I have been horribly sick for a while now. I should count my blessing, but instead, am listing what sucks about being sick so that I can appreciate not being sick when/if that ever happens.

1. I have no mom. Which is glaringly evident when I need to be babied.
2. I need my favorite soup, which only I know how to make, but I am too sick to get up and make it.
3. I can't really yell at the guys in the warehouse as well.
4. Is it just me or is almost impossible to find a decongestant that works on your nose AND sinus.Which one would you like to have decongested, because you can only pick one.
5. Because I have ADD, uppers are downers for me. So the caffeine they put in daytime cold medicine makes me very sleepy.
6. Implementing new accounting practices while on said cold medicine.
7. Sounding like you are 80 years old when you blow your nose.
8. Not having nearly enough Jane Austen movies on hand.
9. Having to stay inside on these beautiful nights when I want to be painting in the park.
10. Not being able to think clearly at all.
11. Not being able to hear.
12. Not being able to talk without coughing.
13. Feeling like your head is going to explode
14. Formosa's hot and sour soup is in Logan, and no one else makes it as good.
15. The house being a general mess and there may or may not be tissues EVERYWHERE. 
16. A chapped nose.
17. Not being able to taste anything.
18. No puppy to cuddle with.

Okay I thought of a few good things.
1. Vick's Vapor Rub tissues
2. The sauna at the gym.
3. Friends with soup and great movies
4. People staying out of my office.

P.S. I need this!

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  1. I just found your blog...look forward to reading more :) I need that tissue head thingy right now too cause I myself am not feeling well.