Mom, is that you?

People have always told me that one of the things they remember most about mom is that she was best friends with her kids. Most people love their parents but I actually like mine too.

I have asked myself before if my dad and I had gone to high school together, would we have been friends? If mom and I had met in a class in college would we have been friends?

Well at least one of those questions has been answered because I have met my mom. Seriously. Everytime we leave our new friend Jess' house we say to ourselves "she reminds me sooo much of mom."

How you ask?


She hates wearing dresses and will run home and change before we do anything else. 
Addicted to Diet Coke.
Has an amazingly strong, solid testimony, but swears in Relief Society*.
Loves the people she loves fiercely and will do ANYTHING for them.
People she doesn't like better watch out.
She enjoys country music.
Her love language is quality time.
Is horribly inappropriate
Calls dinner, supper.
She CRACKS me up.
Loves to be a little bit mischevious.
Likes Katy and I. 
Loves learning

*I don't actually recall mom swearing in church, but it still reminds me of her.

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  1. Hmm...lots of those little quirks remind me of a couple of other somebodies I know! (Annie and Katy must be their mother's daughters!)

    Sounds like Jess is a real winner!