Prayer Time

It was Caleb's turn for family scriptures last night. Dad was helping him.

Dad: Bless Jake and Cami while they are in California

Caleb: bless Jake and Cami

Dad: we are grateful for a good Christmas season.

Caleb: good mismis

Dad: bless the missionaries

Caleb: bless my friend tommy

Dad: bless that we will all be good

Caleb: dad, me say that no!

*stifled laughter*


Christmas musings

What is figgy pudding? Is it like bread pudding? Because that's my favorite!

Why don't they say "bring us some figgy pudding" in the song anymore? They just say "we all love pu-d-ding." It's awkward.

Does anyone understand the story of Good King Wenceslas? Because I sure don't, and I've heard it twice now.

Kyle has been a lot more scandalous around the holidays. 

I have shopping/making presents done for everyone in my family and besties. Except Kate. She should be the easiest. But turns out she is the hardest. Seriously. 

I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert this year. The guest narrator was John Rhys-Davies, he in Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. I had a hard time at parts thinking "This man has acted is some pretty great movies, Some of my favorites, and they ask him to come here and narrate this story about Dickens that is painfully corny and so overacted it hurt. He probably thinks all Mormons are this cheesy." I was painfully embarrassed for Mormons everywhere. 

When he recited luke 2 I was dying. He did such an amazing job! I think we should get him to read all the scriptures. I would download that version in a hurry! 

I am not feeling scroogy this year. Not one little bit. I normally struggle because it is one of the times I miss my mom the most. She was so good at Christmas. But Christmas isn't really about moms, it kind of is, it is about our Savior and I have been hanging out with him a lot lately. It has been real good. 


Updating Itunes, and My Life

I'm starting a new job at the beginning of the year. It is exciting, but I will miss my Sure-Loc family very much. I am also moving. And don't forget I got kicked out of the single ward this month. Oh and I am officially 30 pounds down from what I weighed in August! Yeah for me! So much change.

Thanks to my Kyles, my sister, and Cam my heart has been so calm through all of it. Seriously thanks guys.
Today for some strange reason I updated itunes. Turns out this update wasn't so bad. In fact I like it better. So why have I been clicking "update later" for so very, very long? Well because I don't like change. I don't like not knowing what is around the corner. What if I update itunes and I hate it? Then there is no going back. You have something new but you hate it.

I accepted this job and have struggled as the peaceful feeling of confirmation as still not come. I have turned to a few of you as I have struggled to obtain that feeling. The process of obtaining and accepting the job all went so smoothly and everything fell into place so well. It never felt wrong, but it has yet to feel right!

But today... oddly enough as I updated itunes, something whispered to me. This version is going to be better. Click update. You will like it.


I SWEAR I'm Not That Girl

But the other night I was one half of “that” couple.

Kyle and I went out to celebrate my new job! At some point in the evening, at the table, we were both on our phones. I realized it and looked up to say.

“Oh Kyle we are ‘that’ couple right now."

 “I said that to you about two minutes ago and you didn't even respond to me.”


Later we walked around Station Park… If I had the money I totally would have bought one of those 10 pound Reese’s cup for the movie we went to later. We were walking back to the car and I stopped to use the facilities. Ten minutes later I walk back out to see Kyle patiently waiting for me in the hallway.

“I’m not going to lie. I got distracted on my phone.”



Robo Cop

Me: Usman! You are not allowed to watch anything called ‘Evil Dead!’

Usman: Annie this is good movie.

Me: It couldn’t be. I am going to talk to your mom about this.

Usman: Annie, you seen this movie Robo Cop?

Me: NO! Girls don’t watch Robo Cop!

Usman: But this movie is only PG-13, you can watch.

Me: It isn’t the rating that keeps me from watching that movie. Girls don’t watch Robo Cop.

Usman: I think some girls do.

Me: Well maybe if their boyfriend or husband was watching it and they wanted to cuddle up to him. But she would never go home, but on her stretchy pants and settle in for a long night of Robo Cop.

Usman: I think she would.

Me: AND… She would certainly never call up her best girlfriend afterward and tell her all about the movie and tell her that she just had to see it.

Usman: Why girls not watch the best movie?