Another Dilbert

This is my life. But without a puppy.

"All I want is a man to give me a baby and a puppy is that too much to ask? It's time to start giving my babies bodies so I can put them in this sweater." ~Me, while shopping in Park city

This is not the actual sweater I was in love
with but it is cute too.



Lunch with Wade. 
We thought it odd that the cashier spelled his name thus... 

I found my old notebook from Culinary school. 
I wish I remembered how this happened.
I am sure it was a great story because our su chef was hilarious...
and accident prone. 

I was proud of myself for changing my own brake pads.
However, I needed Joan's testosterone to reset my calipers.
Thanks Joan! 

We spend the good bit of time stalking this guy,
before we had lunch at Sawadee.
Why we thought it was so funny 
that he was biking his piano down the road,
I will never know. But it was. 
In fact I am laughing now thinking about it.

I have to say I am in love with my new trifle bowl. 
The girls want to use it to make giant margaritas..
To celebrate being called as ordinance workers!

and finally...
this is what I was making when it was finally determined 
that I am allergic to avocados. 
My avocado egg rolls. 
How I will miss thee....


Sad News

I heart avocados. 

Like a lot.

Mom always said she wasn't going to heaven if they didn't have chocolate. 

I feel the same way about guacamole...
and Hollandaise sauce but we've covered that previously. 

I am almost certain the only reason I gained weight in college,
is because I dipped every sandwich I ate at Quiznos
in a huge cup of guacamole.

And my Papa's guacamole is one of my favorite things,
well really anything Dad cooks, 

So here is the bad news:

My heart is broken. 
and well my throat is closing up...


You know who you are.

And I would totally buy this for you,
if I thought you would actually wear it.

Let me just say that I can hardly wait until our self imposed 
Chik-Fil-A restriction is lifted.
I haven't cheated even once, 4 days left!


This weekend at Stake Conference a member of our stake presidency said "There are too many of our young men high fiving themselves over Cs, while our women are beating themselves up over an A- while pursuing advanced degrees."

I then look down my row and note that all of us girls on my row are applying for advanced degrees. Are we pricing ourselves out of the market?


Favorite Quotes from the Weekend

"Dating does not lead to relationships."~ Brandon

"Someone needs a girlfriend. Maybe you should get out of this car and go get one." ~Katy

"There are too many 5s out there looking for 10s." ~ Stake President

"I am wearing my Toms so I feel comfortable going into Whole Foods." ~Katy
"And I wore no make up so I'll fit right in too... But I didn't plan it that way." ~Me


I have the best friends.

Thanks friends. 
I am starting to feel a lot better.
Still scared to death, but taking things a day at a time. 

Really thanks.
The last thing I need when making a scary decision
is for someone to point out how scary it is
and all the ways I could fail.


The most feared creature

Am I the maiden in the final panel or the blond in the preceding panel?
Ha Ha.

To my great shame I am afraid I have been the blond a few times this year.
I must repent.

I believe a more feared creature is "The bitter single woman."
Which I swear I will never be. 

And which I encountered last night,
but fought off with a 6 foot sub! 



I have been horribly sick for a while now. I should count my blessing, but instead, am listing what sucks about being sick so that I can appreciate not being sick when/if that ever happens.

1. I have no mom. Which is glaringly evident when I need to be babied.
2. I need my favorite soup, which only I know how to make, but I am too sick to get up and make it.
3. I can't really yell at the guys in the warehouse as well.
4. Is it just me or is almost impossible to find a decongestant that works on your nose AND sinus.Which one would you like to have decongested, because you can only pick one.
5. Because I have ADD, uppers are downers for me. So the caffeine they put in daytime cold medicine makes me very sleepy.
6. Implementing new accounting practices while on said cold medicine.
7. Sounding like you are 80 years old when you blow your nose.
8. Not having nearly enough Jane Austen movies on hand.
9. Having to stay inside on these beautiful nights when I want to be painting in the park.
10. Not being able to think clearly at all.
11. Not being able to hear.
12. Not being able to talk without coughing.
13. Feeling like your head is going to explode
14. Formosa's hot and sour soup is in Logan, and no one else makes it as good.
15. The house being a general mess and there may or may not be tissues EVERYWHERE. 
16. A chapped nose.
17. Not being able to taste anything.
18. No puppy to cuddle with.

Okay I thought of a few good things.
1. Vick's Vapor Rub tissues
2. The sauna at the gym.
3. Friends with soup and great movies
4. People staying out of my office.

P.S. I need this!


I officially have health insurance.
I should probably feel more secure now right?
I am now super nervous.
I felt like before, the powers that be knew,
if I had to pay medical expenses out of pocket
I would be the poorest little monkey ever, for the rest of my life.
Now that I have insurance,
I can have bad things happen and it's covered.
So some parts of me feels like they will.


Better Life

I want to share with you my new favorite song. 
You see... I have made a decision that is life changing,
and very scary.
If you are a friend that I have the privilege of associating
with frequently, you probably already know. 

I am not quite ready to publicly announce just what it is.
I thought I was, but as I started to tell people 
I have found some incredibly supportive,
and others INCREDIBLY not so much...
and bless their hearts,
they are comfortable enough to offer VERY honest opinions. 

Heavenly Father and I are still in the negotiation period 
so until I have the confidence of His full support 
I am not confident sharing the news just yet.
Once I do I will have more confidence telling all those
"non-supporters" to take a walk.
Until then I am too worried that I will let others effect my decision.
I feel very much that I am taking my step into the darkness, 
but feel certain I'll find the light switch at any moment. 

The chance to improve myself and my situation is
what excites me the most about this prospect.

Thus the anthem. Don't be surprised by who sings it.
Have I mentioned before that I love Keith?

Because there is nothing like a sexy man with a banjo to make anything seem possible!



Katy: So I heard it is suppose to snow tomorrow.
Me: Oh really that's great.
K: Are you even listening to me? SNOW... TOMORROW!
M: Yeah I think it is great I love Fall weather.
K: Me too, but snow is WINTER.

I seem to have acclimated to this state and am no longer surprised by snow in October. Sometimes I miss my no winter coat Jeresy. Don't get me wrong everyone else in Jeresy had a winter coat. I could just get away without having one, and steal Dad's when needed. Here I am forced to own one and wear it. And maybe I own like 15. Because I have acclimated, and for now, snowy Utah is my home sweet home.


That's Just Annie

 "I was just sitting in my truck on the phone when I looked up and saw Annie through the window, waving her arms around, I thought I don't want to miss this story! So I rushed right in!" ~ My Customer


Don't Judge Me.

1. I hate thanksgiving food. Don't gasp. If I was going to plan a feast I would NEVER pick turkey for my protein and I have always hated yams, until last year.... enter Zac's family's sweet potatoes. Oh my, can I have an entire pan of them right now? Okay but back to the point. Thanksgiving... YUCK!

2. I know gas isn't cheap and due to my inability to make the big bucks I have a budget. But I LOVE to drive with the windows down. The problem is that sometimes that doesn't cool my car quite enough. (I like being cold) So I crank the air conditioning. Windows down, air blasting, at 3.50 a gallon. Oh well.

3. This morning I didn't read my scriptures. I finished reading Anne of the Island. I couldn't leave that last chapter where she finally ends up with Gilbert unfinished. Maybe I'll go to the temple tonight to make up for it.

4. Another in the car confession... I can't remember if I have mentioned this before or not. I LOVE to sing in the car. Of course Keith Urban is my most frequent duet partner followed closely by Jason Aldean but sometimes Billy Joel, John Fogerty, or Steven Page of BNL  fame come along for the ride. I get so into it that once I was stopped at a light next to a friend and she tried so hard to get my attention that she was throwing french fries at my window and I never broke for a second. This has happened more than once, but only once did it involve projectile french fries.

5. The other day I remembered that my mom pronounces the w in sword. I laughed out loud and then I felt a little bad for making fun of her. Do you think she still says it wrong? I hope so.... I wouldn't have it any other way.


My Rhett

I have been a little obsessed with the Civil War lately. Okay a lot obsessed. Anyway due to my recent obsession I have been thinking a little about one of my favorite movies Gone With the Wind. I know the story isn't what you would call the perfect romance. And yet I love it so much. Why? Because Rhett loves Scarlet. He knows her even better than she does and he absolutely loves her. Isn't that what we all want? Someone who knows us, our faults and our shortcomings and loves us when we burn the waffles, or want to wear yoga pants all day?

I think as women we worry too much about being something someone will love rather than just being the best version of us and waiting patiently until someone sees that version when they look at us. Scarlett makes the same mistake. If you will remember, almost the entire movie she believes she is in love with Ashley. She spends so much energy trying to get him to fall for her that she doesn't even recognize how much Rhett loves her.

I know I have been guilty of this before. Not in the same degree, but for example there was this guy in college that I thought was the most perfect man I had ever met. To be honest I think all the girls in the ward thought the same thing, because when he mentioned a certain perfume he liked I was gagging on it the next week at church. Ha! Okay but I was obsessed. So obsessed in fact that I didn't realize that he was interested in my best friend and his roommate very much liked me. I realize now that I had so much energy focused on this guy that I couldn't see anyone else in my life clearly. Sadly enough this was not the last time I let "the perfect man" cloud my perception of others, and even myself.

In the end why would we want to settle for Ashley? Someone who likes you but doesn't love you as completely as you deserve. We have to let go of our Ashelys and look for our Rhetts. Who I feel will be found in unexpected places and faces.

One other thought. When I say I want someone who loves me just as I am I don't exactly mean that either. Because to expect just that is to say I am perfect the way I am. I don't want someone who doesn't anticipate that there is a better me to come. I want someone who will love Annie, and yet sees the Annie I will become as well, someone who is going to help me get there.While I do the same for him.