Katy has a little boy in her class who we quote all the time. 
If she asks him to do something his response is without fail either: 

"No way!"
"No you do it!"

But don't worry he would totally be her favorite,
if teachers were allowed to have favorites.

The other day we were suppose to be introducing ourselves in Sunday school and everyone was talking about their careers and schooling etc. So when it was my turn I said "The Lord and I are in a fight about my future right now." I don't really mean that we are in a fight. Because well that isn't generally a good practice. 

I think what is happening though is that I am essentially just like the kid in Katy's class. When The Lord asks me to do something I want to respond "NO WAY!" And just like Katy's kiddo I certainly know better, but I don't want to. Or some times I just like being sassy and stubborn.

I also seem to find myself saying to The Lord "No you do it!" Because well life can be hard, and decision making is hard. I just want him to do it for me.

And just like Katy's kiddo someday I will grow up and see that the things The Lord has asked of me really aren't that hard. That he really wants the best  for me. And that somewhere along the way I became what he always knew I could be.

For now I need to work on being more obedient so I don't get put in the "naughty space."

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