More Confessions

I dislike having my bed made. It isn't that I don't like making it. I just don't like having it made. I like to get in bed and just throw a loose sheet and a comforter over myself. I am sure someday I will adapt to the preference of someone else but right now I have no need to.

I like Vienna sausages. I know you just threw up in your mouth. The other night I was up with a couple friends really late and we started talking about Vienna sausages and someone said they had never tried them. Kyle just happened to have a can on hand and everyone made fun of him but then we passed around the can so everyone could try one. Almost everyone spit their's out. My heart hurt a little when Kyle threw the half full tin out, because I love them. But was way too embarrassed to speak up and say that to anyone.

I was late to work the other day because I could not open the container of Hollandaise sauce. I wanted eggs Benedict and I worked on that stupid Tupperware for 15 minutes.  Eventually I gave up and just had eggs on an English muffin. Not even close to the same thing.

The other day Kyle and I were in the temple for stake temple day... And don't worry about how my bright purple slip just fell off while we were walking down the hallway. Well... not all the way off but a good foot or so of it was showing. Kyle being the incredibly laid back person he is just said "time to buy clothes that fit" and we kept on walking. I just laughed, these things always happen to me.

When Katy's car windows get's fogged up "Annie + someone" shows up on the windshield framed with a heart. The person who wrote it on the windshield with his toes is almost engaged and the name that appears with mine on the windshield is also on the brink of engagement. It's been like 9 months and neither of us has erased it.

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  1. You make me smile.

    And, yes, Vienna sausages make me gag. But we can agree to disagree, because that's what friends do, right? :)