The crazy Lowes man

So today, an hour after I am suppose to be home, I am still at work trying to fix an error in the excess of six thousand dollars. I had just finished sending my last email to general accounting at the only computer that doesn't make a high pitched hum, the one located in Customer Service, when this older man comes storming up...

Let me first explain one or two things about credit that he didn't understand. When I issue you a credit card and you make charges on it you have to pay them off. There is a due date and all transactions that happen between due dates will be on your statement.

He wanted and demanded a cash refund for the payment he made last month on his credit card. He claims that because he paid in cash and it didn't show up on his statement that I owed him the money. When I told him it didn't show up on that months statement because the payment was late and that I couldn't refund to him a payment he made on his credit card he got REALLY mad. I told him that even if I did refund his payment he would then be two months late on his payments. He is pacing back and forth and yelling when I then polity hand him his statement and say well it looks like your payment for the past due amount posted and the remaining balance on your statement will be due on the 16th. Other than that your account is current and up to date.

He asked if I was keeping his money because Lowe's didn't have enough money. He asked if I had any sense at all. He told the lady behind him in line that he had been waiting an hour to get this taken care of.(I spent less than 10 with him.) He told me he didn't have time to hassle with me because he left his infant granddaughter in the car. He told me I needed to refund the money because it wasn't his money it was his daughters. He told me his wife was going to freak out and never shop again. He told me HE would never shop with us again.

I said thank you.


  1. Good answer. I don't think he will ever understand how grateful the world would be if he and his wife never shopped again.

  2. How often DO you get crazies in the store? Cause that's, like, 2 within a few days...

    Lovin your response though!

  3. Haha! That's funny!
    I told you it's the worste doing customer service with old people! It's so hard to get them to understand things! Like why I can't except a cupon which has expired 2 years ago!

  4. Sarah~ Next time I have a crazy I am going to tell them that they should go to the library, the kids section.

    Gina~ I think that when people walk in the front door there is some kind of IQ reducer or niceness extractor.

    Wade~ I <3 U and wish you still worked at big K! I miss those days. Isn't their clientele basically old people and people who don't speak the English? Fun times!

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!! your answer is like the icing on the cake to this. I remember when my dad owned his business there were some IMPOSSIBLE customers and he was always hoping something would tick them off enough to never come back.