When your boss comes to work with this mustache..

It becomes really hard to take him seriously.



If my mom were alive today I would send her a text

I would ask her if she wanted to go on a picnic.

Then I'd ask her to bring the brass paper plates.

And she would know I was teasing her.

And she would know I loved her.


...and she is

If my mom were alive today.

She would be trying to call me right now.

And I would be avoiding her call

Because I am busy and my friends are over.

I would think, I'll call her tomorrow when things calm down.

And she would leave a funny message I'd play for my friends.

About how the only good excuse for not picking up is if I'm kissing boys.

But really she would be worried that she was loosing me.

And I wouldn't be worried at all because we are best friends.

And BEST friends are always there the next day.


I think I turn 28 today...

28 and I when I read this I totally identified with pig.
There are enough Pigitas in this world.
We need more sofa forts for sure.
I could really use a burger right now...



I wonder, sometimes, what life would be like with only one chin.

Probably just the same.


Grrrr... But grateful

Last night I crawled into bed super super late. (Next time we realize how late it is and go home before midnight) I was in that half asleep state when I remembered I was doing a photo shoot at work tomorrow for product that needs to go onto Overstock before black Friday. I promised myself I would remember it in the morning, even though I hadn't the day before, I was not leaving my warm bed. But then I thought better of it and went down stairs, gathered up my photo equipment, and placed it by the door where I wouldn't forget it. "Put it in the car" I said to myself but there was NO way I was going outside that late. I would remember.

Flash forward. Today I get on the freeway a few minutes late but sure I would still be the first one to the office when I remembered my photo equipment sitting by the front door. Arrrrg! Could I put the shoot off another day? Probably not. But I couldn't just turn around because I was on the freeway so I get off at the next exit and backtrack home. I gather everything up running ten minutes late now. Traffic report says traffic is stopped southbound into the city. So I hop on the Legacy highway which adds another 5 minutes. I pull on Legacy right behind an officer of the law. So now I have to go 60 putting me behind another 5 minutes.


I am grateful for a job where they don't fire me if I am 20 minutes late one day. Where I don't even get yelled at. Where I get to do a job I enjoy AND be a photographer. Who knew my favorite hobby would be something I could get paid for. In this world where anyone with a nice camera and a Photoshop thinks they are a photographer... I get to do it as part of my actual job.



I hate Christmas music.
You know how you start to really hate Taylor Swift
after you hear her latest release for the millionth time in days.
I feel the same about Christmas music.
It seems to be the same 12 songs sung over and over again by different artists
We’ve had 2000 years to write about Christmas and all we can come up with is
Chesnuts roasting and deer with red noses?
For the Christan world the birth of Christ is kinda a big deal.
I know it is for me.
Originality is all I am asking for.
We write so many songs about love.
Why can’t we have some new ones about the greatest love story ever.
A man who really did give his life to save mine.
Because He loves me!

** Let me clarify: New songs, not by Michael Mclean because those are now in that same Taylor Swift category. 


My New Goal is...

to drink more water.

When I think I can’t drink more water


Drink more water.

My co-work Jon said to me:

“Here comes Annie with her water bottle. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a cat.”

I hope when that day comes that I still smell good.


I agree

My boss calls me this morning:

B: "I can't talk right now I'm in the temple."
ME: "Then why are you calling me?"
B:"To tell you I won't be in today because I'm in the temple."



I redesigned my blog.

I like it a lot.

So for those of you reading my blog from your google reader...

hop on over to my actual blog and tell me what you think.