A Taste of Home

I have been informed, and I know that it is true, that I am a New Jersey snob.
So I walked into this little sandwich shop yesterday...
and I was thinking to myself "umm... yeah right."
I had little hope that they would live up to their name. 

Then I was greeted by a little Italian man at the counter, who spoke in broken English,
and I fell in love with the Italian grandpa handing out orders.

I probably need to try a cheesesteak,
but I had to go back to work and cheeseteaks make you want to nap.
I was encouraged by the fact that they had a cheeseteak and a chzsteak as options. 

But I had an italian. 
I enjoyed this little piece of home so much, I literally almost teared up a little.

Who wants to go with me next time?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, oh...pick me! Pick me! And can we go to Moochies on the same trip and compare which one is better?