Two stories

That you probably already heard but are worth retelling.

Last week my boss and I were having lunch at a conference of sorts downtown. He went to get dessert and the woman next to me says, "hey are you local? Because my fiance and I are eloping this weekend but we don't want to drive to Vegas. Do you know anywhere we could get married?"

I just kind of looked at her, and I felt bad because I have no idea where one gets married in Utah or anywhere if it's not in the temple. In all the movies I watch they get married in a church by a minister, or city hall, or they make the trip to Vegas. I'm sure that anywhere including Vegas and the temple it involves getting a marriage license and then finding someone with the authority to marry you.

So I said to her "city hall I guess, but the drive to Vegas isn't so bad."  

Don't worry none of the other locals knew of a local wedding chapel either, including the boss man.

Second story:

Yesterday I stopped at Smiths, a local grocery store, at lunch. I was walking in and there was this adorable old man who caught my eye because I could tell that he was about to knock an entire table of brownies over. So I reached out to steady the table, but they all came tumbling down anyway. So me and this cute old man are standing there arms full of brownies and he looks scared. So I just start giggling, he does too and we just keep laughing. Then I helped put them back and straighten up the table and we both got the heck out of Dodge.  

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