Family in town

This little monkey has managed to capture my heart. 
I need to be kissing those cheeks!

And he actually lets you cuddle with him. 
Yes Please!
Thanks to Dad and Melane for letting us have so much time to play together. 
I have no pictures, but the rest of the siblings were cherished and cuddled as well. 
We were only missing Jarom, and he was certainly missed.

My Logan boy always complains that Utah is boring and all we do is visit old relatives.
I used to feel much the same way.
Then you grow up and realize Dad's sister are HILARIOUS!

Until that kicks in we thought we'd show him a good Utah time.
So we went tubing at Gorgoza Park in Park City.

Not going to lie the first trip down was one of the scariest things I have ever done. 
 I know the mountain doesn't look too intimidating. 
I myself thought it looked kinda lame from the bottom.
Then half way down I thought I was going to die for sure.
Which made it one of my new favorite things to do. 

We made 4 runs before it started to snow.
and get really cold. 
We will for sure be making more trips in the future.

We also spent the rest of the weekend:
* Having dinner with Melane's Family in Daybreak.
* DELICIOUS Puerto Rican food at her sister's house.
* Walking around Downtown Salt Lake.
*Going out for thanksgiving, just our immediate family.
*Getting to know my brother's wife better, through a game of boxers and brief my dad swore he'd stop playing if it got inappropriate, but played to the end anyway!
* Going to the lighting of temple square and running into David Archuleta. 
* Taking care of the kiddos while their parents run to the temple.
*Lots and lots of coloring.
*Lots of cuddling.
* Dinner at Madoox with Dad's family, including his hilarious sisters. 

Can't wait for December and spending more time with my family!

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