Recommendation or... Another Confession.

Remember way back here when I confessed that I can't buy boxed food?
Things like Ramen or Hamburger Helper?

Well I also have a hard time admitting that there is a TV show I enjoy watching.
I know there is nothing wrong with TV in moderation.
But I worry that if I confess to enjoying one show,
Someone will think I go home and veg all night...
Eating Cheetos and cardboard pizzas with one sock half way off,
and not even caring.
Irrational I know. 

Cut to the best part of today... 
Discussing Modern Family over lunch with my boss,
both of us laughing right out loud.
It has been a long time since I found a show funny,
AND generally clean.

P.S. We also love Once Upon a Time,
but as soon as I recommend it they'll start adding sex scenes.
Such seems to be the nature of Hollywood.
Or they won't add any sex and the show will get canceled mid season
and I'll buy the DVD.

and who is already watching it and freaked out by Rumpelstiltskin?
and who is upset there wasn't a new episode this weekend?

Katy and I don't have a TV.
Thank goodness for Hulu so I can watch my two shows.

three shows...
Because who doesn't love Psych
and have a secret crush on Gus?
Or not so secret?


  1. Love Psych! Except I have a secret crush on Lassy... well, no so secret because my husband knows all about it!

  2. First, I love that you posted this under your husband's name. <3 But I have to say... Lassy? Really? Ha Ha I guess I can't say anything since I had a crush on Snape!