Health Insurance

I don't like going to the doctor, and I will do ANYTHING in my power to keep myself from going.

See here, here, here, and HERE!

In fact one of the last times I went to the doctor Snubs called his doctor and told them that his girlfriend needed to see the doctor. He got me all signed up as a new patient and made an appointment for me all without my knowledge. My friend Clarence, said that Snubs was a horrible person and that I needed to tell him to let me live my own life and stop trying to control me. He said he would punch Snubs if he needed me to.

But I was actually very grateful because as it turns out I desperatly needed to be there and would have continued my own home remedies until I died. So Snubs... thank you for saving me, (on so many different levels).

This is me today....

Please forgive my lack of makeup, I am in the middle of moving. 
We are lucky I could even find decent clothing to wear.
I also photoshopped an earring into my ear, 
because it is just embarrassing that I am not wearing any. 
Note the ice pack. Ugh! What is wrong with my face? 
I don't know, but it hurts to the point of tears.

Which is why this morning, my boss stood right next to my desk 
and watched me sign up for health insurance.
Because when it comes to me being stubborn.
Your only choice is to give me no choice. 

Health insurance goes into effect June 1st! 


Once Upon A Time

I had pretty sweet drawing skills.
Try to not be too jealous.
I drew this for a friend of mine who dearly loved giraffes. 
I was probably only 12 or 13 at the time so try to keep that in mind.

If any of you need me to draw you a pretty sweet picture...
You know where to find me.



The worst part about moving is... well packing obviously.
the fact that I can't find my sunglasses anywhere.

The BEST part is that I have found 6 pairs of earrings and 6 pairs of tweezers.
I can NEVER find tweezers when I need them. 

Also that my new place has enough space for me to have my Asian pantry once again.
and a remote controlled ceiling fan in my bedroom.

That is happiness to me.

It also makes my heart warm to see how many of my friend,s not only have offered to help, but have insisted.
Thanks for loving me enough to get sweaty and risk back injury.

Rainy Day Commutes

I always listen to The Beach Boys on rainy day commutes.

It just makes me feel better.


Love Language

Do you know what your love language is?

You can take the test here

It is no surprise to me that I am basically two, physical touch and quality time, and score almost a zero on everything else.

While I was struggling and super stressed a few weeks ago a friend asked me what he could do to help."I just need to spend time with you" is what I told him. When it didn't materialize I felt horrible. He didn't do anything wrong he was just busy, I am assuming, but it felt really awful anyway.

Then when I told another friend that I was feeling stressed he said "When am I coming over?" and we spent an evening together grocery shopping and chatting and I felt all better. Without ever bringing up what was actually stressing me out. 

It is hard to have quality time as a love language because, I understand how busy people are. It just makes it that much better when time is found and spent with those I love.
Isn't it great to learn about ourselves so we understand why we do the things we do?



Me: I have an apointment to put Mokey down this afternoon.
Drew: Sad day... What time?
Me: At two. He started having desires.
Drew: Desires?
Drew: I have those all the time.
Me: We are putting you to sleep then. But I meant seizures.  

Dang auto correct. 

He is gone now. 
I cried A LOT. 
Even Katy did, and she didn't even really like him that much.
I was a mess.

Then the vet charged me 3 times what they quoted me on the phone.
And it wasn't like I could say never mind because well...
Mokey was already gone.
So I paid it and then cried a little about that too.

Then Robot called and took us on a picnic. 
His fiance didn't know he was in town so we surprised her. 

Then Katy and I met up with Drew to go out to our favorite store!
We had some mexican food we shouldn't have, and fell asleep on his Lovesac. 

In the end it wasn't such a bad weekend. 
I have some of the best friends ever!

Thanks to Robot, Drew, and Katy for taking care of me.
Oh and Kenny for loaning me a shovel.


This picture just makes me happy

It makes me LOL for real every time!

So does this one...
Happy Birthday Gina! Sorry I missed your mustache party!



Have you played with androidify? 
Well then my guess is you have never been very bored.
Or you don't have a Droid. 

This is Drew and my dear sister's interpretation of myself.

Why the parrot? I don't know.
The glass of wine is because, I can only assume, I am affectionately referred to as "the boozer."
I love the chicken leg and the chef's hat.

So I made a Drew
And a Katy...

and a Lolly...


Confession Time

I am Pete in this scene, and it is KILLING me!



A little randomness... (mostly pics from my phone)

I basically rocked the world of Cranium last night at FHE.
This is the shopping cart I drew while blindfolded (no peaking)
I was so proud of it I had to take a picture and save it for posterity.

I made this one black and white AND fuzzy,
in order to save you the full grotesqueness of it. 
THIS is where I grated my hand. 
Yes, like when you grate cheese.
It took out a nasty sized piece of myself.
I did not eat the cheese.

This is the pen I keep hidden in my desk.
 Why you ask?
It doesn't seem that special.
Well I happen to know that the nose picker has never touched this pen.
That makes it a safe pen, and my favorite.

And finally...
have you ever tried Ren Bean ice cream wrapped in Mochi?
Well you should because it is my new favorite ice cream. 
and what is Mochi?
It is glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape.
Sound delicious? Well it is!
Especially wrapped around red bean ice cream! 
Time to head to Ocean Market for some more!


A Taste of Home

I have been informed, and I know that it is true, that I am a New Jersey snob.
So I walked into this little sandwich shop yesterday...
and I was thinking to myself "umm... yeah right."
I had little hope that they would live up to their name. 

Then I was greeted by a little Italian man at the counter, who spoke in broken English,
and I fell in love with the Italian grandpa handing out orders.

I probably need to try a cheesesteak,
but I had to go back to work and cheeseteaks make you want to nap.
I was encouraged by the fact that they had a cheeseteak and a chzsteak as options. 

But I had an italian. 
I enjoyed this little piece of home so much, I literally almost teared up a little.

Who wants to go with me next time?


From the Office of the President...

Because we all wish our favorite president would stop by to wish us Happy Birthday.
If he had kept true to form he would have brought jelly beans.

This time he brought balloons instead! 
You are one of my favorite substitute mommies!


Ode to my Mattskie Pie

I am going to miss this kid.
I feel as if this photo correctly displays Mattskie and I's relationship.
The caption he wrote under it reads,
"When I am around Annie has no choice but to turn to strong drink."
It's funny because it's true.
(by strong drink he means Diet Coke)

We were goofing off at a demo derby in these pics.

He just graduated from BYU with his MBA and is moving to California.
So Katy and I went to Provo this weekend to meet his GF,
and have one last scandalous adventure. 
We went shooting and had dinner. 
It was so good to see him again.

Our Lagoon trip.
(apparently I never wear makeup when with Mattskie)

The night he came over just to hang out with my family.
Adorable right? 
Someone better snatch him up quick.

I have so many good memories of my Mattskie:
  • Matt's Sports Cafe and Knitting Circle
  • Edited movie nights
  • Blackberry Cobbler
  • Blackberry Salad Delight (he is so domestic)
  • When he came to check up on me after someone attacked me at church. (literally)
  • Hide and Seek in a Cave
  • So many hikes you might want to die
  • Brownie Nights
  • "Sugar Matt"
  • Leatherby's
  • "Church Matt"
  • Brown pants
  • The night we went to Suessical and I was attracted to him.
  • 4th of July float
  • "Zonfires"
  • When we found out his X-Box live name
Who wouldn't love someone like this?

Mostly I love that we can call him up on a Saturday,
four days before he moves,
and say "we want to see you" and he made the time for us.


Sales Calls

This guy called me today.

Well not this actual guy, but this is exactly how I picture him.

I am not very nice to sales people.
I always tell them whoever they are looking for isn't available and offer to take a message. They never leave a message. But today the guy asked for my IT department.

I told him we were not a big enough company to have an IT department.

"Well ma'am I am calling to offer you some computer training classes."
"I am not interested."
"Well do you have a computer?"
"Yes, but I already know how to use it."
"Well we offer classes in programs you may not be as familiar with as you would like. Do you use Microsoft or Quickbooks?"
"Umm... I have been using Microsoft since I was a fetus."
"Uh.... It wasn't around when you were a fetus." *he doesn't do jokes
"What I mean is I am well versed in Microsoft, they made sure I was familiar with most Microsoft programs before giving me my college education." *Stupid CIL exams
"Well what about your IT department."
"We don't have one and I am fairly sure if we had an IT department they would know how to use Microsoft."

*He hung up


I am happy...

I am changing something. 
Wish me luck!



Remember here when I was having a bad day and instead of just bucking up, smiling, counting my blessings and moving on I had a pity party. Then at dinner Wade served me up a big helping of perspective?

Well it happened again.

Last night I was feeling very stressed and very crappy and I just wanted to stay home and read a book all night. That is when I decided that when you are feeling crappy and like your life is out of control the best place to be is not in bed but in the temple. So I put a dress on and Katy and I headed out the door.

See I really am lucky to have her. I love having someone who will go to the temple with me at a moments notice and love it as much as I do. 

On the way to the temple I have the following text conversation:

Friend:"I can't feel one side of my face."
Me:"Um I think that means you are having a stroke."
F: "Well that is inconvenient."
M: "Go to the hospital."
F: "What does it mean if I can now only see out of one eye?"
M: "It means you need to GET TO THE HOSPITAL."
F: "Okay I am, I'll tell you tomorrow how it goes."
M: "NO! You will tell me as soon as you know what is going on."
F: "Okay I will."
M: "I am walking into the temple right now, do I need to turn around and bring you balloons?"
F: "No enjoy your temple time I'll text you lots of updates for when you get out."
M: "Okay, but if you die tonight come say goodbye to me in the temple before you leave."
F: "Deal."

Ugh! Remember how my friend had a mild stroke last night? Why am I complaining about my life? My life is perfect and I am grateful my head is functioning normally. Well as normally as possible.

... and thanks for not dying last night. Now is just not a good time for me. ;)

One more thing.

I did however, as soon as my laptop broke...
 sit down on the couch and try to list 5 reasons why this unfortunate occurrence was actually a blessing.

1. No more wasting time on Net Flix, and I'll save 8 bucks a month.
2. New laptop, eventually, that doesn't power down at odd times.
3. New commitment to learning to save.
4. Learning to ask for help.
5. One less thing to move? (I know it is a stretch)


Broken Legs

Yesterday I dropped my laptop 
and smashed the screen into a million little pieces.
 I am very sad about this. 
No more picture editing,
 and no more blogging. 
Unless I steal Katy's comp while she is sleeping,
 like i am doing now.  
I have good friends who have offered to recover the files. 
But recover them to what? 
I don't have another computer to put them onto 
and I certainly can't afford to buy another one right now. 


Then later I was in the kitchen and slipped on some water on the floor and fell and sprained my ankle. While I was laugh/crying in pain Katy yelled down the stairs and asked if Heavenly Father had broken my other leg. "Yes" was my reply.

You see in church last week a friend of mine shared a story. She said that shepherds, when they find the one who has strayed will break the legs of the sheep and carry him around on his shoulders so that the sheep becomes so completely dependent on the shepherd that he never strays again. 

I have felt a little lately, 
like Heavenly Father is breaking my legs. 
Apparently yesterday we got a lot closer to a literal application. 

When Katy actually came down stairs she said "This is why I tell my kids not to play in the sink,"
Then she said "Reese, this is just basically how your life goes. Why are you surprised?"
I suppose I shouldn't be. 

We did find a new place though, 
It's in bountiful, Right by the Del Taco.
Is this a curse or a blessing? We will have to see.