Gifting Father

My dad is impossible to buy for. But does anyone have a dad whose easy? I doubt it. Mine complicates things by saying he'd be happy with anything and requesting socks every year.

He further complicates things by not being your average father. He doesn't watch sports, he doesn't play golf, and he buys what he wants.

Has anyone ever successfully purchased a gift for their father that they want to share?


You Can't Take Me Anywhere.

So awhile ago I attended an event at The Grand America with Wade. It was red carpet, for real, fancy. And there was a table outside the VIP cocktail suite that had free socks. Nice socks. So I took some. I told Wade to put them in his pocket for me and he refused. I just had a fancy clutch, no purse. But I took them anyway and carried them around with me all night. Classy!

Two nights ago Kyle took me to an event downtown. We were walking around enjoying the exhibits, meeting new people, and eating the fabulous food when I noticed that one of the food tables had Ruby Snap cookies. I had never had one before, but I knew they were expensive. Like 20 dollars for a dozen (not lying.) So... I put a couple in my purse. A couple of different times. Classy.

I made Kyle try one of the cookies. It had a rich chocolate mousse filling. Kyle response was "there is something spicy in that cookie."  
"Like what?" I ask. "Like whiskey" he tells me. "Well get over there and grab me another whiskey cookie!" Turns out... No whiskey. They had a spicy pepper in the middle. They were delicious.

And I just now, while finishing this blog, ate the last whiskey cookie. That I stuffed in my purse two nights ago.

Please, I'm always available for your event. You know... if you need to add a little spice! I mean class.


He's Going to Want a Cookie to Go With It.

Last night I went out with my friend Scott and he tried to convince me to date a certain man...

Scott: Just Kiss him

Me: No

Scott: Just a little kiss

Me: I can't

Scott: Like not even on the cheek?

Me: No

Scott: Why not? He is like the perfect guy!

Me: Because If I kiss him, he'll probably want a date to go with it.

Scott: So?

Me: And if we date he will probably want a girlfriend to go with it.

Scott: That sounds fine.

Me: And if I become his girlfriend he will probably want a fiance to go with it.

Scott: Isn't marriage what we are all looking for?

Me: And if we get engaged he'll probably want a wedding to go with it.

Scott: That seems logical.

Me: And if we get married he will want a baby to go with it.

Scott: Perfect!

Me: All from one little kiss.

Scott: So you can't kiss him... because... you might get everything you've always wanted?

Me: ...


The Reasons

Dad: But why aren't you dating him anymore?

Me: I can't get past the fact that you called him polite.

Dad: What's wrong with that?

Me: Well you met him and that was your only impression.

Dad: Well he was polite.

Me: When you met Drew and I asked for your opinion, you told me to marry the guy!

Dad: But there's nothing wrong with this one.

Me: Well polite isn't exactly on the top of my list dad.

Dad: Well it SHOULD be. Isn't that pretty important?

Me: But I don't want that to be the only thing you come away with after meeting him.

Dad: But he's considerate right? He's really good to you?

Me: Oh for sure dad, the best.

Dad: Well Reese...

Me: and dad... Kate called him boring.


I blame Mr. Draney for this. It was his suggestion for my work day... and it is fabulous! Turns out it plays Sinatra and my boyfriend Harry Connick Jr., and Mr Dean Martin.

It's just a tad different from my other listed stations.

This is a change I can get behind.



I have been extra needy the past week or two as I anticipated some big news and while I grew anxious for a lot of changes I see coming up in my near future. I love change, I really do. It is the not knowing just how much and when that I have been struggling with for a few weeks.

* I am grateful for Zac who can ALWAYS make me laugh.. and always has time even though he has NO time.

* I am grateful for Kate who tells me "at least you don't have three GIANT acne's like I do" and then snapchats me a picture of them.

* Jill who likes to talk quilt patterns, missing moms, and icky boys.

* Cameran who doesn't mince words and constantly reminds me of my worth, and where that worth should stem from.

* Sarah who checks up on me from all the way across the country, lets me know she loves me, and is a fabulous substitute mom for me.

* Kyle A who gives me the man logic straight talk, and doesn't take any of my excuses.

* Kyle D. who calms my heart, and offers to rescue me from any form of "monster" that may present itself.

* Lolly who lets me snuggle her baby while she whips up a delicious meal.

*The boss man who buys me a Diet Coke so I'll stop "sounding like an opera singer."

Thank you.

It is all up from here!



I don't have an eating disorder,
but sometimes I struggle with my body image.

I have never had a man raise his hand to me, 
but sometimes I let men effect my self worth.

I'm not depressed
but some days it's okay to be sad.

I don't have anxiety
but sometimes I worry.

I have good friends, 
but sometimes I miss my mom desperately.

I'm not lonely,
but I hope for my maverick soon.

I am happy.
but it's okay for life to change. 


Halloween Confessions

I can't wear costumes. Seriously I can't do it. I feel ridiculous. I can create awesome costumes for other people. And last night when kiddos came to Kyle's house to trick or treat I was dying of the cuteness of those kiddos. Especially the little diver with his little scuba tank, OH. MY. HEAVENS.

* * * * * 

Thursday morning I almost had the most embarrassing moment of MY ENTIRE LIFE. Seriously. I would never have been able to see any of my friends again. EVER. EVER! It is so bad that it is funny in my mind and I keep laughing at how close i was to disaster. I need to tell someone before it explodes inside me but I can't think of anyone I could tell and survive the embarrassment.... Wait.... Zac... Expect a call later.

* * * * * 

I am doing something this week that is super scary. It is taking all the strength of my heart, and the patience of Dave to get me through it. More to come in a few days on this. If it ends of happening.... But it's happy news!

* * * * *

I gained half a pound yesterday... If it is because last night I had a Diet Coke and 3 popsicles for a late night snack.... I am not even sorry. Take that diet! Don't tell Dave.... They were the competition's popsicles. But if he made Grapefruit fruit bars there wouldn't be an issue.

* * * * *

I have reached a new weight loss goal... I have officially lost 20 pounds since the diet started this summer! Yeah for me. But now none of my clothes fit. They look big and baggy and are not flattering.

* * * * *

Dave and I almost, kinda of... went to the Howl last weekend. When my boss found out he said "Annie you are about a 1,000 years too old for that. Talk about a super senior." But I actually didn't feel awkward about it at all.

* * * * *

Yesterday I was getting ready for the day. I had purple eyeshadow on just like mom. I noticed then that I was wearing EXACTLY the kind of blue collared button-up shirt that she always wore, and that my current hair color is hers. I stopped at the mirror for a minute and caught my breath as I looked at my mom staring back at me. For that moment I felt beautiful and unstoppable.