I Don't Think So

Let me just clarify a few things for you really fast. First of all... Betos' or Rancheritos, or Los Berto's, or whatever other "Beto's" you choose to attend will cost you about 4 dollars for more digestive issues and delicious carne asada than you can really handle.

On the other hand... Gourmandise will cost you about 8 dollars for a cookie that you will think is only okay and you have to eat with a fork and cloth napkin.

I was just thinking.... Dear internet that perhaps, someone looking up Beto's locations might not actually also like Gourmandise. They might be interested in a local donut shop, or the local Maverick convenience store.


Speaking of

It look like our friend Bark has been purchasing some new hardware from me on site. Listen... Bark. You can totally order direct. We are basically family!


Professionalism is Lame

I work with Overstock.... Every single day. So when I received an email from them in my personal email I didn't think much of it.
Wait a second Trevor. I haven't purchased any work out equipment from site. And I don't sell them either. Suspicious.

So I Responded and said:

"Dear Trevor,

I can appreciate the high level of customer service Overstock is attempting to provide me. Perhaps this is a hint from the powers that be that I should be looking into such a purchase. However, the only thing I have ever purchased from your website is a sewing machine. No exercise there. For now I will remain happily chubby.

Annie Hall

Oh Trevor.... So much potential... and you had to go and be professional.