Itunes is Confused

This morning I turned on the genius feature in my itunes.

I actually quite like the feature.

It organizes your music into playlists that I really enjoy.

"Which one doesn't belong here,
Come on now can you tell which one?"
~Sesame Street 

But I think they may be confused. 

My Urban Crossover mix seems to
have an album that doesn't belong.

Unless The Sound Of Music counts as Urban crossover....

But don't you worry one minute.

Google still has thier act together...

as you can tell by it's latest recommendation on my phone this morning.

Oh Google you get me.

And it worked.

I bought it.

I needed some Keith in my life.

And guess what?

There is a new sexy rainy day song on this album

Glad I bought it yesterday so I have it for this rainy morning.

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