I had an interesting experience recently.

There is a new guy in my ward who Served in the Omaha, NE mission. He even spent a small period of time in the Kearney ward. Before he knew who I was related to in the ward we chatted about people. I asked him for general impressions of people... and he gave them to me.

It was interesting to hear this stranger praise the people I love the most and try to avoid talking about the ones I think make life difficult for the rest. I gave him no leading questions. He didn't know whom in the ward I was related to. He had no invested emotions based on being related to someone or having this or that history. Just one outsider in The Lord's Service observing a group of people and their dynamic.

I never want to be that person who is known throughout the area as poison.

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  1. Interesting. Hope he had good memories of eating at the Snider's. I try!