My Man's Ride

You know how people are said to look like their pets?
I think peoples vehicles reflect their personality.
And I think that as girls we have a type we are interested in.

My friend Megan is looking for this man

You can tell the type from the picture right? Maybe he snowboards, maybe he lives in Moab.

Katy's type is more like this...

Reliable and good with his money.

I have friends who are looking for this type

and friends whose dream is more like this

My type is more like this

But I will probably end up with this


I Wore Fabulous Heels

I was planning on a camping trip last weekend. I was packed and ready to go as I headed off to work on Friday as once again I heard “Don’t go camping this weekend.” Ummm. But I love camping and I want to hang out with my friends. What am I going to do if I don’t go? (I still haven’t learned to stop sassing my Father in Heaven.)

I ended up participating in a life changing event. I attended this charity event for Global Poverty. Wade and I spent the night at the Grand America, we mingled with celebrities in the VIP room (P.S. Larry King is short, hilarious, and has weird hair up close.) I wore a fabulous dress, with fabulous heels and had my hair professionally done. We watched people bid 20,000 dollars on items that didn't even interest us. We looked for a while at the Jewelry being auctioned off and agreed that even if we could afford a 97,000 dollar necklace, I should never own one because I would lose it almost immediately. We had filet mingon and shrimp cocktails and it was all fabulously glamorous.

We were seated at a table with ladies from the organization Backyard Broadcast. They are a group dedicated to ending sex trafficking. I learned that three of the girls were actually girls who were victims of sex trafficking. Born and raised in Utah and trafficked here as well. “Umm I’m sorry, I am that totally ignorant person who thought this only happens in Cambodia. I mean I knew it happened here too but not to Americans.” Yeah I learned a lot that night. As Wade and I left that night we talked about how after mingling with celebrities, we were most impressed with the beauty, confidence, and strength of the girls we met at our table. I can’t even tell you how much these ladies touched my heart.

“So what organization are you here with?”

“Ummm… I just know someone.”

“So you are here to donate?”

I didn't want them to know I was totally a fake. I wasn't there to donate. I hadn't even paid for my own meal. What if they find out that what they are spending on the cheapest auction item is more than I have ever collectively had in my checking account at one time? I felt awful for a moment. I wasn't there because I was changing the world. I wasn't there to donate money to people who are changing the world. I was just there. Annie, you are nobody special, you are a fake, you don’t belong here.

Until a voice whispered “You are here because you are different. You are here because you unconditionally love someone who is different from you. You love someone completely who thinks and feels differently than you about some big issues. You are here because you live your life free of judgment."

You see my date is gay, and I am *gasp* Mormon. Oil and water right? Nope. We just love each other. It doesn't seem like a big deal maybe. But for most of my gay friends I am the only Christian they have come out to who has stayed around. And I have heard more times than I care to remember a friend say to me "You can't love me, you never really loved me. Because you are Mormon and I am gay." But we don't let difference create a division and because of that I was the “plus one” of the most attractive and genuinely kind man in the room, and that makes us different.

I like us, and I am proud of us. 


Be Still My Heart

"Chin up babe, turn on some horribly twangy country and you'll feel much better!" ~Z




It's Alabama singing with all my Country lovers! I need this in my life right this moment....


And to my love who knew I was going through something really hard last week and knew it would go much better with this...

Oh how right you were.

Luke you make my heart happy.

I totally forgot it was supposed to be hurting.


And Now I Can Never Have My Own Cooking Show

Usman: How you see out of blue eyes? How they even work?

Me: Um.. How do you see out of brown ones? Is it like wearing sunglasses everyday?



This is Pinterest's example of a secret pin board.
But we all know that if there was going to be an awkward secret pin board for a secret hottie it should be this one. 

Ha! You are welcome! Don't ask me what crazy fan created this picture but I am dying!



I've learned that comfort doesn't mean it's the right fit. Far too often I keep something, or someone, because it's comfortable. Because looking for a new something takes work and patience. And you have to break him in all over again. And you are scared to be alone for that period of time in between.

But why settle for comfort when with a little more looking you can find the perfect fit? Something tailored just for you. Something that makes you look better, and feel better? And let's be honest here, something you will make look better that it ever has on anyone else.

And people will ask you how you found it and where. And you'll say you found it used and even though it was already perfect you did a few minor alterations yourself.

Can I borrow it? Um no? This is a metaphor... Hands off he's mine! If there is someone out there trying on my perfect something... Hands off woman. That doesn't look good on you. Seriously... Stop touching him.


Love or Something Like It

Why is it that it is okay for my love to call me "babe" but not "Baby?" One is great, one is yicky.
* * * * *
Me: I would marry the *heck out of you... if you liked girls.
* * * * *
Me: I ended things and I am surprisingly ok.
Him: I think you realized you were ok moving on.
Me: Or a BIG breakdown is just around the corner.
Him: You have to wait I'm having one right now.
Me: That's fair. What's going on?
Him: This isn't about me
Me: Let's make it about you.
* * * * *
M: All Mormon girls are just friends.. until they are married.
* * * * *
J: You do kind of have nature that inspires confrontation it seems.
Me: I enjoy a good fight now and then.
J: Is that why you are with that one guy?
Me: Yeah, I love fighting with him. It's so good.
J: Now that is love.
Me: It just might be
* * * * *
"I know you love me, and you know I love you. We've always known that. I've always let you know where I stand. He can't seem to tell you... That is the difference." ~ Him
* * * * *
There is nothing I value more in a relationship than honesty. Nothing.
* * * * *
The "I love you, I want to marry you, but..." conversation is hard to hear.
But the first half of the sentence is always nice.
* * * * *


Yick and Yuck

 If this is the latest fashion
Then I am grateful to live in Utah
Where occasionally the latest things just pass us by.

Please bless.



Google Recommendation

My phone has Google Cards. 

It is kind of creepy how much Google knows about me. 

Google gets me.

Yes Google, I would be interested in Luke...

... and his new album.

I maybe already have it though. 

Amazon Recommendations

Dear Amazon,

What do you know that I don't?




It amazes me every time. Seriously. The last time I saw "Pidge" I still thought Snubs and I might happen. Oh how many broken hearts have past since I saw her last. She has been in the Philippines for more years than I want to think about, and I miss her. She has three kids now and her second sets of twins on the way. They finally moved back to the states this week and I got to have lunch with her and meet her kiddos.

As I was pulling away all I could think about was how much my soul had missed her and how I wish Denver wasn't so far away.

Thanks for lunch Pidge!


P.S. Babe, What the Heck?

To The Future Mr. Annie Hall.

It's been awhile since I wrote last. You are still missing. I came home tonight after a hot date and was dying to talk to you. But umm... You weren't here. You are missing it. You are missing all of it. Although once you are here I won't have crazy dates to tell you about. You'll be the crazy. Instead of telling you the crazy thing my date asked or said, I can tell you the crazy thing Charlie told me and we can laugh about it then tuck him into bed. But we can't do any of that until we provide a body for him. He's still waiting babe. Come find us.

Life is so great, and funny, and just when I think it's falling into place the bottom falls out. I'm ready to catch a break. Seriously. Or at least have you here to laugh at me as I stumble through. I mean laugh with me, or I'll punch you.

I'm happy, I really am. I want to share that with you. I want to be part of your happy. I wrote you a song tonight. You are going to love it! If I can still remember it when I find you. It's embarrassing when I laugh at my own jokes. But I'm funny and the song is perfect. Um... You like that I can't sing right? Please bless!

I didn't attend FHE tonight. I am so over activities where I feel like I'm at girls camp. I'm ready for finger puppets, and the peanut butter boy, and "mom Charlie isn't paying attention!" It's your turn to conduct family business. Tonight's family business is where the heck is dad!?

I explained to them that you are working on something very important tonight. You are becoming a better you and are one day closer to finding us. In the mean time we have projects of our own we are working on. The kids are taking important training classes like how to live with a crazy mom. I'm working on the GRE. I could use some tutoring. Seriously, I haven't taken a math class in 12 years.

We are okay waiting. Just don't take too much longer. I don't want to have to get all Saturday's Warrior here. I hope you haven't forgotten about us. Of course that's just silly talk. You are probably wondering where the heck I am tonight and why I haven't gotten my act together so The Lord will allow our paths to cross. Well babe, I've got news for you. I'm not sure I'll ever really have my act together... especially not without you.

Please hurry. I saved a spot for you on the couch.


The 9:30 Cowboy

...and everything else I secretly call him that he doesn't get to know about just yet.

I forgot a birthday post. I lose this round.

It is true. I actually had to have Cameran tell me that David was my best friend.

Cam: Annie you and Dave are best friends.
Annie: Dave? Where did you get that idea?
Cam: It's pretty much obvious to everyone but you.
Annie: Hmm.

Anonymous girl: Pretty much everyone has a crush on Dave
Annie: Really? I don't get it. He is just Dave.
AG: Well you should, I do.
Annie: Nah.

Cut to now.

Annie: I haven't seen you in a week. That isn't good for me.
Dave: Ha ha OK.
Annie: Seriously.
Dave: OK.

Dave:You should come to my soccer game tomorrow.
Annie: Is this a big game with a lot of spectators or will it look like I have a giant crush on you?
Dave: Oh it will look like you have a crush on me.
Annie: I will BE there!

My roommate learned this the hard way. Even after I warned her.

Annie: Anything you tell me I will tell dave.
Jess: Except not this.
Annie: Except nothing.
Jess: Except this.
Annie: Except I already told him.
Jess: Did she tell you?
Dave: What thing are we talking about? Because She has told me a LOT of things.
Annie: I warned you.

Thanks for being the person I tell everything to. Thanks for being patient with me through the crazy days. Thanks for being my rock, for being logical when I can't be. For talking me down from crazy. For sorting through the me I let people see and finding the me I only let you see. For liking that me, in spite of myself.