My Maverick

Babe, I have the funniest story to tell you. So this weekend I was in Idaho with Kate. We were at church and her roommate was speaking. She told us about how she was low on gas so she said a prayer to make it to the gas station. But she wanted to go to the Maverick so she passed two other perfectly good gas stations and ran out of gas. She then compared it to some gospel principle that I ignored.

I instead though of you. My Maverick. I pray for you. I pray to make it without running out of gas. I have passed plenty of 7-11s (slurpees are too sweet for me). I've passed a few Chevrons (I don't do expensive). I've passed the occasional Sinclair, and Texaco because I'm waiting to find the Maverick. Where the gas is three cents less, where I'm comfortable, where they have the best soft serve ice cream, and the bathroom cleanliness is passable.

My Maverick. I don't know where you are tonight, I think I was lost... Circling the wrong block. But I've got it together now, I have my map and we are pointed in the right direction. I'm on my way babe. I'm sorry I'm late, please be open 24 hours... I need a Dirty Diet right about now!

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