My new nickname

I have had a few nicknames in my time. The most common is Reese. My dad called me Annie maurice as a baby and Katy shortened it to Reese. It actually feels strange to have family or people who know me really well to call me anything but Reese. My littlest brother doesn't even realize that my real name is Annie and none of my brothers can spell it.

I have also been called bird due to a string of unpleasant experiences while working on a landscaping crew. It is also why I am deathly afraid of birds.

My dad also calls me AnnieM, Shmeasle (which is entirely too close to shmeagle for my taste), and Shmeasle Louise.

I have also been called sunshine, smiles, happy, and well... an idiot.

Today I was trying to defend my good name at work.

Kevin said "Ok Annie I think the word we would all use to describe you is exotic."

It stuck... Oh crap!


Red Box Adventure

Once upon a time I had an amazing adventure at my local redbox.

I, unlike everyone else in line, had looked up the red box online and found the movie I wanted. I also checked to make sure they had that particular movie at that particular kiosk. I walked into the Albertson's by my home and was excited because there was only four other people in line. The first two girls were in huge heels and had sequined bags that were almost as big as they were. They literally took a hundred zillion years to pick out their movie. Then the next girl could not for the life of her figure out how to return the movie. But my favorite lady was the lady who kept pushing the pictures of the movie that were posted on the sign next to the machine and yelling that it was broken. Oh and don't forget the lady who was eating a bucket of fried chicken, throwing the bones into her cart and wiping her hands on her pants.


Why I am Anti-Crush

It has been brought to my attention that when I said I was anti-crush in my 100 things about me I came across as negative. I don't mean to be at all. I think being anti-crush is actually quite healthy. Let me explain:

When girls get full blown crushes it is bad bad bad. We obsess about the guy. Then when he asks someone else out we are heartbroken. We really have no right to be. In many instances he has never even expressed a real interest in us.

My first crush was on a guy named Matthew Anderson. He was in my ward and he was a deacon when I was still a mia maid. I thought he was SO grown up. My mom use to help me figure out where to have the family sit in Sacrament meeting so he would pass to us. I moved away and he wrote to me for awhile.

Then I had my big "celebrity crush" He was a country singer with that hair cut that was really big back then. The long on top and parted down the middle cut. He sang some good songs, all county. He sang someone else's star and I'm not suppose to love you anymore. He married some trashy soap opera star and no one has heard from him sense. His last two albums were awful. My Dad drove me hours to one of his concerts. I was FREAKING out!

Ok then I had a crush on Dave Shipp. He was my best friend's older brother. He was the lead in the High School musical every year and my high school had a Dave Shipp fan club that basically consisted of a bunch of girls conniving way to get to spend time with him. I never joined. I got to see him all the time at church and when I was hanging out with Kristen. I use to analyze EVERYTHING he did and said to see if he was interested. He is married with two kids now.

Then I had a crush on Sterling. I still wonder why. We were actually rather good friends and would have been much better friends if I didn't have a crush on him. See having a crush on him crippled me. I couldn't be myself around him because I was so worried about impressing him.

Bottom line is that I wasn't meant to be with any of those guys. So having a crush really didn't do me any good at all. It just added unneeded stress to my life. The policy is now that I am nice to all the boys I know and when one asks me out I will then and only then begin to look at them as someone I could be "interested" in. It has been awesome. When boys start dating other girls I am genuinely happy for them and better yet I can be myself around them.


A compliment?

So apparently everyone at work thinks I am married. When asked for a reason they never really have one. They just say it seems like I should be. So today in the break room, after our discussion on chicken and waffles, it was brought up again. Apparently the consensus is that I just need to find someone who will enhance my personality, and apparently that won't be easy to come by. I'm not completely sure how to take that....