The joys of Lowes

Why this call was transferred to my desk I don't know. Maybe someone thought they would take advantage of the fact that I am only working there a few more days...

"This is Annie."
"Listen I just moved here from caliiiiiifornia. It is awful down there did you know that? You can trust anyone. Anyway I was having guests over so I went to Lowe's and bought a new commode. Well that man showed up at my door with this thing in pieces, I mean it was smashed, I swear to you that it was, so he had to go get me another. Then he comes back with this other commode that was... well it was meant for male equipment. Honey, they are built different than us and this toilet was meant for them. It was... long, if I can say that. Well I hated it and I told them to take it right back. I swear to you they have charged me for both toilets! Well then they came out and measured and said they would have to order me one in special. Well I had a normal one before and what is he telling me that I have to special order one, they don't have one My size!? Well honey I swear to you they charged me for the third one."
"Ummm Hmm"
"Honey then I went back and I bought two air conditioners. I turned them on and they smelled so bad. Honey I returned them. And they charged me for both of them!" I apologize for the language you are forcing me to use but I swear I returned all this stuff and it is all on my credit card. Well I haven't paid it in some months now because I don't think I have any of those items anymore so when they call I hang up on 'em."
"Well that makes sense."
"Honey I am just so frustrated. I don't know who to call or what to do."
"Well have you talked to a manager in the California store where you purchased it?"
"No who should I ask for?"
"The store manager, or another idea is when they call you, you might take that opportunity to ask for a manager. You need someone who can look at the store invoices and inventory. I can't from Idaho figure out what happened in that store. If you want to call the credit center hit 0# three times and you will get a person. But my recommendation is to save this story for someone good. Ask immediately for a supervisor then ask them for a manager that has the power to fix your problem."
"Well you have a blessed day."


  1. What? After yet another conversation like this, you're still serious about moving? No more Lowes stories?!

  2. I'm going to miss the Lows stories as well, but I am sure they will be just as good at the next spot.

  3. I think they send the calls to you because you're the only one that can say "hit 0# three times to talk to a real person" and sound believable.

    I'm so sad I missed your party last night. I tried to follow the directions and ended up getting lost. So I went to the store for milk and bread and just went home instead.

    Have a super time in Utah xoxoxo,

  4. Yeah Marci's directions were wrong. Even Matt got lost and the party was partially for him. So sorry, glad you got the grocery shopping done though.

  5. ha ha ha lowes callers rock!

  6. Hahahaha!!!! That is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!