How crazy is too crazy?

"I was going to ask her out cause she is real hot.
Then I thought I better not she's really crazy.
Then I thought nah she's REALLY hot!"
~ K

For the record she is REALLY crazy,
I don't think someone can be hot enough
to cancel out that level of crazy.


THOSE boys

You know those guys who come into your office from time to time?
They are in a REALLY nice suit, and they smell superb,
and their hair is perfect?
I hate them.

I really do.
So when they have business to take care of in the office
I turn on the countriest country music I can find
and turn it up a little.

I figure it will (1) torture them,
(2) get them moving faster and out of my office in a hurry,
or (3) they will be cool enough to enjoy the classics.

Then I will be forced to change my horrible, judgmental, first impression.

Seriously though boys,
you'd be a lot hotter in a nice pair of jeans and a t-shirt
that you don't mind if I borrow.

P.S. Earlier today a crazy hot guy came into my office.
He was so hot infact,
that when I walked out of my office to grab him some paper work,
I turned the light off and left him standing alone in my office in the dark.

THAT man was wearing a Northface jacket, khaki shorts, was unshaven,
and drove an old truck.


Movie Trilogies

Last time I tried posting these from my phone. It didn't work. I am interested to hear the opinions of others. Now obviously I have not watched all these trilogies. Some are not my genre we could say. I agree that typically a third movie in a trilogy is pretty bad. Unless we are talking Lord of the Rings, which he got spot on in my opinion.

Now let's hear yours...



"We owe something to extravagance,
for thrift and adventure seldom go hand in hand."

~Jennie Jerome Churchill


He's got it

I saw this on Pinterest.
I edited it, so it could be g-rated for your reading pleasure.
You are welcome.
I want to print this out and put it on my desk so bad!
He just makes me happy.


Just Wait

My kids and husband are going to be this cool. 
I already know it. 
I get my siblings for a day next week. 
Make we can work on a number.



I was reading an article on KSL this morning and it referenced "inner city Logan." Seriously?

* * * * *
Sometimes people come up with the most awful things
I mean I know you love to craft...
I enjoy it too, from time to time.
When I saw this I thought, why did you ruin this jacket?
 Stop trying so hard.
Seriously!!! Stop right now! The crafting is out of control and it doesn't look good.
And these are pictures I found on popular, legitimate craft blogs.

* * * * * *
Moving on...
In case there is someone out there doing it wrong...
This is from a Time Life magazine.
You are welcome. 

* * * * * *
I have this disease...
But not as bad as Katy.
It is curable only by marrying someone I can channel all my flirtatious energy onto.

I also have this one.
Don't pretend like you don't have it too.


The Sooner the Better

Heavenly Father and I got in another fight.
Now before you judge me, let me tell you that when I say "we got in a fight,"
I mean I am struggling to align my will with His.

This past week I have been through the entire gamut of emotions.
One day my boss is in the middle of talking to me,
and he stops in the middle of a sentence and says
"why are you smiling at me?"
"I'm not."
"Yeah you are, a big goofy grin and it's freaking me out."
"Sorry I can't help it. There is the cutest boy..."

He likes it don't worry.

So I went from that to an extreme sad.
A sad/anger that is the result of a life event I would put between mom dying, and Shane dying.
( if such a comparison could be made.)
The weight on my heart was very heavy.
I immediately got on my knees and told Heavenly Father how upset I was.

Our "conversation" went something like this:
"Listen you don't have to go through all this. Your Savior already suffered this for you."
"But I have a plan, I'm going to fast, and go to the temple, and..."
"Or you could give it to Him now."
"I don't want to. It's my pain and I'm not ready to give it up. And what right do I have to feel happy? It doesn't feel right to be happy so soon."
"You are welcome to go through with your plan, those are great things, and you can still implement them to help others involved who will hurt much longer than you. But YOU can hand YOUR pain over right now."
"I'll have to think about this."
"Can we agree not to wait so long this time around?"
"It's a deal."

I talked with Papa later that day.
I fasted, prayed non-stop, and went to the temple.
I spent a day with my best friend from high school.
And had two VERY good friends go on a drive with me to see mom.
It was a good plan for sure, and it all helped me to feel better,
I am grateful to each friend who took a little of my burden and carried it for me.
(Even though they had no idea what it was)
But in the end it wasn't gone until I finally gave in and took Heavenly Father up on his offer.

I wish this wasn't such a hard lesson to learn.
But this time it only took me a week to hand my pain over.
I think that is a much better track record than before.

I share this simply so others will know,
it doesn't have to be that hard.
Your Savior is ready and waiting at all times,
to do whatever he can to lighten your burdens.
Learn from me and let Him.
The sooner the better. 


Two stories

That you probably already heard but are worth retelling.

Last week my boss and I were having lunch at a conference of sorts downtown. He went to get dessert and the woman next to me says, "hey are you local? Because my fiance and I are eloping this weekend but we don't want to drive to Vegas. Do you know anywhere we could get married?"

I just kind of looked at her, and I felt bad because I have no idea where one gets married in Utah or anywhere if it's not in the temple. In all the movies I watch they get married in a church by a minister, or city hall, or they make the trip to Vegas. I'm sure that anywhere including Vegas and the temple it involves getting a marriage license and then finding someone with the authority to marry you.

So I said to her "city hall I guess, but the drive to Vegas isn't so bad."  

Don't worry none of the other locals knew of a local wedding chapel either, including the boss man.

Second story:

Yesterday I stopped at Smiths, a local grocery store, at lunch. I was walking in and there was this adorable old man who caught my eye because I could tell that he was about to knock an entire table of brownies over. So I reached out to steady the table, but they all came tumbling down anyway. So me and this cute old man are standing there arms full of brownies and he looks scared. So I just start giggling, he does too and we just keep laughing. Then I helped put them back and straighten up the table and we both got the heck out of Dodge.  


Just Sayin'

If you are going to be a regular
Be a good tipper.
Just sayin'

* * * * * *
If I was able to buy my Mom a Mother's Day card
It would be this one.

And she would love it!
Leah told me to buy it and save it for my Mother In Law,
but I can't even begin to hope that she will be that cool.

* * * * * *
Who wants to put on their adventure pants and go on a trip?
I need to get this party out of town!
Camping in Moab?
Quick trip to Seattle?
Who is in?

* * * * * *
I made this little bottle for a friend of mine.
I thought I was so clever.
So I took a picture of it and was going to blog about it.
Then I accidentally projected it onto the wall at FHE.

* * * * * *
I made this bracelent from a Baseball and I love it so much!
Who remembers in Jersey when I wanted to buy a Holy Santos bracelet?
 And Drew told me no.
Well good luck for us,
 I found one at a GHETTO dollar store in Vegas
Try not to be jealous! It is real classy,
Made with stickers and everything!

* * * * * *
This made me think of my new friend Jenny.
When we shared a temple confession,
then giggled and giggled.

* * * * * *
I look so hot when I am laughing!

* * * * * *



Remember when we met?
and we both really needed each other,
and we worried too much about what the other would think,
and we wondered how to get each others attention,
and we worried about not being good enough,
and we craved each others company?

But we couldn't say that to each other,
because we might have appeared too needy, or clingy,
or all around crazy.

I'm glad we figured it out,
I'm glad we found unconditional love and understanding.

I'm grateful that you are still here,
so when I worry that someone new,
won't see the me that you do,
you can tell me to take it slow,
and that just me is pretty fantastic.
Because when you say it I always believe it.


Making a Pledge

You know those wedding pictures people have
where they have all of their wedding guests
squeezed into the entryway of the salt lake temple
and the couple kisses and everyone cheers?
That is NEVER going to happen to me.
It is so corny/cheesy that it literally
makes me feel a little ill when I think about it.

That is all.


The One Where I Go Fishing

Last weekend I went fishing. Just me and Kathy. It was amazing! We stopped at a gas station to get Kathy a breakfast jalapeno corndog. You are jealous! Anyway on the way out I saw this weeks people magazine.
I was walking through this large group of men when I said "Please! Beyonce? Really? They OBVIOUSLY haven't seen me in my fishing outfit!" They laughed and Kathy almost dropped her corndog. Sad! 
Anyway I had NOT been having a lot of luck. It was my first time out and I needed some serious casting practice and I had to restring my pole etc. But I really wanted some fish tacos, so I asked Heavenly Father "Heavenly Father I really want fish tacos for dinner, I have mangoes on hand already and I just know they will be delicious. I feel like a fish taco would be a good healthy dinner and in no way against the Word of Wisdom, so if it is okay with you can we get a fish?" Seriously I said amen and we had a bite, and it was a SALMON! I was SOOO happy.

So I cast out again and my line gets snagged on a rock. You know the kind where you are pulling and pulling and it is just not coming free? Well I would have just cut my line and started again but the problem was when I was restocking my tackle box I hadn't thought to check my swivels. Turns out I had none except the one on my line that was currently stuck in the bottom of the reservoir. I thought well he listened once, let's try it again " Heavenly Father we are having a great time out here, the sun is shining, I am working on my lesson, we are discussing the gospel, and laughing, and really just enjoying life. But if either of us lose our line again we are done for the day because we have no more swivels."

Guess what? My line does not come free. I pulled and pulled on that stupid line. So we cut it and I am feeling real sad when Kathy says "Oh look what I found, a little pile of swivels at the bottom of my tackle box!" Turns out He had heard me!

So I decide to try something a little different since he had been listening so well. "Heavenly Father I feel like this fishing business is very symbolic of my life. I bait my hook, it has to look bright and pretty, it smells just right, it is the right size, and with all the right moves I can get it placed in just the right spot to attract a fish! Please teach me how to do the same with my love life. And if at all possible could you let me catch a fish just to complete my little analogy and let me know I have hope that someday a fish (man) will bite."

Guess what? I had no bites the rest of the day. Just when I thought Heavenly Father and I were going to be in a fight He said "You have two delicious fish. Plenty for tacos. Silly girl, your fishing has nothing to do with your love life. Trust me."

Okay, that is fine. Thanks for the fish! They were delicious!
Let's be honest, we know I don't believe in "baiting" anyway.


The One With the ipod Miracle

This morning I woke up early to go running. I was ready to go and heading out the door when I realized my ipod was dead. I mean it turned on, but it was at the blinking battery stage. So I decided to ask for some help "Heavenly Father, I woke up real early this morning to go running. I know it shouldn't be a big deal but it was, and my bed was REALLY comfortable. I am doing my best to take care of this body you gave me. I know I could probably just go running with no music but... I don't want to!"

I expected that perhaps with my plea that the ipod might last for at least part of my run. But it lasted my entire run! I didn't need it. I wasn't stranded on the side of the road praying for my car to start, or to not get murdered. I was simply praying that a luxury of mine would continue to function in order to make my already pretty easy life, even easier. But He listened anyway and for that, this morning, I am grateful.