I can't act my age

This one is my new favorite.
I have it saved on my phone
and I laugh out loud EVERY SINGLE time I see it.

This one is for Katy.
It is another of our new favorites.

Also for Katy


Family in town

This little monkey has managed to capture my heart. 
I need to be kissing those cheeks!

And he actually lets you cuddle with him. 
Yes Please!
Thanks to Dad and Melane for letting us have so much time to play together. 
I have no pictures, but the rest of the siblings were cherished and cuddled as well. 
We were only missing Jarom, and he was certainly missed.

My Logan boy always complains that Utah is boring and all we do is visit old relatives.
I used to feel much the same way.
Then you grow up and realize Dad's sister are HILARIOUS!

Until that kicks in we thought we'd show him a good Utah time.
So we went tubing at Gorgoza Park in Park City.

Not going to lie the first trip down was one of the scariest things I have ever done. 
 I know the mountain doesn't look too intimidating. 
I myself thought it looked kinda lame from the bottom.
Then half way down I thought I was going to die for sure.
Which made it one of my new favorite things to do. 

We made 4 runs before it started to snow.
and get really cold. 
We will for sure be making more trips in the future.

We also spent the rest of the weekend:
* Having dinner with Melane's Family in Daybreak.
* DELICIOUS Puerto Rican food at her sister's house.
* Walking around Downtown Salt Lake.
*Going out for thanksgiving, just our immediate family.
*Getting to know my brother's wife better, through a game of boxers and brief my dad swore he'd stop playing if it got inappropriate, but played to the end anyway!
* Going to the lighting of temple square and running into David Archuleta. 
* Taking care of the kiddos while their parents run to the temple.
*Lots and lots of coloring.
*Lots of cuddling.
* Dinner at Madoox with Dad's family, including his hilarious sisters. 

Can't wait for December and spending more time with my family!

Recommendation or... Another Confession.

Remember way back here when I confessed that I can't buy boxed food?
Things like Ramen or Hamburger Helper?

Well I also have a hard time admitting that there is a TV show I enjoy watching.
I know there is nothing wrong with TV in moderation.
But I worry that if I confess to enjoying one show,
Someone will think I go home and veg all night...
Eating Cheetos and cardboard pizzas with one sock half way off,
and not even caring.
Irrational I know. 

Cut to the best part of today... 
Discussing Modern Family over lunch with my boss,
both of us laughing right out loud.
It has been a long time since I found a show funny,
AND generally clean.

P.S. We also love Once Upon a Time,
but as soon as I recommend it they'll start adding sex scenes.
Such seems to be the nature of Hollywood.
Or they won't add any sex and the show will get canceled mid season
and I'll buy the DVD.

and who is already watching it and freaked out by Rumpelstiltskin?
and who is upset there wasn't a new episode this weekend?

Katy and I don't have a TV.
Thank goodness for Hulu so I can watch my two shows.

three shows...
Because who doesn't love Psych
and have a secret crush on Gus?
Or not so secret?


A confession of sorts

So here's the confession. I am a 29 year old woman (that's not the confession) a 29 year old woman who loves those stupid pictures of animals with captions. I look at them and I can NOT STOP laughing. My friend Leah (yeah this is the second time you got a blog mention) goes out of her way to look for them and send them to me now.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Why is this funny? I don't even know. But I am starting to LOL now.

Memories of High school in Jersey anyone?

Katy's favorite. She laughs uncontrollably EVERY time she sees it. 

My favorite. I don't care how old I get. When I am in a nursing home, someone put this picture on my door so I can always find my way back to my room at sunshine terrace. Because even then I will still break into uncontrollable giggling.



Why did my phone language change to French?
It is driving me crazy and I don't know how to fix it.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate apple? Yes Please! I'll take two! 


 "If I tell you I'm stalking you it's less creepy, right?" ~Leah.


It's true it's not. 


Who needs a recipe for salsa? Really?
I see them on Pinterest ALL the time.


Working in the temple gives me REALLY strange dreams.



Dinner with the best kind of friends. 


I have a new favorite article of clothing. 
I wish I had time to run back to Park City to buy one in another color.


Forget Pinterest! I could spend the rest of my life on Food Gawker. Let's be honest that is really all I use Pinterest for anyway.

 This post is giving me much grief. For some reason it isn't saving as the default font so It isn't showing up on my black background. Thus the lovely shade of Blue. Sorry



This probably really isn't that funny but I couldn't stop laughing about it!

Me:"You can't Rhyme banana with banana!"
Jonathan: "Well they had two different meanings!"
Katy:"There is only one meaning for banana."
Me: "I can think of three."
Jonathan: "Right, like that girl is bananas."
Me: "I don't like it you can't rhyme bananas and bananas."
Jonathan: "Well what else rhymes with Montana?"
Katy: "Chose a different state."
Jonathan: "But he's from Montanta!"
Me: "Banana does not rhyme with Montana!"


Ward Choir

There seems to be a trend in this religion of which I am a part,
to have choir directors who are.... how do I say it?

Very enthusiastic.

I get that you want to magnify your calling.
I get that you love music.
I get that you want a good turn out.
I like having a good turn out to things I am in charge of too.
That is all fine and great and good.

But when I tell you I can't sing, it would be really great if you believed me.
I am not fishing for a compliment.
I am not making excuses.
I am not too lazy to stay another hour after church.
I don't care if you made brownies.


Believe me!

And it is okay because, I have a lot of other talents.
So it is okay if that is one I don't have.
We can't all be amazing at everything.



Katy has a little boy in her class who we quote all the time. 
If she asks him to do something his response is without fail either: 

"No way!"
"No you do it!"

But don't worry he would totally be her favorite,
if teachers were allowed to have favorites.

The other day we were suppose to be introducing ourselves in Sunday school and everyone was talking about their careers and schooling etc. So when it was my turn I said "The Lord and I are in a fight about my future right now." I don't really mean that we are in a fight. Because well that isn't generally a good practice. 

I think what is happening though is that I am essentially just like the kid in Katy's class. When The Lord asks me to do something I want to respond "NO WAY!" And just like Katy's kiddo I certainly know better, but I don't want to. Or some times I just like being sassy and stubborn.

I also seem to find myself saying to The Lord "No you do it!" Because well life can be hard, and decision making is hard. I just want him to do it for me.

And just like Katy's kiddo someday I will grow up and see that the things The Lord has asked of me really aren't that hard. That he really wants the best  for me. And that somewhere along the way I became what he always knew I could be.

For now I need to work on being more obedient so I don't get put in the "naughty space."



When a homosexual man says he has a crush on a girl for the very first time and it is on me.... is that a compliment or like saying I am basically a man? I can't decide.

On a different note..
Why is Deseret Book the worst email spammer of all time? Really? I have unsubscribed like 20 times!


Granola Vogue

I don't qualify as a granola because I am not all over being green. It is a nice idea but I try not to be extremist in anything. I use reusable shopping bags because they are cute. And sometimes I throw my junk mail in the trash and not the recycling. I know I am single handedly destroying the world. Which is sad because I love the Earth.

I do love to be outdoors though, and through my recent commitment to learn to LIVE in the Rocky Mountains, not simply reside here, I am discovering more and more things I <3 to do in the great out of doors.

I also am ALL about eating healthy. You just feel better when you eat things that are good for you. And it is easier to get to the top of a mountain when you have properly fueled your body. I know shocking.

The problem I posed to a friend of mine recently though was how the heck do people afford it? I want snowshoes. Not cheap. I want my own climbing gear, also not cheap. I need a tent, and barefoot running shoes, and this really cute green coat at REI. Oh and I need a new fishing pole, and a new bike, and a long board. Okay I know the last one doesn't exactly fit the profile, but I LOVE long boarding too. Oh and the adorable pair of Tevas at REI. Who knew they started making cute ones?

And don't even get me started on how much more food costs at Whole Foods. Oh my goodness, but oh how I love it!

Zac says you afford it by working at REI and Whole Foods part time for the discount, and you live in the woods the rest of the time. Too bad I like my job and have student loans to pay off. While researching what it really meant to be granola I found that it didn't mean at all what I thought it did. It is more of a liberal political thing, NOT a play in the woods all the days, and drive an old school 4 Runner kind of thing. But I did run across this term which I think I would like to be.

Granola Vogue: Phrase used to describe someone who sits comfortably between the worlds of the 'crunchy' and the fashionable, sacrificing neither to the other. See because I like to get all dressed up, and sometimes I love to look girlie and go out to dinner somewhere nice.

Now I know there is a term for a girl like me.

Granola Vogue.


Happy Birthday Katy Jean

When Katy was born, all red haired and adorable, she, in my 2 year old mind, was stealing my parents away from me. I had been dethroned and there was a new princess capturing the hearts of everyone she saw. I remember thinking that if I could get rid of that red hair everyone thought was so great, I would be back on top. So I yanked a good portion of it right out of the top of her head. And I don't recall feeling bad about it at all. I wanted her gone.

Somewhere along the line I decided it would be okay if we kept her. Eventually I decided she wasn't too bad. Then one day we were friends. I feel bad for girls who don't have sisters. My life without Katy would be lonely, much more boring, and even a little scary.

When you have known someone for so long, you learn to read them really well. We are constantly telling each other "I have known you since the day you were organized. You aren't hiding that from me."

I give you the many faces of Katy:

You might not be her sister but I bet you can guess what she is thinking/saying in at least a few of them. 
And finally for your viewing pleasure a tribute to sisters.

Happy Birthday Kate!


Mom, is that you?

People have always told me that one of the things they remember most about mom is that she was best friends with her kids. Most people love their parents but I actually like mine too.

I have asked myself before if my dad and I had gone to high school together, would we have been friends? If mom and I had met in a class in college would we have been friends?

Well at least one of those questions has been answered because I have met my mom. Seriously. Everytime we leave our new friend Jess' house we say to ourselves "she reminds me sooo much of mom."

How you ask?


She hates wearing dresses and will run home and change before we do anything else. 
Addicted to Diet Coke.
Has an amazingly strong, solid testimony, but swears in Relief Society*.
Loves the people she loves fiercely and will do ANYTHING for them.
People she doesn't like better watch out.
She enjoys country music.
Her love language is quality time.
Is horribly inappropriate
Calls dinner, supper.
She CRACKS me up.
Loves to be a little bit mischevious.
Likes Katy and I. 
Loves learning

*I don't actually recall mom swearing in church, but it still reminds me of her.


More Sad News

Aol Radio has merged with Slacker radio.

Why is this sad?

Aol radio was the one who had the all Keith Urban station.
I know I can put Keith into Pandora,
but then he is only like every 5th to 8th song
and that is JUST NOT ENOUGH!

and the Keith Pandora station plays Rascall Flatts
and that is just not acceptable.

Favorite from the latest Album

Favorite EVER!



While making big decisions* lately, a big factor has been the job I currently have.

I have a strong loyalty to them and have been staying, even though the pay sucks, pretty much solely for that reason.

Ironic that once I start pondering another something that my current work environment changes such that my decision is getting much easier to make.

In the past when a decision has had to be made, the answer has been clear as day. While I am feeling a little stressed about all these decisions, I am grateful for the stronger relationship I have gained with my Savior while, for the first time in my life, I have had to really plead with The Lord for answers.

My Dad warned me that this day would come.

*there has been another option thrown into the decision making mix at the last minute. 


More Confessions

I dislike having my bed made. It isn't that I don't like making it. I just don't like having it made. I like to get in bed and just throw a loose sheet and a comforter over myself. I am sure someday I will adapt to the preference of someone else but right now I have no need to.

I like Vienna sausages. I know you just threw up in your mouth. The other night I was up with a couple friends really late and we started talking about Vienna sausages and someone said they had never tried them. Kyle just happened to have a can on hand and everyone made fun of him but then we passed around the can so everyone could try one. Almost everyone spit their's out. My heart hurt a little when Kyle threw the half full tin out, because I love them. But was way too embarrassed to speak up and say that to anyone.

I was late to work the other day because I could not open the container of Hollandaise sauce. I wanted eggs Benedict and I worked on that stupid Tupperware for 15 minutes.  Eventually I gave up and just had eggs on an English muffin. Not even close to the same thing.

The other day Kyle and I were in the temple for stake temple day... And don't worry about how my bright purple slip just fell off while we were walking down the hallway. Well... not all the way off but a good foot or so of it was showing. Kyle being the incredibly laid back person he is just said "time to buy clothes that fit" and we kept on walking. I just laughed, these things always happen to me.

When Katy's car windows get's fogged up "Annie + someone" shows up on the windshield framed with a heart. The person who wrote it on the windshield with his toes is almost engaged and the name that appears with mine on the windshield is also on the brink of engagement. It's been like 9 months and neither of us has erased it.


Best part of today

Riding to lunch with my boss while he blasted "Single Ladies" on the radio.

I am still giggling.