Lessons Learned

So here is the story...

This week I went out to Battle Mountain, NV with my family for a little family togetherness. YES PLEASE!

Anyway we went out to Miller's Pit one afternoon to go cliff diving. We call this the scene of the crime.

Miller's Pit is an abandoned open pit mine. The cliffs we jump off are about 40ft high. The water is also about 40ft deep. Once you hit the water there is about a 6 inch shelf of rock that you have to clear.

I looked over the edge and was sure this was something I could do. I backed up and kinda had that feeling like right before you bear your testimony. So I made a run for it. At the last moment I totally panicked.

I almost went over the edge like this and really would have died. I decided I couldn't jump. Then my sister went off, then my 16 year old bro went, then... that feeling came back and I just went for it.

Again I panicked but it was too late this time. Sooo off I went. Typically there are two options you dive... or you jump. I did neither. I looked more like this.

Uncle pete, pictured above, straightens out. I, however, did not. I hit just like this, face and belly flop. My face, eyes, and chest hurt so bad! My Uncle Pete was freaking out and was sure I had died so he sent my brother down after me to see if I was alive. I was still only aware that my face hurt and I was actually having fun goofing off in the water. I even climbed up the rope back to the top with out too much concern for my body.

It was only when I got to the top that I realized I was bleeding a little.

Here is a close up we took while deciding if we should go to a doctor.

So we decided that it would probably be best if we went to see a doctor. So my dad took me in. I was trying to fill out my paperwork and the adrenaline started to wear off and it started to hurt I was shaking so bad I couldn't form even one letter on the paper. So while my stepmom finished filling out the paperwork two ladies walked in with basically no clothes on. I turned to my dad and was like, "How do people think they can dress like that in public? It isn't that hot outside." It was only when I overheard the nurse ask if any more of the ladies were coming in for testing today that I realized that they were hookers from Donna's Ranch. HA HA The sign out front says it is the place where the wild west still lives!

Okay I'll wrap it up now. So the doctor comes in and tells me that he isn't very drunk any more. The thing that hurt the most was the stupid shot. I made my dad hold my hand. He was sweet but I could have really used my mom. That is just really a mom job. Oh the doctor also made fun of me for being 25 and still needing to bring my daddy in with me.

The moral of the story.
*Don't hesitate. Once your mind is made up you just need to go for it. Don't hesitate at the edge even for a second.
*You are never too old to need your daddy or your mommy.
*Hookers are not hot!
*Drunk doctors are only funny when you are not the one bleeding all over the place.

Total injuries:
*A little road rash or cliff rash in this case
*Four stiches
*Sprained ankle
*An entirely bruised body
*Even my eyes are brusied. That is an interesting sensation.
*Fluid drained from the sack the my kneecap floats in. Also an interesting and painful sensation.

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  1. Wow, Annie. I read your comment on facebook and knew I had to come here to find out what was going on. I'm so sad that you ate it, but I understand. I'm not the best at not hesitating at the edge either!