Sales Calls

This guy called me today.

Well not this actual guy, but this is exactly how I picture him.

I am not very nice to sales people.
I always tell them whoever they are looking for isn't available and offer to take a message. They never leave a message. But today the guy asked for my IT department.

I told him we were not a big enough company to have an IT department.

"Well ma'am I am calling to offer you some computer training classes."
"I am not interested."
"Well do you have a computer?"
"Yes, but I already know how to use it."
"Well we offer classes in programs you may not be as familiar with as you would like. Do you use Microsoft or Quickbooks?"
"Umm... I have been using Microsoft since I was a fetus."
"Uh.... It wasn't around when you were a fetus." *he doesn't do jokes
"What I mean is I am well versed in Microsoft, they made sure I was familiar with most Microsoft programs before giving me my college education." *Stupid CIL exams
"Well what about your IT department."
"We don't have one and I am fairly sure if we had an IT department they would know how to use Microsoft."

*He hung up

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