Defending My Boys: A Dating Rant

*Warning* When I said rant I meant it.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in a room with a lot of single ladies. Somehow it turned into a boy bashing session.One girl said "all the boys I know are bums that live in their parents basement and play video games. I am sick of finding these men." Then another would reply with "I just think boys in general are lazy. They don't ask girls out anymore."

I am afraid I may have been a little too harsh when I finally piped up. "Where are you finding these men? All the guys I know are hiking, camping, fishing, playing soccer or frisbee, grilling, having bonfires, riding, running, or working 12 hour days. AND they are ALL dating frequently. They just aren't dating you. The first and most necessary step to changing this would be to NEVER let a boy hear you talking like this. You stink of desperation and negativity, this will almost always put you at the bottom of the pack. I am thinking now of all my best guy friends and I can only think of one who has a gaming system, and when he gets it out he always invites me over to kick his butt at Mario Kart."

I am obviously no expert on dating. But I needed to defend the amazingly good, righteous men in my life who are trying so hard to do the right things. Give them a break ladies.

Ladies, I know it is hard, and there are lonely times, and you worry that time is running out, but don't be that girl. Be the girl who likes herself and the men in her life, respect them, they are trying I swear they are, and they are GOOD men. Seriously the men I know are so good, and there is SO much pressure on them at this stage in their life.

Oh one more thing: I have a friend who is ridiculously righteous, attractive, successful, kind and funny. The last 9 girls he asked out said no! Seriously? Seriously!?


Bear Lake for a Jersey Girl

I know a million of you have already seen our bear lake pictures from facebook and instagram.

I would like to share just one little story and a video though.

After I just tell you that we drove all the way around the lake.
It kinda reminded me of Jeresy. Which leads me to my story.

We were out swimming in the lake...
It was seriously the prettiest day and the water was so warm. I know that seems like an oxymoron because we all know Bear Lake is NEVER warm. But it was, I swear. Now to the story. We some how, if you know me you are not surprised, became part of a stranger's synchronized swim team.

It was so much fun and somewhere near the end they did or said something that prompted me to say:
M: We don't do things like that in Jersey!
H: What part of Jersey are you from?
*No one is ever from my part of Jersey, not ever!*
M: Woodstown, the pretty part, farmland and the beach, you know the town where Cowtown is.
H: We are from Woodstown! We lived there for a year and then got a place in Mullica Hill.
M: Um seriously?
*Not believing but wondering how they knew about Mullica Hill.*
H: So are youz guyz from Woodstown or is is just the closest town you thought we'd recognize because of Cowtown?
M: No I am really from Woodstown and the youz guyz gave you away! You are really from Jersey!

My heart melted and it now a part of Bear Lake permanently. How can I go back every single weekend?

Use the following link to observe some of our fun. I am the one in the black swim top near the end.


Safety First

There are many nights that I walk home very late. I often reflect on my walk and or ride home about how great it is to live in a place where I can walk safely home after midnight, a white girl, alone. Please any suspicious creepers on my blog, do not decide to follow me home. Ahh!! Okay but anyway Yesterday I went to the local farmers market with these lovely ladies.
In the picture you will notice that Taryn is holding one of my zucchini and the little bouquet of flowers that a random stranger gave to me. I was very excited about my 50 cent zucchini and can't wait to grill them. Leah and I made the best grilled zucchini ever the other night. I dream about it, seriously. So anyway...

Much later that evening after a heated game of Mario Kart I headed home. I was walking with my jumbo purse over my shoulder, a jumbo zucchini under each arm, my little tender bouquet of flowers, and a half eaten bag of kettle corn. On my way home I have to cross a very busy street. Normally it isn't a problem because I walk up the busy street for a block or so and just jaywalk when there are no vehicles. Last night I went a different way and had to cross the busy street at the intersection. I could see vehicles in the distance but they were all moving slow and all three or 4 blocks away so I started to cross the street.

Once I started across the street one of the cars sped up. I remember thinking 'what the craziness is that person doing? Why is he speeding up? And then... That car is going to hit me!' So I stopped and took a few steps back to try to make it into the "suicide lane" before he hit me. My next thought was 'That is a police car that just hit me.' But it wasn't anything serious. It was just his car brushing past my body. Still it was the scariest moment of my life. Then he pulled over and turned his lights on.

That is when I thought... 'Oh Crap and now he is going to give me a ticket for jaywalking!' So I made a dash for it with a zucchini under each arm, exactly like Taryn is demonstrating in the picture. Then I thought 'No Annie be cool.' So I stopped running and just walked as fast as I could up my street with my head down pretending like nothing had happened hoping he wouldn't turn around and come down my street after me.

He didn't. So I went home and wide awake as I was, heart RACING, I made the best chicken enchiladas you have ever tasted! It is okay to laugh. Seriously. Picture me running down the street with my zucchinis like I stole them, and laugh. And then be happy I am alive. And then know that I am mad that only one person read my facebook status and asked if I was okay. Seriously! More people should have been concerned! You like me! Right?


More Conversing With the Boss Man

*Boss walks into bathroom*
B: Annie! What did you do in here!
A: Umm.... I don't know what you are talking about.
B: Well it didn't go down and it is floating in there, and it smells

*cut to an hour later when I make my way into the bathroom*
A: What the? It smells nasty in here! What is that and why is is foaming?
B: I told you! It's your ice cream!
A: Oh well why didn't you just flush it?
B: Because that is disgusting! Why did you flush your ice cream?
A: So it wouldn't be stinking up the trash can and leaking out and getting the can all gooey.
B: Well it was nasty!
A: How is ice cream nasty?
B: It was orange and foaming and it smelled bad.
A: As bad as if I had given it to someone else to finish and it made it's way unflushed into the toilet that way?
B: Well... it was still gross.



It rained here. It was still 82 degrees and I saw so many people in hoodies. Seriously? It was still 82 degrees!
* * * * * *
I went home and thought "hey it is only 78 degrees, I should go running!" Crazy girl! That is basically 80 degrees with no breeze! I was dying! But it felt great!
* * * * * *
I am obsessed with the Philippine dried coconut pieces. You know the company who sells the best dried mangoes of your life? Seriously run to Costco right now and grab a bag if you like coconut! I can't stop tasting them!
* * * * * *
There is nothing quite like having the power go out when you are in the shower.
* * * * * *
"I would like to nominate myself for an Oscar in the Celestial movie of your life." ~Me to Leah
* * * * * *
Don't tell your sister multiple times that she just needs to give a certain young man a chance because he is a REALLY good guy, even though he has no personality, because he just might decide to switch sisters and then you are out of excuses.



So there was this one time that a relationship I was in ended. It was hard for me but I had other good friends. One of them said to me "good I never liked him anyway, he was SUPER boring." Well I thought, and actually still think, that he's hilarious. But never mind that. I couldn't help thinking 'why the heck didn't you tell me that during the year plus I was with him? Why did you so willingly come to our game nights and dinner parties? Seriously?' 
Question. If a good friend is dating someone boring, or irritating, or a little too self centered do you tell them? I'm not talking when they are a horrible person, or you think your friend is in an abusive or controlling relationship. That I think needs to be discussed. I mean when they are a great person but being around them makes you want to rip your arm off and throw it at them. Me, I'd want to know. But apparently people don't tell in the spirit of good friendship.