Things I learned from my sister Madison

I learned a lot from Miss Maddy in our phone conversation this evening. I can't wait to spend over a week with this kid next month!

Halloween day is the firty first and that is the day you wear a big pink dress and you get to be a princess, fairy, and ballerina all at once!

I have to wear more lipstick and eye junk

You can't be a pirate until the treasure chest is full

You can be princess without a dress

Boys can play with butterflies

Sparkly shoes make your legs looks sexy


  1. Oh, this girl has sass! What fun!

  2. Don't forget the big lashes and lipstick are all you need to be a princess if you don't have a dress...very important to know...lol. And Sassy, Yes!

  3. Oh my! I need some advice from her. How much does she charge? Hahaha!!!! I like the sparkly shoes one... :D