New boyfriends... I'm not even kidding

Katy and I were on our way somewhere this morning and we had to stop for a Diet Coke.

Me: Dude! I have two paycheck in my car I still need to deposit.
Katy: Do you need to do that today?
Me: No I have to wait and deposit them at the branch where my bank boyfriend works.
Clerk (who is actually attractive): Did I hear you say bank boyfriend?
Me: Yeah a girl has to have a boyfriend at all her little stops during the day.
Katy: I even have a Ririe boyfriend. (Small town with a bad reputation)
Clerk: Well do you need a gas station boyfriend?
Katy: Done and Done
Me: Wow a Diet Coke and a new boyfriend... Could this day get any better?

We then went across the street to visit a friend at the bike shop and he told us the blue corvette parked in front of the gas station belongs to my gas station boyfriend. Yes Please!

Text conversation that followed:

Chaun: You should hear the stuff my co-workers are saying
Us: What are they saying?
Chaun: They asked who you two were, if I had made out with either of you, why not, and they instructed me how to. 


This man knows me so well

About a week ago:

Me: I am so glad you called.
Zac: Charge your phone.
Me: Ha it isn't dead this time!
Zac: Are you sure? I know you better than that, you better check.
(phones beeps)
Me: Dang it!

I reflected on this conversation this morning when I got into my car and my cell phone, work phone, I-Pod, and GPS were all 100% dead. I hate it when he is right! But I couldn't even call and tell him because my phone was dead.

Wal-Mart.... Always an adventure.

Lolly and I were standing at the return desk at Wal-Mart tonight, there is one guy in front of us:

Me: This is taking way too long what in the world is this guy returning?!
Lolly: Uh.... It actually appears to be an open package of underwear and a jar of frosting.
Me: I'm not touching that one.


Shopping in Park City

Wade, and I are checking out:

Salesman: Would you like to try one of these colognes today, they are on sale for 9.99.

Wade: Annie what do you think of this one?

Me: I think if you wear this cologne our friendship may turn into a relationship... against your will.

Salesman: All that for only 9.99! That is a steal!


Text Conversation This Morning

Zac: How's your knee this morning?
Me: Better but still really bad.
Zac: Have you gone to the doctor?
Me: Nope
Zac: Why not?
Me: That costs dollars.
Zac: Don't you have some of those?
Me: Yeah but the more I have the less I want to spend them.
Zac: Have you told your dad about it?
Me: Nope
Zac: You should
Zac: Uh uh listen I can see that face from here.
Zac: I hear that little gasp giggle because you can't believe that I know you are doing it, and I know what you are thinking.
Zac: :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Me: I love you so much right now.
Zac: Lol You do?
Me: Yes, 18! How do you know me so well and still love me?
Zac: How could I not?????? Go to the doctor.

P.S. My stupid knee is still killing me and was all day but I felt instantly better knowing I have a friend that knows me this well and still loves me. Zac, When I say 18 I mean it, but we both know I am not going to the doctor.


Today at church

Annoying 21 year old girl with boyfriend and too much PDA: "It was when I stopped looking for a husband that The Lord blessed me with one. You have to stop looking for one and he will provide you with one."

Tristan: "She needs to shut her big fat mouth and let someone who knows what they are talking about say something."

Me: Listen we may not get married. But the solution isn't to stop looking, or give up, or become bitter. We need to learn to like ourselves. We need to become what we want to find. We need to live by my motto of "Stop thinking of the man of your dreams and become the woman of his." Because it is when you learn who you are, that you will find a man who adds to who you are. You don't need a man to make you who you are, you need to find her before you find him. Learn who you are and learn to really love that woman, then a man will also learn to love that woman. Oh and if in this life you don't find him you will have at least found the woman God wants you to be and knowing that you are the woman He wants you to be you can stop worrying about what should be and be what you have the potential to be. That woman married or not will bless the lives of many.


My Bank Boyfriend Matthew

You know how guys that work at banks are always the hottest men ever? Well I was looking for a Wells Fargo a few weeks ago and my gps lead me to one that I swore was abandoned. We went through the drive through to deposit my check and I started flirting with the teller.

Now like I said earlier, male tellers are typically so hot I have to figure out how to start breathing before I can tell them what I am there for. This guy, while attractive, is more nerdy mormon boy hot, than anything else. Anyway somehow by the end of the transaction I was completely turned around in the seat of the car talking and flirting with him through the drive through. We talked about our plans for the weekend etc and I promised to come back real soon.

I went back two nights ago. I pulled up and saw that is was Matthew, my bank boyfriend. So I said in the most sultry voice I could manage "Well hello Matthew, I just need to... make a deposit." He smiled at me while I went to put the check in the space tube thingy. Anyway he could see that I was struggling to get it in the tube so he, in a sultry voice, says "You know if you are struggling with that you can always pull over here closer to me and put your check in this." Meaning the little pop out drawer or whatever it is.

I tell him I have it all worked out and that my deposit AND secret love note are on the way to him as we speak. I then turn to my roommates and not knowing that he was still listening in say "Look at that tie he is wearing, I just want to rip it off of him!" Opps! By the look on his face he had heard every word. Don't worry though the flirting didn't end there.

I can't wait to go back and make another deposit. Stay tuned for more updates.


Wow this could be a long post...

The other day I was, I won't say dared, let's say challenged to not flirt with a certain man all night. ALL NIGHT I was not allowed to flirt with him in any way. Boy that was challenging. Worse than when the same group of people dared me to be silent for 10 minutes, also challenging.

The thing is that I realized I am VERY flirty. I found that I couldn't look at him, I couldn't talk to him, and my body movement became very... limited. Dude! I was boring. They sure enjoyed watching me try so hard not to flirt. In the end it was a horrible disaster and I gave up.

P.S. The very man I was challenged not to flirt with is the very man who still owes me my "reward" from the no talking challenge. I need to get him to pay up!


a new leaf

So I was reading through my old blogs tonight and realized I use to be really funny. Hmmm. Recently I seem to be more reflective. I am going back to funny. Because the funniest things happen to me all the time. I just need to remember to share them here. I promise to do better, so check back soon.


Things I learned from my sister Madison

I learned a lot from Miss Maddy in our phone conversation this evening. I can't wait to spend over a week with this kid next month!

Halloween day is the firty first and that is the day you wear a big pink dress and you get to be a princess, fairy, and ballerina all at once!

I have to wear more lipstick and eye junk

You can't be a pirate until the treasure chest is full

You can be princess without a dress

Boys can play with butterflies

Sparkly shoes make your legs looks sexy


I <3 General Conference!

I can't tell you how much I loved Elder Bednar's talk today! He spoke about becoming more diligent and concerned at home. It made me so grateful for my parents!

He said we need to express love and show it. That it needs to be sincere and frequent and that if we say it and then do not demonstrate it in the home it is hypocrisy. Just yesterday, after my dad called me for no reason, I told my roommates how grateful I am that I have a dad that not only loves me but really seems to like me too. I could think of a million examples of this. I have blogged about a few of them before: "Dad tucked us in at night and told us stories, he played airplane, and crocodile. He gathers us together for family scripture and prayer. He helped us make pancakes on saturday morning while we watched ninja turtles, and he actually watched with us. He took us on walks and just let us tell him all about our little world."

My mom also consistently showed us that she loved us. She use to drop little notes off for me at school and have someone bring them to me in class. She made sure that I always felt beautiful even in my awkward years, she read to us every night, she remembered all of our favorite things and kept them on hand, she always came to Utah to bring me home after a semester so I didn't have to drive across wyoming alone, when we were sick she would pamper us more than any kid deserves.

Elder Bednar also talked about consistency. I LOVED when he talked about FHE at his house being chaos. Because FHE, family scripture, and prayer were typically chaos in our home too. But it ALWAYS happened. I may have occasionally been the one that was upset that a sibling was touching me or looking at me and I may not have always had the best attitude but looking back, Elder Bednar is right, it meant the world to me. I was also thinking that when mom took over the nights dad was gone it showed us, not only her testimony of the importance of these things, but her support and love for my dad.

I am grateful that while listening to this talk I could think of how all these things were apart of my family. My parents didn't just say things, they showed us that: 1. They have a testimony of the Gospel 2. They love their Savior 3. They love each other 4. They love us. I also thought of my married friends and how much I admire those who are implementing these things in their families.

I want more than anything to create this same environment for my kids... when I have them!

Brooks and Dunn, my story

With the very sad news that Brooks and Dunn are breaking up I decided it was finally time to tell my Brooks and Dunn story. I am not sure I wanted to put this out there, even though it is a good story, because I really like to casually bring it up in conversation. I'll say something such as "like the time I snuck onto Brooks and Dunn's Jet..." Then I wait for the reaction.

So when I was going to USU, a company in town sponsored a Brooks and Dunn concert. Almost everyone in town got free tickets to this show and I had a lot of friends who had access to tickets. Unfortunately I couldn't get work off. So all my friends who hate country took off for the concert and I went to work.

Anyway I was working at a restaurant and these two attractive men came in. They were dressed in the same suit with the same tie and so I asked them about it. They said they were pilots and they had just flown in and would fly right back out in a few hours. I asked why and they said that they had flown Brooks and Dunn in for the concert. So I did quite a bit more flirting and got an invitation to come out to the airport and see the jet they fly.

So we closed the place down early and took off for the airport. It was the Logan, UT airport so there was no security. It is mainly used for crop dusters etc. So we walked right out onto the tarmac and onto the jet. It was really really cool. Like I am not even kidding you the toilet was gold. It was like a mini house on a plain. It had everything you could imagine. Like a sky RV only a thousand times classier.So we are hanging out on the plain and the pilot gets the call that the encore is finished and the artists are on their way back. So we slowly exit the plain and stand in front of it while we wait for them to show up. Oddly enough they weren't even upset that we had been hanging out on there plane. Kix didn't say much and got on the plane, ronnie hung out with us for a bit.

What kills me is Ronnie asked if he could do anything for us. I am sure meaning autograph, and my friend was like no we just came to see the plane.