Insulting My Mom

To me insulting someone's preferred genre of music is like insulting their mom. Just don't do it. Music is so important to people. Music is so powerful. If you insult it you are insulting a little piece of them.

In my case it feels even more like you are insulting my mom because part of the reason I love the genre I do, is because growing up my mom always had the radio on. Those songs have become the soundtrack of almost every good memory I have of her.

I vent a lot about this, I know, but recently it has come to my attention that these same people are now fond of making fun of where I am from. Like there is nothing good in Nebraska. It is my home and almost everything I love is tucked away in that beautiful state. My dad grew up In Battle Mountain, NV and deals with the same things. He knows and loves the good people, the desert, and the memories he created there. So why is it okay to make fun of it in front of him?

Then you have my poor mother from Ogden, UT... Don't even get me started about people's opinions of that place.

In the end it seems that these expressed opinions only make me feel that they are simply closed minded. If you can't fathom one good thing about places, cultures, even styles that are different than yours then my heart is sad for you. There is good, beauty, and something to love in all things. You are limiting yourself and missing out.

Please be kind.

**There will be a post to follow on The Garden State which is also my home and the subject of much criticism made by those who have no idea what they are talking about.  i. e. My boss (Who I like anyway)

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