good news is that they may still be there if you want to run and pick them up.

And finally I was greatly disappointed by this movie selection:

It is well known that I think the worst movies ever made are as follows:
1. Dark Crystal
2. Last Unicorn
3. Labyrinth
4. The Never Ending Story
5. Secret of Nihm

So you can imagine my disappointment when I saw this selection of movies all displayed together. And each ten dollars? You have got to be out of your mind!

Thanks for the great evening Wade. I can't wait to laugh about tonight later, while picking out tomatoes.


New Years

I started this blog in 2007. One of my very first blogs was this New Year's Eve post.

The long road home

I was out of control last night. I did not spend the evening in bed with a man like I had hoped those three years ago but someone did steal a kiss at midnight, and I did have a spectacular night with friends. Oh and I had a man offer to marry me and then take it back.

Katy said that I need to make a resolution because I never do. She said maybe something like always returning my cart to the cart return. Ha! I already do that. So I will have to think of something else.