I am STILL freaking out.

Last night we were sitting around the kitchen just laughing and enjoying the whole family being together when I heard my cat crying at the back door. I was so excited! I have had this cat for half of my life and he is the cuddliest cuddler ever so I ran to the door to pick him up and squeeze him.

Seconds before I scooped him up I noticed the unfurry tail and FREAKED because what I had almost scooped up was an oppusum eating my kitty's food. I screamed like I have never screamed before, I am still feeling a little queasy when I think about it. YUCK YUCK YUCK!


Chinese last night

 Last night my 17 year old brother said "what is crab rangoon?" I was thinking, goodness who is raising these children? So we remedied the situation immediately.

There are three things I loved about this experience:

First, I was leaving and had the bag of food in one hand and was holding Simon in the other. A guy got up from his table and opened both doors for me. I heart good men so much, and I love how often they present themselves in Nebraska.

Second, all of the kids found something that they loved that they had never tried before. Simon loved the fried rice. Logan (who promised he would hate all of it) ate most of the Sesame chicken and said it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Madison loved the chicken with "that really yummy red sauce." And Jarom loved the lo mein, so much so that they have been eating and fighting over the leftovers since they woke up.

Third, I had a particularly interesting fortune. Jarom and I discussed it for some time this morning and near the end he said "yeah that's a pretty good fortune but I wouldn't go taping it to the bottom of my patriarchal blessing!"


I know you didn't mean it!

Today Jarom, my 17 year old brother, came home for lunch and when he was leaving he went to give Madison a hug and his elbow hit her weird or something and she got hurt. He said he was sorry and left but didn't try a second hug since she was really mad at him and crying way more than was necessary.

Typically when someone leaves Madison sits on the couch and waves out the window yelling "I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND I STILL DO!" Cute right? Today she yelled at Jarom "I know you didn't mean it! Jarom I know you didn't mean it! Jarom I love you and I know you didn't mean it!"

It broke my heart, but at the same time I wanted to be more like her. Typically when I am hurt I just want to be mad and hurt, in an odd way it sort of makes me feel better that way.  It typically takes more than a few seconds to realize they didn't mean it.

Every Dinosaur Poops

Last night we were at Wal-Mart checking out and the checker asked Madison if she was paying for the groceries.
Madison: No I didn't bring my potty money.
Checker: Oh you have potty money huh? That must mean you are getting to be a big girl.
Madison: Yeah... Every dinosaur poops.
Checker: Oh really, I didn't know that.
Me: Oh yeah it is a video we watch frequently at our home.
Checker: Well that's one I'm not familiar with
Madison: Every dinosaur poops! For every critter of every species, the food we don't use turns into feces. Call it a stool or call it scat, everyone does it, and that is that. EVERY DINOSAUR POOPS!
Checker: Well that was a great song young lady.
Madison: Yep!
Me: Well there is a story you can tell everyone when you get home. I could sing you the whole song if you feel like you need a few more lines.
(she just laughed.)


Top 5 favorite musicals

My friend Emilie blogged about her top 5 favorite muscials this morning. I was in the middle of disagreeing with her in a comment when I thought, I hsould just blog about it myself.


We watched this movie every Sunday morning for almost a year in college. We would all sit in the front room and get ready for church and sing along. Let's be honest who hasn't wanted to climb to the tip top of a mountain and sing at the top of your lungs? Oh and marry an attractive man who loves you for exactly who you are.


This is one of me and my dad's favorites.  Just look at those sleeves and I love the line from this scene when he says "the thing is if I found a girl I liked enough to marry I'd care too much about her to wish a guy like me off on." You'll be humming "our state fair is the best state fair" for days after!


Because who doesn't want to live with 7 guys in a cabin in the mountains? Okay but really I love how politically incorrect this movie is. You couldn't make a movie today where a guy sings "bless her beautiful hide... I don't know your name but I'm stakin' my claim!"


I know most of you have never seen this one. Go out and get a copy right now! It has Fred McCmurray in it so you know it will be good. And you can't beat song lyrics like "I believe in the bible, I believe in Uncle sam, I believe a man's who been bitten has the right to demand that his wife should share the agony he bears." Or that he keeps alligators in his conservatory, or that they sing a song about whether Philadelphia or NewYork is better, or how he runs a boxing bible class where they sing about "Strengthening the dwelling of the Lord."


This is my all time favorite musical! First of all it has Audrey in it. She is beautiful and classy and I can't get enough of her. Second who doesn't love the horse race scene, or the scene where she sings "I could have danced all night" because who hasn't felt that way before? Then you have Henry singing "why can't a woman be more like a man?" and Eliza singing "If you're on fire show me!" Yes please! Then you have the debate of what man she really loves and I love how totally lost he is without her... "I've grown accustom to her face"
 breaks my heart every time.

What are your favorites?


Travel Update

The day started out well. We were checking in and the guy asked us if we wanted to sit together and we both said in unison " unless you want to put an attractive single man between us." Ha Ha the guy loved it and he assigned us seats with a seat in between saying that he would fill it if he saw anyone suitable. We had the one empty seat in the plane on our row and we enjoyed the extra space.

Panda Express in Denver is a tradition we never pass up. Unless our layover is really short and our flight was delayed and we have 15 minutes between gates and the gates are on opposite sides of the airport. Thank goodness that was not the case this time.

You wish you could fly on a plane like this. This is us on the back row. You can see the four other passengers and the pilots/stewardesses. You can feel every little change in altitude in this beast. So scary!

Home sweet home coming into view. I know it doesn't look like much but I love this place!

This is my super adorable welcoming party. She dressed herself for this occasion and is wearing her special occasion coat and her cooking shoes. She is also wearing a new "necklace" just for the occasion.

We have been having a blast the past few days and I will update soon with some fun stories.


I am doing everything but packing right now

I have been so stressed today that I almost threw up. On my way home from work I was trying to decide how to get everything done when Wade called. Now let me preface this with the fact that if I was on a beach in Hawaii I would certainly not be worrying about any of my friends back home. But he, the amazing friend that he is, called me just to see how I was doing, and if I was ready for my trip yet. We talked some about Hawaii but mostly we talked about me and everything going on in my life. Guess what? He had amazing insights on all of my most pressing issues. Really good insights, infact I felt almost all better by the time I got home.

Once I was home I took my bike out for an 8 mile ride, not too far as I had so much to do, came home, had a fantastic birthday dinner, took a very long bubble bath and have still not packed at all. But I feel better.

Anyway, I fly out of here in 11 hours and hopefully a few of those will be spent sleeping. Stay tuned for frequent updates on my adventures in Nebraska, the greatest place on earth. There will be many Halls together in one place that is ALWAYS a good time.

Dang it.

I had a VERY long day at work today. We weren't even busy. It was just... I won't go into it. I hopped in my car at the end of the day and thought to myself  "Now I can call Wade and go do something."

Wrong! Wade is on his way to Hawaii. Am I upset that he is on his way to a tropical paradise without me? No! I don't care if he was on his way to Siberia I am just upset that he isn't here now.

Another thought... I haven't seen him in a few days anyway. My life has been crazy busy and so has his. So why is it that he hasn't even been gone 12 hours yet and I am missing him like crazy?


Dr. Laura fixed my life

First of all when did I become the girl who listens to Dr. Laura? I use to HATE it when my dad would listen in the car. I would accuse him of doing it on purpose to make me car sick.

Anyway I have had a concern for awhile now that certain friendships of mine are unequal. I hate that I am ALWAYS the one to initiate contact. I am always the one who invites, who texts, who calls. It just makes me feel like I am forcing people to be friends with me and they are too nice to say just say "back off woman." I get to the point where I think to myself I will just stop all contact and see if they even notice.

Then the other day someone called into Dr. Laura complaining about a similar problem. Here was her advice: Some people are way more social than others, and some people have a lot more time in their day. When you invite do they always show up? When you call are they happy to hear from you and make time to talk? When you text do they respond?

Okay Dr. Laura. I am more social than most, and I have a lot of free time at work, and the answer to those three questions is yes, in regard to most of the above mentioned friends. So over the past week or so I have kept reminding myself of this revalation. It isn't that they aren't investing as much, it is that they invest in their own way. I am going to try to take note more of the ways they invest.

A sweet but rejected offer

Madison, my three year old sister, who is very concerned about my single status, told me that I could have her boyfriend, max. She says she is done with him.

It is always sad when star couples split, but I suppose he just didn't make her want to sing her la la song anymore. 

Madison thanks a ton princess, but he is a little young for me, and I don't want your sloppy seconds.