The 9:30 Cowboy

...and everything else I secretly call him that he doesn't get to know about just yet.

I forgot a birthday post. I lose this round.

It is true. I actually had to have Cameran tell me that David was my best friend.

Cam: Annie you and Dave are best friends.
Annie: Dave? Where did you get that idea?
Cam: It's pretty much obvious to everyone but you.
Annie: Hmm.

Anonymous girl: Pretty much everyone has a crush on Dave
Annie: Really? I don't get it. He is just Dave.
AG: Well you should, I do.
Annie: Nah.

Cut to now.

Annie: I haven't seen you in a week. That isn't good for me.
Dave: Ha ha OK.
Annie: Seriously.
Dave: OK.

Dave:You should come to my soccer game tomorrow.
Annie: Is this a big game with a lot of spectators or will it look like I have a giant crush on you?
Dave: Oh it will look like you have a crush on me.
Annie: I will BE there!

My roommate learned this the hard way. Even after I warned her.

Annie: Anything you tell me I will tell dave.
Jess: Except not this.
Annie: Except nothing.
Jess: Except this.
Annie: Except I already told him.
Jess: Did she tell you?
Dave: What thing are we talking about? Because She has told me a LOT of things.
Annie: I warned you.

Thanks for being the person I tell everything to. Thanks for being patient with me through the crazy days. Thanks for being my rock, for being logical when I can't be. For talking me down from crazy. For sorting through the me I let people see and finding the me I only let you see. For liking that me, in spite of myself.

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