Team Annie

Hopefully everyone had bests like mine. Friends you tell everything to. Friends that understand your heart. Friends that do not, or at least do not show, that they grow weary of your crazy.

I was pondering on my way to Idaho last weekend how it's possible for my bests to have such disdain for one of the men in my life and be writing their wedding toast for me and the other. Then in a few short weeks have switched to thinking the former might actually be what I need right now, and the toast for the later has revisions that include tossing it out the window and asking me to please walk away before I get hurt.

A curiosity... Until I realized Cameran isn't team one boy or another, she is team Annie. Kate is team Annie. Kathy is team Annie.

Except Zac... Zac is team no one will ever be good enough for his Annie. That's okay too.


  1. Sounds like you have a good team Annie going on! You have even more peeps on your team...but you probably already knew that ;)

  2. I think you ought to marry Zach. He is a great guy.