Granola Vogue

I don't qualify as a granola because I am not all over being green. It is a nice idea but I try not to be extremist in anything. I use reusable shopping bags because they are cute. And sometimes I throw my junk mail in the trash and not the recycling. I know I am single handedly destroying the world. Which is sad because I love the Earth.

I do love to be outdoors though, and through my recent commitment to learn to LIVE in the Rocky Mountains, not simply reside here, I am discovering more and more things I <3 to do in the great out of doors.

I also am ALL about eating healthy. You just feel better when you eat things that are good for you. And it is easier to get to the top of a mountain when you have properly fueled your body. I know shocking.

The problem I posed to a friend of mine recently though was how the heck do people afford it? I want snowshoes. Not cheap. I want my own climbing gear, also not cheap. I need a tent, and barefoot running shoes, and this really cute green coat at REI. Oh and I need a new fishing pole, and a new bike, and a long board. Okay I know the last one doesn't exactly fit the profile, but I LOVE long boarding too. Oh and the adorable pair of Tevas at REI. Who knew they started making cute ones?

And don't even get me started on how much more food costs at Whole Foods. Oh my goodness, but oh how I love it!

Zac says you afford it by working at REI and Whole Foods part time for the discount, and you live in the woods the rest of the time. Too bad I like my job and have student loans to pay off. While researching what it really meant to be granola I found that it didn't mean at all what I thought it did. It is more of a liberal political thing, NOT a play in the woods all the days, and drive an old school 4 Runner kind of thing. But I did run across this term which I think I would like to be.

Granola Vogue: Phrase used to describe someone who sits comfortably between the worlds of the 'crunchy' and the fashionable, sacrificing neither to the other. See because I like to get all dressed up, and sometimes I love to look girlie and go out to dinner somewhere nice.

Now I know there is a term for a girl like me.

Granola Vogue.

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