Better Life

I want to share with you my new favorite song. 
You see... I have made a decision that is life changing,
and very scary.
If you are a friend that I have the privilege of associating
with frequently, you probably already know. 

I am not quite ready to publicly announce just what it is.
I thought I was, but as I started to tell people 
I have found some incredibly supportive,
and others INCREDIBLY not so much...
and bless their hearts,
they are comfortable enough to offer VERY honest opinions. 

Heavenly Father and I are still in the negotiation period 
so until I have the confidence of His full support 
I am not confident sharing the news just yet.
Once I do I will have more confidence telling all those
"non-supporters" to take a walk.
Until then I am too worried that I will let others effect my decision.
I feel very much that I am taking my step into the darkness, 
but feel certain I'll find the light switch at any moment. 

The chance to improve myself and my situation is
what excites me the most about this prospect.

Thus the anthem. Don't be surprised by who sings it.
Have I mentioned before that I love Keith?

Because there is nothing like a sexy man with a banjo to make anything seem possible!

1 comment:

  1. Reese, you make me laugh. I hope you know I support you. Especially if you are including the Lord, who knows better than He what is good for us? He is all knowing afterall. And by the way, if your littlest sis could read this, she woiuld say...and I quote "Yes Please!"