New Jersey, The greatest place on earth

My boss the other day asked me why anyone in the world would want to live in New Jersey when they could live right here with the Rockies out their back door. Well I have an answer for him.

In New Jersey we have the best Fall foliage, because we actually have trees, lots of them. And you don't have to drive up the canyon to see them.

EVERY road you travel down will look like this.

Because we have Diversity. Because I got to experience a myriad of cultures in my home town. And they can all cook! Italians, Greeks, and Puerto Ricans are a few of my favorites.

Because we have cheesesteaks (real ones), with salt and vinegar fries

Because even the ladies in my high school cafeteria could make a better meatball sub than any I've had since.
And let us not forget. You can get a real honest to goodness cannoli. And you have more than one option.

In my great state you are never more than a quick drive from sacred ground such as:
Valley Forge


Or Independence Hall

Because you'll pass ten of these road side stand on your way home and you'll never have a better tomato than a fresh Jersey Tomato.

Because in New Jersey you can pick your own Blueberries. (You haven't had a blueberry unless you've picked your own)

And you never have to pump your own gas.
Because we have this

And this

And not as much of this as you might think. However, this does look like it could be a picture from my Senior trip. (But these guys are from New York)

Because you picture NJ like this...

 But it's more like this
And this

And this. (I worked here)

So all I suppose I really want to say it that I hate the sterotypes. Don't say you hate something until you have experienced it. I'll take any of you home with me and you will meet the best people, see the best sights, and eat the very best food.


  1. I miss it!! I miss the green, those colorful winding roads and highways, Roman Pantry, Cow Town... When I came here for college, people asked me all the time why I didn't sound like I'm from Jersey. Thanks for standing up for us!

  2. Take me! Yes, Please!

  3. I want to go to there...

  4. I love this post. All of what you said is true and more!

  5. I'm converted. Can I go and see all that stuff?

  6. Megan I'll give you a tour of Jersey if you give me a tour of Japan!