Just Sayin'

If you are going to be a regular
Be a good tipper.
Just sayin'

* * * * * *
If I was able to buy my Mom a Mother's Day card
It would be this one.

And she would love it!
Leah told me to buy it and save it for my Mother In Law,
but I can't even begin to hope that she will be that cool.

* * * * * *
Who wants to put on their adventure pants and go on a trip?
I need to get this party out of town!
Camping in Moab?
Quick trip to Seattle?
Who is in?

* * * * * *
I made this little bottle for a friend of mine.
I thought I was so clever.
So I took a picture of it and was going to blog about it.
Then I accidentally projected it onto the wall at FHE.

* * * * * *
I made this bracelent from a Baseball and I love it so much!
Who remembers in Jersey when I wanted to buy a Holy Santos bracelet?
 And Drew told me no.
Well good luck for us,
 I found one at a GHETTO dollar store in Vegas
Try not to be jealous! It is real classy,
Made with stickers and everything!

* * * * * *
This made me think of my new friend Jenny.
When we shared a temple confession,
then giggled and giggled.

* * * * * *
I look so hot when I am laughing!

* * * * * *

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