Primary Quotes

"What you need is a man with a mustache, a REAL cowboy!"

"My mom has a secret... and I'm having a new baby."


Teacher: We can ask Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true in our prayers.
Alex: Why would we do that? EVERYONE already knows that!

"Please bless that we will enjoy growing up, that Harry Potter magic is real, that the world won't end today, and that we won't bite anyone."~Andrew

"We are getting a new baby, and a new VAN! I can't wait for the new van."

"Choose the right, if you want, it's risky."~Alex


"What's the most powerful thing you can think of?"~Me
"My Dad's farts!"~Alex

"If my family were made of cheese, we would STILL be eating my dad!"~Andrew

"Church isn't fun."~Alex
"We aren't here to enjoy ourselves. We are here to sing." ~Bro. Zobell

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