I am a mess, my daddy said it's so. Actually Aunt Elaine did too... on an unrelated note...

No it did not get caught in fredricks teeth! It got caught in the door at work. I don't even know how I managed to do what I did but it got caught and then I got mad and attempted to yank it out in a furry. By attempting to remove it in said furry I just twisted it all up and did some very temporary damage to the rest of my hand. Man I am a mess. Anway I wanted to cry but didn't want to spend money on the doctor. So I made myself feel better by going shoe shopping. I found two fabulous pairs of shoes and THEN looked after my mangled* hand.

*Friendship quiz time, let's see how well you know me!

When Annie says mangled what actually happened was:
A: She broke her finger in two to three places
B: It was a minor injury she forgot about an hour later
C: We don't know because she never went to the doctor
D: It was semi-serious but the stupid bandage got in the way while cooking and sewing so she took it off and doesn't care.


  1. probably D. I'm sorry you hurt your finger! Stop injuring yourself all of the days!