It's not the drugs... Because I am not taking any.

I can never think straight after a southern man calls me Miss Annie.

Oh my goodness.

* * * * *
Remember how I rearranged my whole office yesterday?

It feels like my injured arm was involved in a small farm accident.

Ugh! I didn't even use it!

But I did get in a wrestling match with someone last night,

Because I said the name of her crush out loud.

* * * * *
I am suppose to reupholster a friends chairs this weekend.

If I do this successfully with one arm I think I should win a reward of some kind.


One more thing

I met this guy.

He told me I am a "bandwagon fan" of Keith Urban.

So ummm... He is out.


* * * * *

Me: I'm taking a picture of myself to see if I'm hot.

B: You are.

Me: Well sometimes its hard to know without looking.

B:You could have just asked.

* * * * *

Me: "Come over and we'll eat our feelings together."

C: "Can we count it as home teaching?"

* * * * *

Today, I rearranged my entire office one handed.

I have a big heavy desk, and I moved it to the other side of the room by myself.

All so my phone could be on the other side of my desk, and be easier to answer with one arm.

I also tied my shoe with one hand.

I am very proud of my accomplishments.


Counting my blessings

 It's ironic. Seriously. My first real bike crash happened on Cherry Lane in Layton. My best friend, Celeste Hyatt, and myself were chasing the ice cream man on our bikes. We knew he was heading up into another neighborhood farther east and we took off after him. The brick wall that I remember being around the church either no longer exists or only exists in my imagination. Either way, I flipped my bike over it and skinned my knees. I still have a scar on both knees.

Cut to 4 years ago when I learned this lesson and injured my knees... and the rest of my body.

Then cut to Friday night. I am running my little heart out down Cherry Lane and I fall. My first thought was DON'T land on your knees. I mean they are fine, I have no pain in them, they healed 100%, but I my first thought was still to protect them. So I put my arms out and took the full blow of the fall on my hands. I got up and limped away to join my friends. Only later did I realize I was bleeding and how INCREDIBLY bad my arm hurt. I mean I kept goofing off for another hour or so before the pain got so bad I threw up. I know you didn't need to know that. Basically it hurt... a lot!

So Katy is driving me home and I am trying not to cry or throw up, because I am a big girl and tough enough to handle this. All the way home I am thinking please don't be a serious injury I can't afford to go to the doctor. Please, PLEASE, please.

Here is where the blessings/tender mercies come to play. My friend Jess just so happens to have a dad who is an ER doctor and he just so happened to be in town for one day only. So he pushed, and pulled, and squeezed on my arm while I focused on not crying.

  • So first blessing, doctor who will see me for free on my time.
  • Second, one who specializes in this sort of thing.
  • Third, the break he diagnoses me with wouldn't show up on an x-ray so... No x-ray needed. Many dollars saved.
  • Fourth, The kind of break it is does not need to be casted only immobilized. Oh and they have both slings there for me to BORROW.

But wait there is more.

Jess' dad offered to get me some good pain meds. But I was too stubborn to admit I might need them. Later that night I went with Katy and Leah to a friends house in Provo. My arm wasn't hurting too bad and the boys were cooking and I couldn't resist. I took my sling off and got to work in the kitchen with them. I am suppose to move it some anyway to keep my muscles in good working order. No big deal right? Well afterwards we are playing a game and I start to regret my earlier decisions. The one where I declined pain killers and the one where I took off the sling and got to work in the kitchen.

Insert blessing number 5, Handsome Rob. 
He, who don't worry is qualified to do so, hooked me up with some good drugs. ALL the pain went away and I was finally able to sleep. Handsome Rob was incredibly sweet and sexy... I won't go into details. The world needs more Handsome Robs. P.S. I looked like a homeless person that night. I mean I wasn't able to do my hair, or put makeup on, or dress myself. So Handsome Rob gets extra points for being sexy because I was not.

I have had lots of other friends taking care of me and being incredibly sweet. Blessing number 6, knowing that your friends care about you. Thanks for all the treats, cards, rides, ice packs in church, and other examples of caring concern I have received this weekend.


Traveling Agreement

Traveling is my favorite.

I am learning that I was meant for warm sunny places. But I do not reside in one.

I have also learned to carefully choose my travel companions.

I have decided to draft a travel agreement. Anyone willing to accept the conditions can come along on the trip. Everyone, including myself, will be held to their agreement.

1. Come what may and love it~ Traveling with me WILL be an adventure. Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan, that is part of the adventure. Go with it and you will have a great time.

2. Traffic~ No one enjoys traffic. We are all in places we aren't familiar with. It isn't a big deal if we have to go around the block or maneuver a quick u-turn. We will be fine. Back seat driving will not be tolerated.

3. Opinions~ You will express your opinion. "I don't care" is not acceptable if you are going to not enjoy something or pout the rest of the evening.

4. Boy/Girlfriends~ If you meet a man or woman who lives under some one's porch and they want a ride to the airport, you two can take a taxi together, but don't expect the rest of the party to spend their vacation piled in the car with him.

5. Budget~ I can do a trip on a very minimal budget. I will make sure you know what the cost of flight, rental, hotel is before the trip and an agreed upon food budget. If you have more money and want to buy extra souvenirs that is fine, but don't expect everyone to spend 50 dollars on dinner unless it was previously agreed upon that that adventure would be worth it.

6. Pet Peeves~ You will not eat with your mouth open. We will do a lot of eating, no one else wants to hear you doing it. The hum of enjoyment is totally acceptable however. Talking loudly on your phone in the hotel room is not kosher. Take your call to the lobby or out into the hallway. There are a lot of people in a tiny space. Be respectful.

7. Complaining~ We will do a lot of walking. You will probably be cramped in a car or uncomfortable at some point of the trip. You will probably be too hot or too cold. Pack to accommodate your needs and be willing to speak up when you are tired and want to go back to the hotel. We will drop you off and go back to adventuring. But do not whine or complain.

8. Tummy Aches~ If you have gas, pass it and we'll roll the window down. If you need an extra moment in the bathroom use the one in the lobby or wait til everyone else is done. If that can't be helped it has to be okay that we laugh a little bit about it.

9. Music~ We are going to listen to some Keith Urban, REAL loud with the windows down. Then it can be your turn. If necessary a road trip CD can be made before we take off so we have agreed upon tunes.

10. Churchiness. On Sunday I will find a place to attend sacrament meeting. I won't drag you anywhere. Feel free to spend that extra hour by the pool or in bed. We will also discuss as a group whether we want to attend a temple session at some point of the trip. Sundays I don't go out for meals, so I plan ahead and buy food to prepare on Sunday. Usually it is a nice break from eating out and it will be delicious, but I will drop you off somewhere if you need a burger.

11. Side Trips~ Do not ask everyone else on the trip to make a side trip just for you. If it is more than an hour out of the way then it is not "on our way" and it doesn't count as "just off the freeway." I don't care if you haven't seen great aunt Ida all year. Everyone else has taken time off work and spent money to go on vacation, not to sit in a strangers living room all afternoon. Unless that is what the trip was planned for and I am just along for the ride.

12. Photos~ I will photograph everything, and it will take me weeks to post them on facebook and months to get you a copy. Bring your own camera if you want instant photos when you get home.



 These are the pictures that made me want to go on a diet...

Today however, I looked at them and can't help but think that I am pretty anyway.


Last Night...

I was walking into institute and I kept saying
"something is wrong with my pants.
Seriously, something is not right."
Awkward for the guy walking in with us.
Only after I was home did I realize,
I had my pants on backwards.

* * * * *
Someone gave me the sweetest
and sexiest compliment last night.
It was so tender hearted and honest.

Seriously why don't more guys think that,
and then tell me about it? 

Then came the disclaimer...

He said it was all true in spite of...

my fishing outfit.

* * * * *

I worked out for twice as long as I should have,
because I had to finish watching real stories of the ER.
There was a woman on there with Pica,
that craziness fascinates me. 

* * * * *
I also watched an episode of Leave it to Beaver.
I have a serious crush on Wally Cleaver. 
Just sayin'.



Because Katy wanted to see the pictures...

Katy at the Shady restaurant we tried that was super delicious.

My meal that was SUPER delicious

It was Chinese new year so we couldn't miss out on Asian Elvis.

 Katy and Chris

He tries to kiss her...

The plotting begins to try again later...

Kate and I at the Belagio.

Chris and his Dad on the Stratosphere.
I was screaming more than they were and all I did was watch.

Can't wait to go back!



Just so you don't forget how much I really loved that salsa from Lonestar...

Note that I filled all of our cup holders with cups of salsa.
As well as...
 Our ash tray.
Oh and the door handle.

It was seriously good.

It All Started With Some Flirting

and ended like this.

My good friend Leah asked us to go Snowshoeing with her on Saturday. We went to the Nordic Center at Solitude. She purchased, for herself, the whole package, showshoes, boots, polls, etc. I paid for just the snowshoes, and flirted with the guy while everyone else used the restroom. The guy was outfitted in all Husker gear and so the flirting there came easy. We were quickly buddies and he fitted me for a pair of boots. I was too busy flirting to realize I had received something I hadn't paid for.

When he offered me polls I caught on and said
"I didn't pay for polls."
"Well do you want them?"
"Yes Please!"

You are welcome fellow showshoers, for your free polls and boots, as well as a free lesson on the benefits of flirting. We had a great time in the mountains. Katy's only concern was that no one fall in a river this time.
Then she did. The river is kind of covered up here but believe me it was funny. Especially when Leah screamed!

A few people fell down on our adventure, but I only took pictures of Katy doing it.
Because I am a good sister.

 We are hot.
 and getting hotter
The rest of the crew... Lacey and Ryan... Cute couple huh? Don't worry we did Snowshoe in the woods. We actually did all the snowshoeing trails they had. But we only took pictures in the parking lot.

Are you ready for the rest of the story?

Well we were hungry and so Ryan suggested a Mexican place that his co-worker loves. "Follow me and don't have high expectations." Turns out the restaurant is Lonsestar Taqueria, which is the only place in SLC featured on DDD that I haven't tried yet.  It was VERY good.

So I decide I need a few extra salsas to go... while I was filling up my 4th salsa cup this super cute guy joins me at the salsa bar...
*Pink words were said in the sexiest voice I could muster. 
Me: "Oh I am sorry am I in your way?"
Guy: "Oh no take your time."
Me: I could always pass a cup or two your way if you so desire."
Guy: "No I am enjoying the wait."
Me: "Well I don't know if you can tell, but this salsa is very good. You'll probably want this one over here that is a little spicy."
*That is when I put the lid on my salsa and it goes flying across the salsa bar.
Guy:" Oh let me get you a napkin."
Me: "I seem to have spilled the salsa all over the everything, including all the cups, and myself."
Guy: "No big deal I'll use one of them. I am sure they will get used anyway."
*P.S. There were no napkins to be found.
ME: "I should probably clean off my hand but I am going to need to get at least one more salsa first."
Guy:"Take your time, I'm still enjoying this."


Lillie Langtry

I listened to this Podcast the other day
about the scandalous Lillie Langrty. 
She was, in her time, known as 
the most beautiful woman in world. 
So obviously I needed to find a picture of this woman.

Hold the phones...

This is Lillie. Remember that she was considered
the most beautiful woman in the world.
I was thinking "I can be that hot!" Seriously. 
Then I came across this picture. 

My waist will never be that tiny!
It just isn't going to happen.
If that is what makes her so beautiful I am out of luck.


Let's Not Do That

I have decided to draft a traveling companion agreement.
If you are willing to sign it, we can vacation
together and have a marvelous adventure.

There are a few who will be exempt from signing,
as they have already proven
worthy travel companions.

I won't list them here as that seems
kind of like being one of those young woman
who bares her testimony and is grateful for friends
whom she lists, and leaves one out.

Let's not do that.
I will say that Katy and Pidge are totally exempt,
There are many others on the exempt list, so don't feel left out. 

* * * * *

What happens when you are heart broken
and all your friends are busy?
Keith Urban on repeat and,
an entire container of raspberry gelato happens.

* * * * *

Me: Happy Birthday Papa
Dad: Thanks
Me: Now give me some advice. I need you to fix my life.
Dad: Happy birthday to me!

*At least I wasn't asking for money right?

* * * * *

L: Guys I am so sorry I just came into this party
and unburdened on all of you.
I just don't know what to do.

B: I almost had a break down on the way here
because everything is going wrong
in all aspects of my life.

Me: No worries I was just telling everyone
how I am getting my very first cold sore
and it is ruining my life!

*My life is a constant exercise in gaining perspective. 

* * * * *



This picture makes me miss my mom.
She transported multiple farm animals in the back of the family van.
Hers was exactly the same only blue.
I miss that crazy, crazy woman.