In the clear, dang it

My hand is not broken..

You'd think I'd be happier about it right? Wrong! Listen to this:

Doctor: You'll be happy to hear I don't see a break on your x-ray. Probably just a bruised bone or a hairline crack I can't see on an x-ray.

Me: That's not fair. Do you know how many times a doctor has said that to me?

Doc: I'm not sure I follow...

Me: Look if I leave here with a story about a bruised bone I have all the pain and get none of the sympathy. Do you think you could wrap it up to go so I could get a little sympathy?

Doc: You tell them that a bruised bone hurts worse than a break.

Me: No one will believe me.

Doc: Do you want me to write you a note?

I am tired of having these conversations with doctors. Remember when I broke my finger the day of... or wait the day before mom's funeral? The doctor told me it was probably just a chip fracture, nothing he could do. Or the time I jumped off a cliff and landed on the cliff? The doctor said they were probably just hairline fractures, nothing they could do. Maybe the problem is that I feel like a failure. Everyone else can really break bones and I have never been completely succesful. Darn my mom for making me drink all that milk growing up.


  1. Probably I shouldn't be laughing at this. But I am kinda chuckling...

    Unfair is what it is! -I believe you that a bruised bone hurts worse than a break. And guess what? I'd've taken the doc up on his offer, and said "YESSIR, write me a note!"

  2. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I can't completely break bones either. And I didn't even drink milk growing up...