Good Guys

A while ago I had an experience that left me wondering if there are still good guys out there. While I am pondering this dilemma I can tell you I know they do exist somewhere because my brother is one of them.

This is me and my brother Jarom goofing off on the salt flats this summer. Someday, after his mission, he is going to make some girl the luckiest lady in the world. I was having a talk with some of my friends the other day and told them that Jarom is the perfect man. Here are my reasons why:

*Jarom is kind to everyone, he cheers for the underdog. (except the kid he wrestled out of scout camp)
*He is very protective of his younger siblings.
*He is awesome with kids. Last time I was home we had three families over for dinner and he had all the kids out back playing and goofing off with him.
*He is a deep thinker and has an awesome knowledge of the gospel.
*He is hilarious.
*He takes his Priesthood duties seriously.
*He is generous.
*He is a hard worker.
*He is good looking.
*He appreciates modesty in women and the girls he is attracted to are all very naturally beautiful not painted on.
*He is amazingly sensitive.
*He is laid back
*He is smart without making you feel dumb.
*He treats
*He gives the best back rubs (submitted by Katy)

A couple of pictures of him and Madison:

I have three other brothers who are also very good guys. One serving a mission, one who is also an amazing big brother, and one... well trying to contain his drooling is about it at this point but I am sure he will be a catch as well.

Awkward at the gym

So yesterday I was walking into the gym and this guy rushes past me and drops his underwear. I kinda looked around to make sure no one else saw his underwear land on my shoe and not wanting to touch it I kicked it toward the front desk and made a hasty retreat into the ladies locker room. Coincidentally while I was walking out of the gym I see the same guy walking real slow past the front desk and looking around. I knew what he was looking for and where I had kicked them so I stopped to see if they were still there... Gone!

The guy then gets the attention of one of the employees and whispers to her and you can tell he has had to work up a lot of courage. She starts to laugh insanely loud and says in between breaths, "no we don't have any underwear at the front desk." He slinks out with a bright red face and mutters something under his breath.

My real question here is where are his underwear now?



L: Hey Annie how's your boyfriend?
Me: I uh... don't have one.
Me: Um.... I haven't had a boyfriend in a long time.
L: What about Zac?
Me: Zac? My friend? That's all we are and even that is falling apart.
L: So you DID break up?
Me: Um....
L: So you are single now?
Me: I um... always have been.
L: I CANNOT believe this! You are finally single!?!
Me: I have never been more single.
L: So can I....
Me: The answer to that is still no. In fact... Did I tell you I'm seeing someone?


Why I don't play an instrument

I am not sure I will ever find a way to describe more accurately how I feel when attempting to learn to play the piano.


I should be on TV!

First of all I should tell you that my "BFF" has been interviewed to be on a reality television show. He is deeply suspicious that his mom ruined his interview though. I am thinking that sounds like good reality TV right there. But back to the point...

While some of my friends should be on TV for their rugged good looks, others should be on TV for their inappropriate nature, witty comments, and wicked guitar skills. I see myself in more of the physical commedy realm.

Take this evening for instance....

I had been downstairs trying to program my Tivo to record tomorrow nights American Idol premiere and I was just heading upstairs. I had in my hand my phone AND a large bowl of VERY warm cheese sauce. It was then that I, in what is becoming a tradition of clumsiness, missed a step and came tumbling down. I was laying at the bottom of the stairs covered in cheese sauce, with my dog licking my face, when my phone went off. I didn't feel like moving to get up and answer his call so I just sat there letting my dog clean me off while I listened to Golddigger. Of course I sang along at all my favorite spots and maybe added one or two impromptu dance moves.

P.S. I am sorry I didn't answer your call. I want to hear all about your scandalous love affair later. CALL ME!



Traditions are a funny thing. When I was home, teaching the Valiant girls two weeks ago we went around and had everyone share their favorite holiday tradition. One girls family reads out of a book their grandma wrote. One girl's family lets all the kids younger than 25 stay up all night as long as they stay downstairs. I was thinking to myself "man my family doesn't have these kinds of traditions." I was worried we might be lame. Then I realized we totally have traditions.

Christmas Traditions:
1. We cut down our own tree, we get stuck in the snow, and we find one that is at least 3 feet too tall for the living room.
2. The boys break most of the ornaments and they are all concentrated at the bottom of the tree.
3. Mom hangs her Blue Viking Santa ornament and dad hangs his little stain glass house.
4. Mom listens to Doug Stone's Christmas album over and over and over again.
5. EVERYTHING smells like mom's pine candles.
6. We talk dad into letting us open "just one more" present at least twice on Christmas Eve.
7. My brothers fight about who gets to read Luke II.

Birthday Traditions:
1. Katy always feels bad that my presents were better
2. We have birthday donuts, not cake.
3. We wrap presents in that days newspaper
4. You get to pick one activity for the whole family to go out and do.
5. We forget to bring the birthday child with us when we leave and he chases us down the driveway. (okay this one only happened once)

1. Mom makes cranberry mousse and that is the only thing Jake eats the whole day.

Fourth of July
1. We go to Gettysburg, and Mormon night at the Phillies.
2. Dad gets all choked up during the fireworks if they play God bless the USA.
3. Dad won't admit he gets all choked up.

Other Random tradish
1. Mom makes dutch oven everything on the 24th of July
2. Katy will always try to take shotgun. Doesn't matter who's turn it is. Doesn't matter if she had it 5 times in a row.
3. I injure myself frequently
4. When dad teaches night classes mom takes us to Delaware for Mexican.
5. Mom would sneak me and my friends out of class and pep rallies to go shopping or grab lunch.
6. Jacob makes "balcano" cookies for FHE.
7. The lesson for Fhe is always The Peanut Butter boy or anky anger if one of the boys does it.
8. Katy never liked dinner and sat at the table for at least an hour after dinner while she gagged it down.