Odd... but not Bark

I find it odd that it was so hard to leave Logan when everything I was leaving had already left me. I find it even more odd that almost exactly two years later I am leaving Idaho. I am heading back to Utah (something I swore I would never do) and leaving so many good friends behind, and yet this time it seems so much easier.


  1. Well...I'm still bummed you're leaving. But I'm glad the transition seems easy for you; makes the hell of packing up one's life and moving better if you know it's right and stuff!

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2009

    I, for one, am excited you are moving to Kaysville!! What part of Kaysville are you moving to? I would love to come see you sometime when you are moved and everything. So Rose and Lolly are going to be your roommates? That sounds AWESOME! Thanks for looking up that folf stuff. I'm bummed that the only one is at USU. That course is super lame sauce. haha.

  3. It is the Kaysville exit but it is actually in layton. You take the exit and head west and then a right on flint and there you are. I know I am bumbed about Utah's course selection as well. There are way awesome one in Idaho Falls!

  4. That is super exciting that you are coming back to UTAH! I swore I would never come back either and look what happened! ha ha ha You have to com to Logan so we can all get together!

  5. Gina ~Moving sucks and I want to give up right now and stay in this exact spot on the couch forever.

    Amber ~You will just have to come down and Folf with us! Then I can meet you sweet little ones.

    Jeana ~You name the day for the reunion and I will be there!