A little randomness... (mostly pics from my phone)

I basically rocked the world of Cranium last night at FHE.
This is the shopping cart I drew while blindfolded (no peaking)
I was so proud of it I had to take a picture and save it for posterity.

I made this one black and white AND fuzzy,
in order to save you the full grotesqueness of it. 
THIS is where I grated my hand. 
Yes, like when you grate cheese.
It took out a nasty sized piece of myself.
I did not eat the cheese.

This is the pen I keep hidden in my desk.
 Why you ask?
It doesn't seem that special.
Well I happen to know that the nose picker has never touched this pen.
That makes it a safe pen, and my favorite.

And finally...
have you ever tried Ren Bean ice cream wrapped in Mochi?
Well you should because it is my new favorite ice cream. 
and what is Mochi?
It is glutinous rice pounded into paste and molded into shape.
Sound delicious? Well it is!
Especially wrapped around red bean ice cream! 
Time to head to Ocean Market for some more!

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