Let Them Eat Cake

I googled it. Turns out you can get one at a Smith’s in Fort Union. 

The only place in Utah, and I was hanging out with a friend just a short jog away. We ran over and bought one as a surprise for Kayla. But I felt like we needed a reason to have such a rich and wonderful cake, so I texted many of you asking for an idea to write on the cake.

Your responses follow:
  • Let’s Celebrate that I am home now.
  • 40 days without killing a co-worker.
  • 4 days until the weekend.
  • You only gained 2  pounds this week.
  • Happy three day weekend.
  • Because you aren't on
  • You can still walk up the stairs w/o being short of breath.
  • It’s not ding-dongs.
  • Survived Monday.
  • Spring has sprung.
  • I’m a lovely person.
  • Happy cake day.
  • Let them eat cake
My ideas were:
  • Diet starts Monday.
  • Lay off me I’m Starving.
  • #eatsomething
P.S. If you didn't get a text don't be sad. I just texted the last few people who had texted me. I have a brand new phone so that is a short list. So Moral of the story, text me.... and eat cake.