Happy Birthday Katy Jean

When Katy was born, all red haired and adorable, she, in my 2 year old mind, was stealing my parents away from me. I had been dethroned and there was a new princess capturing the hearts of everyone she saw. I remember thinking that if I could get rid of that red hair everyone thought was so great, I would be back on top. So I yanked a good portion of it right out of the top of her head. And I don't recall feeling bad about it at all. I wanted her gone.

Somewhere along the line I decided it would be okay if we kept her. Eventually I decided she wasn't too bad. Then one day we were friends. I feel bad for girls who don't have sisters. My life without Katy would be lonely, much more boring, and even a little scary.

When you have known someone for so long, you learn to read them really well. We are constantly telling each other "I have known you since the day you were organized. You aren't hiding that from me."

I give you the many faces of Katy:

You might not be her sister but I bet you can guess what she is thinking/saying in at least a few of them. 
And finally for your viewing pleasure a tribute to sisters.

Happy Birthday Kate!


  1. Ah! I love all the Katy faces, but most especially Katy faces #6 and #1. LOVE!

    Happy birthday (via Annie's blog), Katy!

  2. Love this Annie! The pictures are great :)

  3. I am with Marci on this! I loved this entry!