Cast of Characters


Amanda is such a good person it makes me sick. I am trying my best to corrupt her. But instead she jsut keeps making me a better person. 


Kayla is my current roommate. We became friends when she approached me after I made a comment in Relief Society and said "You are hilarious and inappropriate in all the right ways, can we be friends?" and we were. She is the kind of roommate you can't wait to come home. Life is good under the same roof as Kayla. 

Has been my bestie for a very long time. Today he reinforced to me that he is one of the greatest thing in my life. I could not love him more than I do. We met when he bit me at work. It was then I realized I needed this man in my life. He has remained for many years, through the thick and thin. Some times very thin, like hanging on by a whisper kind of thin.

 I met him in my old singles ward. We have been friends for some years now. We like to take pictures together and tell each other how to fix our lives. We rarely take each other's advice. He says things like "Shirley Temple blows my mind." 

The Lumberjack

The other Kyle (The Lumberjack) is my heart specialist. Just being near him makes everything ok again. He understands my heart. Now that I live in SLC I get to see him a lot more and that has been a life upgrade for me. 

Anyone who knows me should know Kate. She is my other half. We can look at each other's face and know exactly what the other is thinking or trying to hide. We can pick out each other's "next crush" better than we can for ourselves. I love that we can lay on the living room floor all afternoon and just talk and be more entertained than doing anything else I can think of! She is mine for eternity and I am excited for it. She currently lives in Idaho (northern zion) and I miss her like crazy. 


How can I forget my Megan or as Kate and I call her the third sister. Someone asked me in the temple if she was our sister and I said yes. She is the only friend I have who's parents hate me. We have an annual snowshoeing trip where Kate traditionally falls in a river. 

Lolly Gaggin

Lolly is my most quotable friend. Everything she says becomes a catch phrase. She is one of my substitute moms. She needed someone to mother and I needed a mom. She lives in Logan now with her husband Joshua and the most beautiful baby boy you have ever seen in your life. I am seriously addicted to the babe, and she very unselfishly shares him with me whenever I am in town. 

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