The One Where I Go Fishing

Last weekend I went fishing. Just me and Kathy. It was amazing! We stopped at a gas station to get Kathy a breakfast jalapeno corndog. You are jealous! Anyway on the way out I saw this weeks people magazine.
I was walking through this large group of men when I said "Please! Beyonce? Really? They OBVIOUSLY haven't seen me in my fishing outfit!" They laughed and Kathy almost dropped her corndog. Sad! 
Anyway I had NOT been having a lot of luck. It was my first time out and I needed some serious casting practice and I had to restring my pole etc. But I really wanted some fish tacos, so I asked Heavenly Father "Heavenly Father I really want fish tacos for dinner, I have mangoes on hand already and I just know they will be delicious. I feel like a fish taco would be a good healthy dinner and in no way against the Word of Wisdom, so if it is okay with you can we get a fish?" Seriously I said amen and we had a bite, and it was a SALMON! I was SOOO happy.

So I cast out again and my line gets snagged on a rock. You know the kind where you are pulling and pulling and it is just not coming free? Well I would have just cut my line and started again but the problem was when I was restocking my tackle box I hadn't thought to check my swivels. Turns out I had none except the one on my line that was currently stuck in the bottom of the reservoir. I thought well he listened once, let's try it again " Heavenly Father we are having a great time out here, the sun is shining, I am working on my lesson, we are discussing the gospel, and laughing, and really just enjoying life. But if either of us lose our line again we are done for the day because we have no more swivels."

Guess what? My line does not come free. I pulled and pulled on that stupid line. So we cut it and I am feeling real sad when Kathy says "Oh look what I found, a little pile of swivels at the bottom of my tackle box!" Turns out He had heard me!

So I decide to try something a little different since he had been listening so well. "Heavenly Father I feel like this fishing business is very symbolic of my life. I bait my hook, it has to look bright and pretty, it smells just right, it is the right size, and with all the right moves I can get it placed in just the right spot to attract a fish! Please teach me how to do the same with my love life. And if at all possible could you let me catch a fish just to complete my little analogy and let me know I have hope that someday a fish (man) will bite."

Guess what? I had no bites the rest of the day. Just when I thought Heavenly Father and I were going to be in a fight He said "You have two delicious fish. Plenty for tacos. Silly girl, your fishing has nothing to do with your love life. Trust me."

Okay, that is fine. Thanks for the fish! They were delicious!
Let's be honest, we know I don't believe in "baiting" anyway.


  1. I love this story! And I especially love it when Heavenly Father answers prayers like that!

  2. I had so many people comment on this post. Pidge, Bro Swarthout etc and I accidently deleted them. Sadness for me.