Health Insurance

I don't like going to the doctor, and I will do ANYTHING in my power to keep myself from going.

See here, here, here, and HERE!

In fact one of the last times I went to the doctor Snubs called his doctor and told them that his girlfriend needed to see the doctor. He got me all signed up as a new patient and made an appointment for me all without my knowledge. My friend Clarence, said that Snubs was a horrible person and that I needed to tell him to let me live my own life and stop trying to control me. He said he would punch Snubs if he needed me to.

But I was actually very grateful because as it turns out I desperatly needed to be there and would have continued my own home remedies until I died. So Snubs... thank you for saving me, (on so many different levels).

This is me today....

Please forgive my lack of makeup, I am in the middle of moving. 
We are lucky I could even find decent clothing to wear.
I also photoshopped an earring into my ear, 
because it is just embarrassing that I am not wearing any. 
Note the ice pack. Ugh! What is wrong with my face? 
I don't know, but it hurts to the point of tears.

Which is why this morning, my boss stood right next to my desk 
and watched me sign up for health insurance.
Because when it comes to me being stubborn.
Your only choice is to give me no choice. 

Health insurance goes into effect June 1st! 


  1. sorry your face hurts! hopefully it's nothing serious!